Your Letters - Friday September 13, 2019

We all need to clean up our town

Letter of the Week:Len Gardner, Batley

I wrote some time ago about businesses in the Batley Station area not clearing rubbish away, with trees and bushes growing out of walls, in the forlorn hope they would be shamed into action.

Nothing seems to have changed!

I had occasion to visit Brunswick Street up the side of our beautiful Victorian town hall. I was reminded of a bombed street during the war.

I counted at least six windows boarded up, two more smashed ones and was completely depressed by the whole unkempt appearance. 

It used to be an attractive thoroughfare, now people only use it if they have to – ie children’s services or the food bank.

It is not the sort of place I expect to see in any town centre, and certainly not my Batley.

I don’t know who’s responsible for the mess the street is in, but I wish someone (Kirklees included) would do something about it. 

I remind everyone – and I mean everyone – to clean up this beautiful Victorian town  with its wonderful buildings.

New vision for our proud clubs

From: Malcolm Brooke, Dewsbury

After Batley’s final match on Sunday I felt the need to write this open letter to the chairman and board with these observations. 

I have supported the club for over 60 years and I have seen particularly over the last decade the work and effort which has gone into maintaining this family club at Championship level and the extensive ground improvements and facilities which have taken place. (I can remember teams changing in the cricket pavilion). 

I am also very proud of the efforts which have gone into raising significant amounts of charitable money, particularly the Pink Weekends.    

With this in mind I am quite concerned that our status as a Championship side will surely be under threat if we don’t find a new impetus and vision on and off the field. 

I understand that the long-term financial situation is uncertain due to Super League pressure, but I would like to ask what the long-term vision is for Batley?

Are we going to continue with the attitude that all we aim for is survival each year, or do we consider other options such as the need for greater co-operation between our friends across the valley?

In the current climate are we to see both clubs struggling again and eventually within the next decade disappear, or is it time at least to be willing to think the unthinkable and see if an amalgamation would bring about a strong Championship side with Super League aspirations?

I understand the reaction these thoughts will cause and the list of problems we would need to solve, but from a dyed-in-the-wool Batley supporter I enjoy and appreciate good rugby league from wherever it comes.

Remember who supported PM

From: Anthony Doyle, via email

What a sad sad day for this wonderful country of ours. Once again the spectre of mob rule overtakes our democracy.

If the law does not suit us, then we will change that law. 

What is crystal clear is the self-centred elected representatives (that is a joke by the way because they are not upholding the will of the people who they represent) win the day to weaken our negotiating position and give the EU further strength by taking no deal away.

Shame on you, hypocritical wasters, all of you. Our forbears will be spinning. 

Remember this day when you stand for election again, we have a PM who wanted to take the fight to the EU and you didn’t support him.

Once again mob rule dictates!

A62 ruined by new schemes

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

I’m not surprised the Cooper Bridge Road scheme has been delayed.

I remember 10 or so years ago, a big fanfare was made about the bus lane and bike lane on Huddersfield Road towards Mirfield and the ridiculous lights on Cooper Bridge roundabout itself (which I found better without lights).

The A62 has been ruined not only by the above improvements but the works between Whiteleys and the old Fountain pub with the huge industrial building and money-grabbing new commuter belt properties built adjacent to it. 

The similarities between this and the Shaw Cross development are very close.

Why can no brownfield sites be developed first? Both A-roads will have even more traffic on them, with the preceding traffic light junctions being overwhelmed at peak times. 

Finally, I’d like to know how much the daft digital signposts cost signalling ‘have your say’?

I wonder if anyone asked for traffic to increase and more greenfield sites to be grabbed by greedy developers?

Bus info was just abysmal

From: B McErlain, Birstall

Last week I had the misfortune of trying to use the local buses.

I ventured into Batley Bus Station hoping to find which bus went in my direction. 

What I was faced with were several notice boards that gave details of where the bus left from ie, Batley and its destination, with no mention of the route, no use if you know there is more than one bus going to the same destination but by different routes.

This was compounded by the fact that the overhead display showed that one bus was due, and although it never appeared the display then went to 58 minutes for the next one, whilst the display over the loading gate showed it would be one hour and 58 minutes and every hour thereafter. 

Is it any wonder that people do not use this abysmal service?

Election will remove them

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Whilst speaking in the European Parliament Gerard Batten, the former leader of UKIP and MEP, had stated that the Westminster Parliament was comprised of traitors and collaborators. 

He had observed how the MPs had conspired at every turn to subvert the decision of the 2016 referendum when a majority of the electorate had voted to leave the EU.

The recent events at Westminster have only confirmed the veracity of Mr Batten’s earlier observation. 

The contention of many MPs, including Tracy Brabin and Paula Sherriff, that they are opposed to leaving the EU without an agreement is merely a convenient pretext. 

The vast majority are opposed to leaving under any circumstances, to such an extent that they wouldn’t even accept the results of a second referendum (risibly referred as the People’s vote) should the majority of the electorate vote to leave.

At the same time those very same people have refused to vote in favour of a general election: it can only be concluded they are fearful of the outcome.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has taken resolute action to ensure that the UK leaves the EU on October  31 whether with an agreement or otherwise, but the disloyalty of 21 rebels within the Conservative Parliamentary Party has compromised and weakened his negotiating hand with the EU.

As matters stand , according to the recent legislation, the Prime Minister will be required to request an extension unless a new agreement could be arranged and passed through Parliament. 

However in time a general election will be held and then a whirlwind will be reaped as the people remove from office all those who had shamelessly conspired to subvert the mandate of the 2016 referendum.

Stop playing silly games with us

From: David Gaunt, Liversedge

In the 2016 referendum I voted to remain, the majority voted to leave.

I respected that result because I believed supporting democracy was the most important issue.

Obviously my MPs, politicians and the EU don’t!

Hang your heads in shame all of you. Stop playing silly games.

I’m now just one of the 17.4 million (plus 1) “little people” whose opinion doesn’t count any more.

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