Your Letters – Friday September 6, 2019

Room for everyone on Greenway

Letter of the Week: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

What an interesting article about the Greenway in last week’s edition. 

As a steam buff and a local professional driver for 23 years the history of the Low Moor branch line interests me a lot – the costs of its initial construction, abandonment and its change of use in 2000.

The very prescient environmental damage caused by too many cars and freight on the road causes me to question if it was a good idea to turn it into the Greenway in the first place? 

From another angle, over the past few weeks I have been cycling on the Greenway to keep fit and it’s very useful, however as a facility from the view of a (very) amateur cyclist it is too narrow and the foliage in many places needs lopping back for safety reasons, and for the security of people who travel alone on it. 

In an ideal world a single track railway would be quite sufficient for a train or indeed tram.

If the foliage was cut back there would be enough room too for a separate footpath larger than what is on offer now, with a fence separating them.

Again though, I can foresee in places local yobs throwing stuff onto the line or indeed at the vehicles, as happens to us frequently at a great risk and cost to us all. 

In most (but not all) places the line was originally double-tracked, so with proper planning it could work and suit all requirements. 

My only other concerns are the short-sightedness of the Beeching Report in the first place, and idiotic planning decisions such as a faux ‘bridge’ at Scout Hill, the housing complex and care home in Heckmondwike practically on the line, and the short-term benefit of running a sewer pipe for a large length of the line which hamper any use other than a cycleway. 

In the south of the country they mothball their lines and due to massive demand on services, then reinstate them with a lot more vigour than up here. 

If the Greenway stays ‘green’ I would urge the authorities to make it wider, smarter and cleaner for walkers, horse riders and cyclists like me.

Fire station’s superb service

From: Mr and Mrs Burns, Gomersal

My wife and I are full-time carers for a member of the family who is terminally ill and wishes to die in his own home.  

The services that we are receiving from the general practice, community palliative care team and district nurses has been (and will continue to be) greatly valued, but it is the responsiveness of Cleckheaton Fire Station that we wish to have recognised in this public letter of praise.

Two weeks ago we approached the fire station for advice on the basis that our family member is now bed-bound and smoking.

Within four hours three truly compassionate, amazingly professional fire fighters turned up to fit smoke detectors, place our family member on a register of bed-bound members of our community and donate fire retardant bedding.

We didn’t really know what to expect from our simple enquiry, but we know that we were blown away with the speed of the response; the non-judgmental compassion and the provision of fire retardant bedding.

We believe the bedding is donated to the fire service by businesses and want to say thank you to them (whoever they are) and to Cleckheaton Fire Station.

Another great event in park

From: Jason Hawkins, on behalf of the Friends of Wilton Park Committee

Thank you for a fantastic afternoon of fundraising in Wilton Park, Batley!

Once again the Friends of Wilton Park would like to thank everyone who came in to the park to attend the Summer Charity Fair on Bank Holiday Sunday, which was to raise funds for the friends group and also for Kirkwood Hospice – the money raised was a fantastic £613.90 and was equally shared between the two. 

We would like to thank everyone who had a stall for helping to raise the funds as well as those who came to support them by buying goods. 

We are also grateful to the Sutton School of Dance for their display and it was lovely to see how much fun the children had from playing in the sandpit.

Once again thank you to everyone for coming and also to all the volunteers who helped with the organisation, guiding people to the parking and keeping the park tidy.

On Sunday September 8 there is a classic car display and also a display of model boats on the lake, together with a selection of stalls.

Remember this jazz act?

From: Mr Henry Nixon, Brighouse

I write in hope that your readers may be able to help me with information. In the 1960s I used to frequent a jazz club in Halifax called The Plebeians.

One of my favourite acts who regularly performed there was called Root ‘n’ Jenny Jackson, who I believe lived in Mirfield.

I have collected all of their records but was wondering if they are still living in the area. I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone has information about their whereabouts or what became of them, I would appreciate hearing from them.

I can be reached on 01484 520949.

Another political crisis in the EU

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Whilst many members of the political establishment fiercely oppose the UK leaving the EU under any circumstances and who are now resorting to exaggerated nonsense that a short prorogation of parliament is a gross subversion of democracy, including the two local MPs Brabin and Sherriff, Italy is facing its own crisis. 

Matteo Salvini from La Lega was serving as deputy Prime Minister in coalition with the Five Star Movement, and in his role as Interior Minister had prevented migrant boats landing in Italy. 

He had demanded a General Election in response to his party’s popularity and broke the coalition. 

However the Five Star Movement had instead formed a coalition with the centre-left Democratic Party and in the process La Lega and Mr Salvini are no longer part of the government.

Mr Salvini has called for mass protests in response to this opportunistic manoeuvre by the other two parties. 

He had been much maligned as ‘far-right’ by the establishment and mainstream media, but has been acting according to the fears expressed by Italian citizens concerned that relentless migration would irreparably damage Italy and Europe in terms of demography, national identity and traditions.

It is to be hoped that Mr Salvini is soon returned to government but this time as Prime Minister, and that his resolute and patriotic actions are repeated throughout Europe including the British Isles.

Viva Salvini!

MP ignored us

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

The rank stench of hypocrisy and double standards continue unabated in the UK parliament, perfectly epitomised by the so-called representative of our Dewsbury and Mirfield constituency, Paula Sherriff.

Paula Sherriff was an MP in the UK parliament which, in 2015, democratically agreed to allow the UK people to decide whether they wished to return to an independent and sovereign entity (Leave) or continue to be a subservient entity of the EU parliament (Remain). The people gave a true democratic decision to return to an independent and sovereign entity.

Paula Sherriff was also an MP in the UK parliament which democratically decided to implement Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (incidentally this treaty signed away our sovereignty and committed us to servitude to the EU parliament) in March 2017.

In May 2017 Paula Sherriff stood for re-election on a manifesto which avowed to honour the democratic wishes of the UK people. Since that election, Paula Sherriff has permanently ignored the democratic wish of the people of Dewsbury and Mirfield, who she is supposed to represent.

As for the prorogation of parliament until after the self-gratification party claptrap season of September – how much has actually been achieved in previous parliaments in such periods?

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