Your Letters – Friday September 1, 2017

So sad to see town centre’s decline

Letter of the Week: Samantha Lloyd-Gray, Liversedge

I went into Dewsbury town centre for the first time in a while to fix my son’s glasses. 

I now remember just why I don’t go there any more. What has happened to the bustling town I grew up visiting most weekends? 

Almost everything that was good about the town is there no more. 

The once-popular Bailey’s Cafe, boarded up and windows smashed, is looking an absolute eyesore and is just one example. 

I have such fond memories of the cafe that I used to frequent many many times growing up and not even so long ago with my beloved grandma. 

We used to queue out the door waiting for a table. Still the best meat and potato pie dinner ever. 

It was sad to see it today and it is truly a real shame how much Dewsbury has gone downhill over the years. Very sad indeed.

It’s not all doom and gloom, Danny

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Contrary to what Danny Lockwood believes, our area is not all doom and gloom.

Many events have been organised in our area over the Bank Holiday period, raising thousands of pounds for good causes.

These are not one-off events either, they are happening all the time, organised by volunteers who care and make our community strong.

Danny’s obsession and easy use of the word ‘fascism’ devalues its meaning and the crimes of the Second World War and the 50 million who died.

He’s also obsessed with his former employers at the Dewsbury Reporter series of newspapers. It’s time he moved on.

The Spenborough Guardian has been publishing for 150 years – that is something a journalist should be proud of. Another local newspaper the Huddersfield Daily Examiner has published its 50,000th edition, and good on them.

Local newspapers do a good job in reporting news in our area.

All newspapers are in decline and do not carry the influence they once had. Apparently under-35s don’t read them.

Former England and Yorkshire Cricketer Geoffrey Boycott once said he never allowed his personal opinions to effect his professional judgement.

Danny should heed those words!

Left out in the cold by Kirklees

From: Anthony Doyle, via email

This week I had the misfortune to have to deal with Kirklees with reference to council tax.

I asked for a form to be sent out to register a property for Council Tax; guess what? There are no forms, everything must be done online!

Stating I did not have access to the internet, I am told to visit the library in Birstall.

Saying I was not computer literate, I am told to go the council centre in Huddersfield.

Can someone please explain to me why we have no council office in North Kirklees?

Considering it was council tax I was trying to set up I find it particularly galling that I am looking to pay for what is a second-rate service, and the unfortunates who work in the finance department are picking up the flack.

Once again North Kirklees is left out in the cold.

Why couldn’t funds be found?

From: Carol Hall, Liversedge

How wonderful that the Les Miserables production was such a success, with the help of thousands of pounds acquired by our local MP.

Now I hear that the amateur theatre group Millennium Stage Productions has had to be disbanded as Kirklees Council will no longer allow them to use Batley Town Hall.

Surely if this is another matter of funding why cannot Ms Brabin acquire funds for this local group as I understand she wishes to promote the arts in the area.

Charity starts at home.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said: “In order to make the best use of council buildings we are in the process of refurbishing Batley Town Hall so that the space can be more efficiently utilised in order to bring wider benefits to service users.

“This means that we were unable to continue providing the theatre group with a storage facility for their scenery and props.

“Whilst the council is unable to continue to provide storage space, the group were advised that they are welcome to continue to perform at Batley Town Hall, which offers competitively priced hire charges for both rehearsals and performances.”

Where do you stand on the EU?

From: Aleks Lukic, 2017 Independent candidate for Batley and Spen

An open letter to Tracy Brabin MP

Dear Tracy,

At the June election the Labour manifesto promised that you would take back control of our borders, saying that ‘freedom of movement will end when we leave the EU.’

Jeremy Corbyn said that we would leave the EU’s single market and sacked MPs from his frontbench team who opposed this.

But now all that has suddenly changed. Labour are now saying that you would keep us inside the single market for several more years at least. 

This means sending even more money to the EU and having even more uncontrolled immigration, putting more pressure on local services and on people with low wages.

Here in Batley and Spen over 60 per cent voted Leave at the referendum because we want to put a stop to all this. 

When standing for election you said you accept the local result, but when I wrote to you about the single market you didn’t even reply.

Does all this mean that you and Labour really want to oppose the referendum result and bring more EU control over our country? 

Or will you finally stand up for what we want in Batley and Spen, and declare support for leaving the single market?

Time for a new approach to North

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

So Labour’s latest great idea is their current u-turn on their Britexit policy.

Unless I am mistaken, their idea is to continue paying into the unelected EU mafia club, and accept all their rules, laws and regulations dictated to us past and future, but actually have no say or influence in the making of these.

This to ensure that the UK can have access to the single market which will supposedly benefit the Northern working man.

I assume the latter is “newspeak” for Southern bankers and modern slavers.

Labour’s track record on helping the Northern working man is something of a disaster. Labour have:

• Embraced neoliberalism / globalisation so their jobs can be readily moved to distant shores. 

Their job stability is left to the whims of companies who are owned by greedy foreigners or hedge funds.

• Embraced multiculturalism so the towns in which they live are not  “desirable” and thus they have not benefited from the astronomic rise in their property values as seen down south.

• Adopted “light touch regulation” on the financial sector whose mismanagement, bordering on criminality, ushered in the age of austerity. 

This has disproportionately affected the North and still does whilst the South recovers. 

• Shut down any debate on the problems with immigration, recently exemplified by forcing Sarah Champion to resign from her post as Shadow Equalities Minister for voicing her opinions on the issues of child abuse gangs being disproportionately drawn from from a certain poorly-educated Muslim culture.

The disdain felt by Labour for the Northern working class and their concerns was laid bare with Gordon Brown’s “that bigoted woman” open mic comment a few years ago. 

With these latest utterances, it is now obvious that the metropolitan Left regard all working class Northerners as politically incorrect, xenophobic, racist bigots and as such should be ignored.

They now see their electoral base as students, immigrants and the metropolitan leftie luvvies.  

It really is time for a new sensible political party for the North which can draw experience from all sides of the political spectrum.

This party can take a realistic, no-nonsense approach in addressing the North’s problems with social cohesion and economic inequality, whilst at the same time making sure the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ becomes a reality and is not just a meaningless vote garnering catchphrase.

No mention of excessive speed

From: Martin McFadden, Drighlington

August 31, 1997. Twenty years of speculation about her untimely death.

Worldwide press attention, countless accident investigation reports,   and yes, even conspiracy theories from numerous quarters.

Twenty years of speculation, and millions of column inches written.

Countless television programmes,  interviews and debates by the great and the good.

But never have I read, or listened  to  anyone comment on the fact that had the Mercedes not been travelling at twice the legal limit when entering the tunnel, Princess Diana would be alive today. 

Why are cars carrying dignitaries and royalty allowed by police to do these crazy speeds, endangering not only the lives of the occupants but other innocent law abiding members of the public?

Blacked-out windows on the car, paparazzi trying to get pictures, at 40 mph people  live. At 80mph people die.

Protection officers? Bodyguards? Surely misrepresentation.

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