Your Letters – Friday September 28, 2018

I’ll help in Danny’s arrest case

Letter of the Week: Elyas Patel, Savile Town

Like him or loathe him, no-one could have failed to have been dismayed by the reported circumstances of Danny Lockwood’s recent arrest, detention and subsequent treatment at the hands of North and West Yorkshire Police. 

The letters page of a local newspaper is not the forum for a scholarly discourse on police powers. 

Suffice it to say that it is a well-established cornerstone of our legal system that in order to arrest any person, the police need reasonable grounds to suspect that person is or has been involved in a crime for which his arrest is necessary. 

“… Making that lippy b*****d Lockwood pay…” (Ed Lines September 21) would of course not amount to a legitimate exercise of police powers.

I have been in my day job far too long to not appreciate that there are always two sides to every story! 

Danny has told his side of the story in his habitually forthright and ‘no punches pulled’ style. 

We may never get to hear Chief Supt Julie Sykes (assuming she was, as alleged by Locky, behind this sorry tale) side of the story within the pages of this paper. 

It is a great shame that once again Danny has chosen to descend into vitriolic and personal abuse of individuals, which serves only to detract from the serious concerns his arrest and treatment potentially raises. 

Here’s the thing though, it would be a very poor show indeed, if a person like me who is “well versed and learned in the law” did not offer to have the back of any citizen against whom there has, prima facie at least, been an abuse of police powers. 

So my dear Danny, I offer you a completely free of charge consultation (and as many as are needed thereafter) in order to carry out an independent and impartial legal review into the circumstances and evidence behind your arrest and subsequent detention. 

Not that the readers of this ‘Intelligent Weekly’ require a statement of the obvious! I do however hope that this sincere and heartfelt offer from me to Danny Lockwood demonstrates once more, that Muslims like me will always stand up against alleged injustice and oppression whomsoever the perpetrator/victim may be. 

Editor’s note: Mr Lockwood has made contact with Mr Patel this week to discuss his kind offer.

Questions raised in Dewsbury

From: S Crossley, Hanging Heaton

Well, Question Time rolled in last week. Sixty minutes of trying to make Dewsbury look like any normal town in the country. The question on Islamophobia was a belter. Had it not been asked in Dewsbury it might have been treated more seriously.  

I think the Brexit supporters edged it in the audience, and why not? 

How can you trust Vince Cable, who betrayed his voters to climb into bed with David Cameron?

Tony Blair lied about weapons of mass destruction, creating a phoney war resulting in the destruction of the Middle East with countless losses of civilian life and losses in our armed forces. 

Gordon Brown robbed our pensioners of thousands. These people want us to listen to them?

It’s a hundred years since the First World War ended, when young lads and lasses marched bravely into Europe not knowing the hell that awaited them. 

A hundred years on and their homeland and their PM gets humiliated by some jumped-up people, terrified their gravy train is coming to an end.

What May should have done was to drag them on a coach, take them round Europe and show them the places where these heroes gave their lives and remind them we owe Europe nothing, they owe us and will continue to owe us for every life lost.

Otherwise there would be no Europe and what they owe us the most is respect.

Story made me fall off my chair

From: Stuart Bennett, Batley

Could I thank Chief Superintendent Julie Sykes for last week’s main headline.

I was sat in Batley RAFA club last Friday afternoon reading the article and fell off my barstool laughing.

On a serious note though, where does this issue put West Yorkshire Police? The force is in a very dangerous place at the moment with law-abiding citizens and is a complete shambles.

Fair play to Theresa May

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Well done Theresa May for finally standing up against our arrogant European counterparts regarding the latest Brexit negotiations!

The UK will continue to trade, survive and thrive despite all the threats and blackmail both from Europe and from our own pathetic politicians who still fail to recognise the result of the UK referendum.

A ‘no deal’ will be far better than a deal forced upon the UK against our will by the EU, who will be the ultimate losers.

In summary they will lose the billions of pounds of contributions from the UK where they return absolutely nothing!

NI claims wide of mark

From: Paul Gray, via email

I write in response to David Honeybell’s letter ( September 21) re ‘Time to grasp the nettle?’.

Whilst not wanting to comment on the question of what to do with the six counties of Northern Ireland, I find that I must take issue with the claim that “the people of Northern Ireland voted almost 100 per cent to remain in the EU”.

According to the Electoral Commission’s own website, 440,707 people, 55.8 per cent, voted to remain in the EU and 349,442, 44.2 per cent, voted to leave, significantly below the almost 100 per cent claimed.

There have been enough false and misleading claims from both sides already. Please don’t add to them.

Cops occupied...

From: John Jennings, Dewsbury

Now we know why there are no ‘bobbies on the beat’. They are all chasing Danny Lockwood.

Heads should roll at police

From: Patricia Middleham, via email

Just to say I am appalled by the way Danny was treated by the police.

I do not normally encourage anyone to claim compensation but in this instance they need to know the general public cannot be treated like this and heads should roll.

Pulling up the drawbridge

From: CR Stevens, Ossett

‘Equality’ is what class-warfare and left-thinking politicians keep drumming on about.

Do they hope that suddenly the top four per cent of people, who own 90 per cent of the country’s wealth, such as the Royal Family and champagne socialists such as Blair, Mandelson, Prescott and Emily Thornberry will distribute their wealth among the masses?

Well, it ain’t gonna happen!

Moreover, will the magic of ‘equality’ stop the £10million+ golden handshakes to failed bankers, corrupt company executives, NHS and council fat cats and the mockery money paid to footballers and BBC presenters?

So, if a bright local lad is given a scholarship to Oxford or Cambridge, he’ll invariably just take the place of someone from Eton or Harrow and be seduced into the ‘Establishment’ as a lawyer, civil servant, judiciary or politician.

Forget about any cash windfall and carry on your diet of Strictly, EastEnders,  Big Brother, X Factor and Bake Off.

American chase films aren’t how-to videos

From; Ben Marshall, Liversedge

What a frightening experience you must have had, Danny, on the A64, as any other law-abiding citizen would feel.

I will be glued to Traffic Cops though to hear Jamie Theakston tell us something like “... there is our target for today, Mr Big on his way to Batley ...!”.

Hopefully on the end credits he will also say: “Mr Big was found innocent, and it was a case of mistaken identity...”

The reasons for your arrest are pretty frightening too, to a much lesser degree it has an American theme, reminding me of the pressure and intimidation of witnesses to the Watergate scandal.

However the detective work on the crime seems to be similar to the incompetence of Frank Drebin from Police Squad! 

With the ‘high speed pursuit’ nature of your arrest, I must pay tribute to two dearly-departed sheriffs, namely Rosco P Coltrane and prescient with the death of my hero Mr Burt Reynolds (Bandit), his pursuer Buford T Justice (Smokey).

They’ve obviously mistaken the Dukes of Hazard and Smokey and the Bandit for instructional videos! 

Perhaps you should also move back into the area as the only police I see regularly round here are the part-time ones, rather than  those in North Yorkshire with nothing to do as nobody goes to Scarborough in winter.

Finally, I noticed the similarity between Jane Tennyson in your editorial and a certain Newsnight host who you havent mentioned for a week or two!

Keep up the good work and I hope you get your passport back soon.

Field works have only strengthened resolve

From: Cheryl Tyler, Save Mirfield chairman

May I through your letters page thank supporters for turning up on Sunday afternoon to our rally. 

We were at Balderstone Hall Lane, adjacent to the Balderstone fields. Our MP Paula Sherriff attended as a long-term supporter of our cause to stop Bellway Homes from building on this highly contentious site. 

We had support from across the political spectrum with the attendance of Coun Martyn Bolt, our mayor Martin Ibberson and Mark Eastwood of the Chidswell Action Group.

Save Mirfield believes that the work done in the field recently by Bellway contractors should have had planning permission.

Without any regard for the local residents, they stripped the field and caused clouds of dust so bad that local people had to keep their windows closed and were unable to put out washing.  

Until we contacted Environmental Health, their mitigation measures were almost non-existent. 

Save Mirfield and others have said that Bellway should investigate the site for historic mine workings, as did the Coal Authority, but we believe that the way they went about it was both ineffective and unnecessary. 

It looks more like they wanted to give the impression that it is already a building site and perhaps demoralise opposition. If anything it has instead hardened local attitudes.

This is the third time in almost 20 years that we have opposed Bellway building on this site and we will not give up.

We think that the scale of the works carried out and the equipment used required planning permission.

Our planning lawyer agreed and has sent a letter to that effect to the appropriate department. We are awaiting a response. BT cabling has also recently been installed “for the new housing estate”, according to the installers. 

Bellway may be hoping to demoralise us but actually, if anything, it has strengthened our resolve.

Time the EU showed us some respect

From: Andy Howard, Batley

I seems to me the people of Britain need to draw a deep breath and take a step back from all the claptrap being fed to them by the British press and media, especially the BBC, about how bad Brexit will be.

There is no deal at the moment, so until we get one, nobody knows what the outcome will be.

It might the best thing ever to happen to this country, it might be the worst, time will only tell.

Also thank god that loon Corbyn and his Labour Party ain’t in charge, their only goal is to stall negotiations as long as possible, try to gain power and force another referendum hoping we will change our minds so they can sell us down the river to the EU.

The British people need to open their eyes and remember there is a big, big world outside the EU, all of which survives quite happily, and most of which trade, travel, and migrate to the EU without any problems, so why should it be any  harder for the UK?

And Theresa May is right! It’s about time the EU showed us some respect. Remember one thing, Britain has always been and will continue to be a great country! 

Hopefully without the EU! 

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