Your Letters – Friday September 29, 2017

Please stand shoulder to shoulder with us

Letter of the Week: Tim Wood, The Old Colonial Mirfield, Poppy Appeal organiser RBL, civic parade organiser

In the next few weeks the Royal British Legion across the country will be gearing up for the annual Remembrancetide Poppy Appeal.

Mirfield Branch RBL once again, like so many other branches across the country, struggle for able-bodied members to help distribute, sell, return and count the assorted boxes, as well as man our static point inside the Yorkshire Co-op in Mirfield town centre.

If anyone would like to give any spare time to helping us in any way, would you please ring me on 01924 496920.

Also, the Mirfield Remembrance Day parade, now regarded as the largest of its kind outside Whitehall, is now being put together. An integral part of the parade and service is the laying of wreaths by us on behalf of numerous military, civilian and personnel establishments and associations.

If you are wanting to lay a wreath, whether it be at the Mirfield parade or elsewhere within the district or further afield, you can order a wreath from me if you so wish, but you need to be prompt before our system starts to creak under the sheer volume of work at this time of year.

We are standing shoulder to shoulder with all who serve, and we hope you can bolster our ranks and stand shoulder to shoulder with us all.

Every little effort makes for a big effort.

Saving for a funeral?

From: D Hirst, Dewsbury

I wonder if the ‘Royal Family’ in Huddersfield (Kirklees Council), are saving to pay for a funeral. 

Dewsbury is slowly dying and can be compared to a patient with a chronic illness called Kirklees.

A recent operation carried out by several agencies to stamp out some of the problems seems to have failed.

What the town needs is injections of law and order on a daily basis, and then the symptoms of anti-social behaviour, drugs, motoring offences and drunkenness might be cured.

It is doubtful there will ever be a full cure and Dewsbury will never again be its vibrant self.

But, where there’s life, there’s hope.

Get in gear

From: Martin McFadden, Drighlington

Re: The Amazon delivery driver chasing his runaway van after he leaves the handbrake off that was in the media.

It’s a miracle no-one was killed or injured. 

Why do some drivers leave their vehicles in neutral when parking on a hill?

If the van had been left in gear it would not have run away. 

Reverse gear if facing downhill, or first gear facing uphill. 

Why don’t all driving instructors teach all their pupils this fact?

Good driving is all about anticipation – and common sense

Sadly, common sense isn’t very common!

Famous faces 

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

Very sad to hear that Liz Dawn and Tony Booth have just died.

Local people will remember seeing them at the legendary Dewsbury Moor Athletic Gala in the 70s, when Tony attended with Pat Phoenix.

Just three of several celebrities to open the gala in those years.

Reason to leave

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

When Article 50 was triggered this started a two-year period before the UK could leave the EU.

In my book this is a transition period.

But it now appears it is really a period where the EU can bully, ridicule and threaten any country which has the audacity to leave this unaccountable mafia club in the hope that it will change its mind and keep up the payments.

A reason to leave in itself.

Also, here is an idea for our under-pressure council.

Apart from Children’s Services, why don’t they sub-contract out the whole running of the council to Leeds City Council?

No rise in hate crime

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Further to Mr Lockwood’s comments regarding the death of a Polish national immediately following our decision to leave the EU, subsequent events show quite clearly that there has not been a discernible rise in so-called ‘hate crime’.

It is contemptible that following the EU referendum and the election of Mr Trump in the USA, the liberal left have taken every opportunity to exaggerate events and have interpreted incidents which invariably occur as having sinister political significance, such as the death of the Polish national who had been involved in an unfortunate altercation.

Britain remains a remarkably tolerant country, a point acknowledged by many of the EU nationals living here. 

It is clear that the liberal-left live in a world of entire fantasy, and their aspirations are not bound by normal constraints, as evidenced by their support for ‘gender fluidity’.

People have a degree of choice when making decisions but within certain constraints and strongly influenced by genetics and the environment. 

Gender fluidity does not extend freedoms but reflects a certain degeneracy inspired by the absurd notion that we can all realise our whims, however absurd or perverse.

It remains to be seen whether some sanity can be restored in the wake of a politically-driven madness.

Tories lacking in manners

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

The Conservative Party has a clique that radiates privilege, they barely inhabit the same society as people at the bottom of the jobs and income distribution.

They also lack manners. When Theresa May described them as the ‘nasty party’, did she have George Osborne in mind? 

He’s a former member of the Bullingdon Club, a club that’s open to the sons of aristocrats and the super rich.

Osborne has described Theresa May as a ‘dead woman walking’ and that he won’t settle until her body is chopped up and put in his freezer.

This is a former member of parliament and former Chancellor of the Exchequer speaking. What an example he sets to the rest of us, why hasn’t the Conservative Party sacked him and withdrawn his membership?

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