Your Letters - Friday September 20, 2019

Selective memories of politicians

Letter of the Week: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Yet again the councillors and the MP for Dewsbury show their utter contempt for the majority of Dewsbury citizens.

The councillors and MP claim that Dewsbury has declined due to a lack of investment by the UK government (taxpayers). 

Surprising then that our taxes continue to increase faster than inflation! Amazing how councillors’ and MPs’ pay and perks continue to rise along with investment in selected areas which we are not allowed to name!

Since they have selective memories, here are some facts (I won’t over strain their intellect and will concentrate on this century so far.)

Which single political party has been in sole control of the UK government for most of this century? Answer – the same party which has had control of Dewsbury and Kirklees! If their own party will not invest, why should any other?

When the current Government offer the chance of investment, the local politicians claim it is an election bribe!

I understood the local MP’s party – after demanding an election for months – refused to vote for the offer of a General Election, so how can it be an election bribe when there is no election?

Was not the ‘Magic Money Tree’ offered by their party in the 2017 election an election bribe?

My apologies to Aleks Lukic for including him in the ‘Dewsbury councillors’ since he was not elected until May 2019.

New rule is out of turn

From: Gerald Christian, Roberttown

I fail to see what possible benefit there is in not being able to turn left from Child Lane, Roberttown, into Huddersfield Road at the Fountain lights. 

In order to get to the shopping complex on Huddersfield Road from Roberttown you need to make two right turns, one at the bottom of Lumb Lane and one from Huddersfield Road into the complex.

The right turn at Lumb Lane lights is particularly difficult due to the volume of traffic coming out of Norristhorpe Lane.

This is especially bad at peak times when Huddersfield Road is at a crawl.

If a vehicle at Lumb Lane  wants to turn right it may not be able to because of stationary traffic on Huddersfield Road. 

This becomes frustrating for any vehicles behind that may want to turn left or go straight ahead as these are blocked by the ones trying to turn right.

It maybe quicker in the end to drive to the junction at the White Gate pub and turn left back towards the Fountain.

Great to see bones back

From: J Ellen, Hartshead

Never mind the whale bones of Whitby…

The whale bones of Roberttown are now back at Duxbury Hall, at the bottom of Roberttown Lane near Huddersfield Road. 

The two pieces of bone were once placed at either side of the driveway to Duxbury Hall. Why they came to Roberttown is a mystery, but the hall dates back to the 17th century.

One tale is that they were brought back by a sea captain, who knows? But it’s just great to see them back after building work by Marshalls.

Hope for the future!

From: David A Wood, via email

It is with delight that I yet again correspond regarding Batley Parish C of E, J I and N School. 

Last week was the first full week in reception class for our four-year-old grandson.

On the last day a school assembly closed the week. Along with mum we were delighted to be able to attend, and what a treat the assembly was. 

Quietness as the children walked into the hall, politeness when welcoming we guests, the singing of the school song.

It was like a time from yesteryear when all was well with the world and each and everyone got on. 

Even more was yet to come as each teacher reported on the first week in class and awards were made for several differing reasons to pupils in each year. 

The pride on the faces of the bairns receiving them was evident, but each and every pupil was praised by the teacher as they commented on how well the week had gone and how hard the class had worked. 

That every child, our grandson included, received an award for their first week in reception class just made our, and his, day. 

Well done all at Batley Parish, perhaps there is hope for the future for polite well-mannered, well-educated youngsters sorting out the world we presently seem to despair of.

Never a bad word to say

From: Jean Hodge, Dewsbury

I’m so sad to hear the news about the death of Garry Wilkinson, affectionately known as ‘Mr Toffee Smith’. 

Garry was a lovely man who loved a game of golf with his wife Anne and a chat about cricket with his friends in the market, where he stood for many years selling sweets. 

He never had a bad word to say about anyone and always greeted you with a smile. 

Another of Dewsbury’s best-loved characters gone, but not forgotten. 

God bless you Garry, may you rest in peace.

Let’s have an apology please

From: Len Gardner, Batley 

In my younger days if a vicar or priest said you were causing a nuisance, you stopped doing it because they were the voice of authority.

I thought today that the voice of authority in some religions was the imam, and so I would hope that the eight or 10 Asian lads who last Saturday afternoon had bought ice cream cones and thought it ‘fun’ to throw them over the railings on Commercial Street, on to parked cars in Tesco’s parking area, might just be taken to task.

This ‘merry’ gang then rode their bikes at speed along the pavement through any people out shopping in order to prolong this ‘fun’ game. 

It would be absolutely marvellous if the ‘gang’ mentioned got together and published in this paper an apology for the stupid actions of that afternoon. 

We also had two ‘learners’ on motorbikes weaving all over the road and exceeding the speed limit in town – unfortunately not a police presence in sight. 

Come on you people, let’s make Batley a good, safe, multi-national place to live! 

They shouldn’t throw stones...

From: Carl R Dransfield, Heckmondwike 

I have been amazed by all the ‘has-beens’ and so called ‘experts’ who have suddenly crawled out of the woodwork to try and stop Brexit. 

These words come to mind: “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” 

John Major (Con) got us into all sorts of financial trouble whilst trying to run the United Kingdom and have an affair with Edwina Currie at the same time. 

Tony Blair (Lab), now estimated to be worth £60 million with all his properties etc, took us into the Iraq war, which killed millions. Blair did this on misinformation and he politically disturbed most of the Middle East. Now he goes on about ‘democracy’, yet his ‘sofa government’ style was dictatorial.

Alastair Campbell an unelected character known for bullying tactics. He was there to do all Blair’s dirty work. 

Michael Heseltine (Con), I doubt he will ever forget being beaten for the premiership by a woman, Margaret Thatcher. 

Gordon Brown (Lab), an extremely unpopular Prime Minister who sold our gold reserves at rock bottom prices, and even announced his intentions before! Oh, and also raided our pensions. 

Jacquie Smith (Lab), oh so proud and assured on her TV views. Considered one of the worst Home Secretaries ever!

John Bercow (Speaker, anti-Brexit), supposed to be totally impartial, has now put ‘People v Parliament’. We, the citizens, will win. 

It’s my opinion that most of our population can’t wait for election night, when they will all start losing their seats. 

Odds are stacked against our youngsters

From: Ron Moorhouse, Mirfield

This autumn there are 4,800 school or university leavers in North Kirklees alone, all embarking on their working lives, if they can find a job. 

Politicians keep talking about equality and opportunity but never about 20 or 30 people applying for one mediocre job.

Everyone deserves a chance in life, but it’s harder when the odds are against them.

If things carry on the same, the roads will be almost gridlocked in these areas. The factions of society that are causing this serious over-population will suffer just the same as everyone else. 

A team of top university economists have stated that England and Wales have the infrastructure to support a population of 35 million. The present is 62 million! Is it any wonder the NHS is overloaded, traffic is getting heavier by the day – school places, housing etc.

Entrance exam led to traffic chaos

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge 

What a brilliant idea it was to have Heckmondwike Grammar School’s entrance exam on a Monday morning.

A litany of selfish parents from miles away with no idea of the Highway Code, or indeed any thought for the thousands of people using this major artery through Heckmondwike. 

What happened to it being on a Saturday?

Plenty of cash but not much for poor Kirklees

From: A frustrated Brexiter

I have recently returned from holiday, visiting the Azores, Gran Canaria, Madeira and Lanzarote. 

The roads, bridges and motorways are new and magnificent. The tour guides were very proud to tell us the money to finance these on each island came from the European Union!

I then arrived back in Kirklees – say no more.

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