Your Letters – Friday October 18, 2019

Heroes’ history needed

Letter of the Week: Tim Wood, Mirfield

The war memorial in Ings Grove Park records the names of those from Mirfield who gave their lives in World War One. 

It does not have any names of Mirfield people who gave their lives in any other conflict either before or after the 1914-18 war.

I am hoping to compile an accurate list of the names and details of those that perished in other conflicts. 

I would be most grateful to receive information from any reasonable source, ie relatives distant or present or historical groups or individuals who may be able to convey any details to myself.

I have briefly discussed the idea with some members of Mirfield Town Council, and it may be reasonable to suggest that a memorial listing the fallen of other conflicts may be realised. 

Please contact me at the Old Colonial Club on Dunbottle Lane on 01924 496920.

Thank you for your help and consideration.

So much for democracy

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

When the people would benefit from new legislation, they are told it takes months, even years, to pass!

When the so-called representatives are the only ones to benefit (as in the Benn Act), new legislation is bulldozed through and fast-tracked onto the statute book in a matter of days!

So much for the only true democratic decision of the people to be sought so far this century! MPs earlier this decade, declared that general elections would be held every five years.

We had to suffer in 2015, 2017 and now rumour has it they want another in 2019 or 2020! 

If these representatives are incapable of making sensible decisions on our behalf, why don’t they comply with the wishes of their constituents instead of blindly following the diktat of their party political masters?

Roll on the election

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Dear Boris, as you must be acutely aware your latest Queen’s Speech proposals and whatever Brexit deal/or no deal is on the table by the end of this week will be hijacked by a great number of self-motivated anti-Brexit MPs including a number of your own Conservative Party colleagues plus the Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP misfits who just aim to bring you and the UK government down.

Roll on a general election, and within our Batley and  Dewsbury areas that voted to leave the EU I suggest you do field a Conservative candidate and let the Brexit Party run for power and hopefully depose Jeremy Corbyn’s disloyal resident Labour MPs.

Learn from the science

From: Andrew Lindley, via email

If the simplistic mutterings of Danny Lockwood reflect the thoughts of the general public, then I fear that there is little hope in the long-term for life as we know it on planet Earth.

Could I urge him and his readers to read the science with reference to the climate emergency ahead caused quite simply because of out-of-control human activity.

We cannot carry on carrying on in the same old ways. 

The easiest way to learn might be to watch Sir David Attenborough’s film, Climate Change: The Facts now available on YouTube.

Rather than listen to me and XR colleagues, learn from the science and the mutterings might then be better informed.

It’s frightening!

Time someone sorted it out

From: Arthur Roberts, Dewsbury

An ‘assisted treatment facility’ costing £12,000 per person has started in Middlesbrough.

The addicts are given daily doses of medical-grade heroin under supervision and licence.

Critics have stated the scheme would perpetuate addiction.

Who are these politically correct kingpins who allow our standards to drop though the floor?

Meanwhile, I have even read that there is a drugs problem in Westminster. What next?

Contrast all this with China. When communist Mao Tse-Tung took over as leader of the People’s Republic in 1949, he was faced with the problem of three million addicts.

He declared that if anyone was caught selling or using drugs after a three-month deadline, they would be shot. 

Look at China now!

What is happening to our ‘green and pleasant’ land?

It’s about time someone grasped the nettle and sorted it out with no-nonsense discipline.

We’re poetry in motion

From: ‘Hamish McWhimsey’

One day God dropped in and said to St Paul:

“I’m creating some men who will have it all.

“They’ll be slow to anger but quick to learn.

“They’ll also be a bit taciturn.

“I’ll create a batsman who’s got the lot.

“He’ll be master of the exquisite shot.

“And he’ll become Sir Geoffrey Boycott.

“A left centre back who might bite yer legs if you get too near,

“But who they will vote for as player of the year.”

Then God said to Paul: “Give me a name for these dozen.”

And Paul said: “Just call them Yorkshiremen.”

Proportion and context

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Those involved in Extinction Rebellion are justifying the recent disruption that has been caused through its direct action on the basis that public awareness needs to be raised and that governments need to take the necessary action to combat climate change.

There are many inconvenient facts which challenge the assertion that human activity is causing climate change, but it is clear from the orchestrated hysteria that rational arguments will make little impression on those who lack a sense of proportion and context. 

In fact climate activists’ concern for the environment is merely a convenient means of attacking traditional western society and seeking its transformation. Likewise the so-called Progressive Left has promoted diversity, multiculturalism and open borders ostensibly to create a fairer society, but with the same intention of undermining and supplanting traditional patriotic values.

Climate activists are demanding that radical changes are made to western society and ostensible expressions of concerns for the environment through mass mobilisation and orchestrated hysteria allow for the imposition of a totalitarian ideology which brooks no dissent.

In this way like diversity and multiculturalism, climate change has now become the new state religion in this increasingly secular society.

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