Your Letters – Friday September 14, 2018

NHS cash needs to go to the front line

Letter of the Week: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

On September 10 MP Paula Sherriff met campaigners and 10 cross-party MPs in the House of Commons to listen to groups from eight areas in England trying to save their local NHS services, including those in Huddersfield and Halifax.

They discovered that in some areas the distance away from medical services, and the increased risk of death because of it, means nothing to those in charge, and the likelihood that some people are likely to die because of it, is dismissed as collateral damage.

Basically, highly-paid NHS bosses who will never see a patient because they are not and never have been doctors, seem to be saying something like ‘some of you people will die, well tough, the numbers are not high enough for us to worry about!’

How will you feel if it was your child who could have been saved, but wasn’t? Or your son or daughter, mother or father?

The time has come to stop feathering the nests with NHS money, of management consultants, profiteering ‘outsourced’ providers, digital GPs and employees of 44 NHS bodies with no legal standing, like the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, fragmenting our services with contracts and calling it ‘integration’. 

We need training for doctors, nurses support staff, and diagnostics. We need doctors and more services. We are on the road to the American system if we don’t demand that our MPs fight for that with questions to the Secretary of State.

A job well done by group

From: Jean Hodge, Dewsbury

May I please through your pages thank a group of volunteers who cleaned the public footpath from Heckmondwike Road down to Groves Hall Road.

This footpath hasn’t been cleaned for at least three years and was a disgrace.

Me and many others would like to thank them very much, it’s a job well done.

Thanks to all involved

From: Yvonne Parker, Carlinghow

You kindly advertised our Carlinghow community summer event. This was for Bloodwise cancer research in memory of my husband Robert, who died last year.

This event was held on Saturday August 18. I would like to thank you for publishing this event in The Press, on behalf of myself and family and friends.

The day started slow but picked up in the afternoon. The raffle did very well, thanks to some of our local businesses.

Could I please say a big thank you to my daughter Susan, son Christopher and my friends and neighbours who helped put it all together and on the day.

We raised £816.10 and all the remaining items will be donated to Carlinghow Junior and Infants School and Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Heckmondwike.

A big thank you again.

Players need more respect

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Serena Williams has been a great advocate for women’s tennis and when she was beating players regularly she also had a kind word for her opponents.

Now that her powers are on the wane she is becoming a bad loser.

I for one am sick and tired of the lack of respect that some of our over-paid stars have towards referees and umpires, they are damaging their respective sports.

Serena Williams is supposed to be a fan of the late soul singer Ella Fitzgerald, so it’s time she and her ilk showed a little ‘respect’.

What a great afternoon

From Pat Yarnold, via email

I would like to say thanks to Dawn, Pat, Brenda, Jean and  Elaine for a great get-together at the Union Rooms on Friday September 7. Roll on the next one. 

We had a great afternoon reminiscing our years working at Soothill Manor.

PS: As an avid reader of The Press for 15 years I hope this will be published, it will make my year.

Don’t ignore people’s vote

From: Jim Radcliffe, via email

Sorry to be so abrupt, but when will that two-faced woman in No 10 respect the vote, when 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU – just to clarify, 17.4 million people mostly above Watford that is.

If Conservative MPs choose to ignore the vote and don’t vote Mrs May’s bill down this month, they are consigning the party to oblivion for the next decade at least.

So be warned Mrs May/Conservatives, you will get Jeremy Corbyn in No 10 at the next general election if you ignore the people’s democratic vote.

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