Your Letters – Friday October 26, 2018

Bring an end to harmful dogma

Letter of the Week: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

‘To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men’.

These famous words were written many years ago by the venerable American author Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

No words could ever be truer than when applied to local councils, social services and child protection agencies for their inadequate response to the nationwide grooming scandal. 

A scandal that has laid waste the lives of many children.

For too long they have slipped out of their sandals and tip-toed around ethnic sensitivities. Now the entire country has been left with the devastating consequences.

These officials who, for some reason, see themselves as the guardians of ‘community cohesion’ have historically turned a blind eye to industrial-scale paedophilia. 

It isn’t so much that the moral universe has decayed here; rather, it has become inverted.

Sat in their micro-bubble, the liberal apologists turn language inside out. It has even been suggested that the perpetrators are to some extent victims themselves. Discounting their appearance in court, they were young men normally of exemplary who have been corrupted by a decadent western society.

“Not guilty”, shouted Amere Singh Dhaliwal! His turban symbolising his religious beliefs and probably a dogma that holds in contempt the young girls whose lifestyle ran contrary to that doctrine. 

At least there is hope, however. Speaking in the strongest possible terms, Home Secretary Sajid Javid has no reservations in highlighting the ethnic background of these sexual criminals; much to the fury however of the politically correct.

Criticise or not, Sajid Javid is only being honest; either that or the stories in the Rotherham Star, Keighley News, The Newcastle Evening Chronicle, the Telegraph & Argus and of late, the Huddersfield Examiner.

In a contrast of opinion, when the question of ‘racial and religious elements’ to the crime was put to MP Barry Sheerman, he cynically replied that “People will make mischief of it. We know who we are talking about.”

I think that Mr Sheerman ought to be more respectful of peoples’ intelligence before he makes such comments. 

The majority of those who observe these crimes are neither bigots, right-wing fanatics nor members of the EDL. 

They are people who themselves assess the vulnerability of their own children. They read about the perpetrators and the victims; they see their ethnic identity and quite naturally they form their own opinions.

Like it or not Mr Sheerman, in turn they respond like any community would when their children are exposed to the same dangers; be it Chinese, Mongolian, Irish or any other. 

Raher than trying to pull the politically-correct wool over the eyes of the general public, those in charge need to re-focus their energies towards protecting children who are most vulnerable.

There needs to be more surveillance and monitoring. What is most important, they need to bring to an end their fanatical diversity dogma and its intrinsic ‘blind eye’ approach to suffering victims.

No-one visits Dewsbury now

From: D Hirst, Dewsbury

Now that the alleged arch-criminal has been arrested by an armed police posse, detained, interviews, bailed and finally cleared of any offence, it would be good if a similar posse could be seconded to the Dewsbury and Batley area.

They may help to combat the serious crimes which now seem to be escalating.

We have had rape, kidnapping, woundings, grievous bodily harm, robberies and gang fights, not forgetting burglaries.

Detection rates seem good for domestic complaints. 

Dewsbury town centre is now openly frequented by drunks and drug addicts without any police intervention. 

No wonder people now stop visiting. 

Now some of the shops left empty because shopkeepers could not afford the high rents and rates are being stocked up by Kirklees Council – not goods, but strangers from all walks of life. 

Will they be charged the same rent and rates required from the long-gone shopkeepers, or will they be welfare cases to be catered for by the likes of me, who at the age of 90 years still pay income tax because I paid into a pension fund for our old age?

Remainers’ list

From: AN Roberts, Dewsbury

Would it be fair for papers to print the names of the main people advocating staying in the EU (opposing Brexit) because they would lose out ‘big time’ on salaries, expenses and pensions?

Yes. It would be in the public interest.

The list would include characters such as Peter Mandelson (Labour), Nick Clegg (Lib Dem) who’s now gone off to ‘work’ for Facebook to earn his millions, and Neil Kinnock (Labour), who along with his wife earned £8million of British tax-payers money from the EU in Brussels.

His MP son had the brass neck to stand up in Parliament and tell the house that Brexit should be cancelled – the cheek!

The most ridiculous thing I have seen in politics is the front bench during PMQs, with Theresa May, Lidington and Hammond in the middle, all who wanted to Remain, trying to make it look as if they are fighting hard for Britain!

Birth quandary

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

The closure of the midwife-led maternity service at Pontefract is looking more and more likely, because the service isn’t being used to its full potential. 

Only 200 births a year at Pontefract isn’t enough to keep it viable.

MP for Pontefract, Yvette Cooper, and local councillors are up in arms over their local hospital losing another service. 

But what about the midwife-led birthing centre at Dewsbury, where the number of births are currently over 300 a year? 

It looks safe for now, but if numbers start to fall Dewsbury will be next in line for closure. Is that really such a bad thing?

The trust board keep telling us heart attack or stroke victims should go directly to Pinderfields Hospital A&E, where they will be treated by a consultant.

Using the same logic, all pregnant women should have a consultant on site when the time to give birth is due. 

Given that both Dewsbury and Pontefract don’t have a consultant on hand, and that fact isn’t likely to change any time soon, and Pinderfields is only around eight miles away, pregnant women should think carefully about where they choose to have their baby.

Let’s help those really in need

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

Further to my letter last week on vagrancy, I was again waiting in traffic at Smiddles Lane junction with Manchester Road in Bradford. It was 6.30pm, dark, cold and a different ‘bag of bones’ was hunched shivering on the kerb complete with his own placard.

I felt very sorry for him until an ambulance came from behind us on a blue-light job. 

Well, Carl Lewis would have been proud! I’ve never seen someone fold a sign up so fast and move onto the crossing looking ‘casual’ into the path of said ambulance. Straining his eyes and seeing what it was, he about-turned, unfolded the placard and returned to hunching up.

I was, and am, flabbergasted. Do Bradford Police create so much fear within the homeless community?

Furthermore, a bit closer to home on Thursday evening I was pestered by Heckmondwike’s own homeless ‘character’, Mr ‘Can I Ask A Favour’, who requests money ‘to get home’.

Quite amazingly, on Friday afternoon, he was at it again. 

There is a persistence with these individuals which besmirches people who are genuinely destitute, and a question of where are the police, social services and others to move these people on?

And perhaps get them an equity card, or even better still give them a job helping the real homeless souls who really need help!

Crazy closure

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

It’s almost two years since Red House Museum closed in Gomersal.

This is an historical building which was home to the Taylor family, Charlotte Bronte was a visitor, as too was John Wesley the Methodist minister.

It had an international reputation, with people visiting from Japan, New Zealand and Europe.

It was revealed earlier this year by a Freedom of Information request that it costs slightly more to keep the museum closed than it does open.

This is ludicrous and it’s time we took more care about the wonderful heritage that we have in Kirklees.

During the First World War Liversedge and Gomersal hosted hundreds of Belgian refugees. Charlotte and Emily Bronte visited and worked in Brussels, Charlotte’s novel Villette was written about her experiences there. Lately Brussels recognised the six years of work carried out there by my late MP Jo Cox. There is a strong argument for twinning our area with Brussels, let’s get on with it!

In the meantime, let’s hear from Kirklees as to what’s happening with Red House Museum.

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