Your Letters – Friday October 11, 2019

Stop housing madness

Letter of the Week: LR Hirst, Mirfield

I, along with many more people, totally agree with what Coun Vivien Lees-Hamilton stated in The Press last week about housing madness in Kirklees. 

She speaks about an area that she has lived in for 20 years and is correct in what she says it is, a flood plain. 

She is also the councillor for Northorpe, where I have lived for 53 years. Myself and the people of Northorpe have been trying to have the highway repaired since 1976, but we are always told that it is an unclassified road, and that we must wait our turn. 

Not many years ago, Northorpe Hall was given permission to have alterations made to the barn, which has created an addition of at least 80 vehicles a day to and from Northorpe Hall. 

There is now an application for building 48 properties on green belt land adjoining Northorpe Lane, which is also classed as an unclassified road. If each property has two vehicles it will result in another 96 cars using Northorpe Lane per day. 

There have already been five applications refused for housing because of the condition of the highway. And in my time, there have been three fatal accidents. 

If the highway is not fit to add another five houses, why then consider 48? 

Coun Lees-Hamilton, I agree with you. Why all this housing madness in our towns?

Thanks for your help!

From: Margaret Brooke, via email

Further to my letter of last week, I am delighted to report that the missing walking stick is now safely back home, thanks to the considerate man who found it in Dewsbury Library and handed it in to staff there. 

My sister and I are extremely grateful and extend our heartfelt thanks to him and also to David at The Press for his co-operation in this matter. 

Open up the throttle, Boris

From: Anthony Doyle, via email

Three years ago, following the referendum, Britain boarded the train heading for leaving the EU.

Despite two derailments, David Cameron and Theresa May, and the best efforts of so many to force a third with the PM, we are still travelling.

We have had leaves on the line (other party leaders making mischief for political opportunities), buckled lines (renegade MPs furthering their own ends), signalling problems (personal attacks on the PM) along the way but we are still travelling.

The High Court judgement has become the second Great Train Robbery Britain has faced, defying the will of the electorate by people detached from reality, but we are still travelling.

The PM is the engineer on the footplate driving the train and we should be ensuring the line is clear for him.

Get up there Boris, open the throttle, get this train to Brexit station and platform independence as we voted.

Petitions got us a debate

From: Bronte Red House Group

Thank you to all who signed the petition for the Red House Museum in Gomersal.

We achieved 4,500 signatures in five weeks and have been granted a debate at the Full Council meeting at Huddersfield Town Hall on  October 16.

A thousand signatures were disallowed because they were from abroad but we still had the 3,000 required for a debate.  

The signatures from abroad confirm that Red House is not just a local heritage site but also of international importance.

Making little headway

From: Graham Turner, Gomersal

Kirklees voters played their part in the UK’s bid to leave the EU.

Fifty-five per cent of people voted to Leave the European Union, leaving local politicians shocked.

Shocked and determined to ignore your decision, shocked and determined to lie to you at the next election.

All except the duplicitous  Lib Dems promised to “honour the will of the people and uphold the result of the referendum”.

Where are we now? The not very liberal and definitely not democratic Liberal Democrats wish to erase the memory of a referendum, and even if a future referendum reaffirmed Leave, they would ignore it.

And furthermore if they ever got into power would immediately cancel Brexit without a vote anyway!

The Labour Party’s total betrayal of the 2017 manifesto is now confirmed, with denial of a No Deal policy and a promise to campaign for Remain in another referendum with a Labour “quasi deal” or remain choice. 

Now, to the Conservative and Unionist Party. Our new Prime Minister bless him, is trying his best, but in the face of the opposition from the official opposition party, their cohorts, and even rogue Remain Conservatives, he is making little headway under withering fire.

Bagshaw and butterflies 

From: Len Gardner, Batley

Bagshaw Museum exhibits parts of the history of Batley and its people, making for an interesting day out with a visit to the adjacent butterfly and insect house. 

There’s an interesting record of world-famous stars who visited Batley Variety Club, and the shoddy and rag trade makes for fascinating reading on the background to Batley and its people.  

Not many people will have noticed that just outside the entrance to the museum, there is a mention of Sir Robert Edwards FRB (1928 to 2013), who was responsible for the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, born in 1978. Robert was a Batley lad. 

The history of Fox’s Biscuits is also an exhibit. The butterfly house runs a ‘bug’ class for children and on a recent Saturday I watched a children’s group enthusiastically filling in their jotter books about insects, worms and information about the ‘bug’ world. 

Good to see a change from computers and electronic gadgetry. Go and see the scorpion, Indian stick insect, frogs and plants (including tomatoes), all in their natural habitat – wonderful. 

Walk through the wonderland of trees and listen for the woodpecker hammering away. 

With wetland for pond dipping, picnic benches, grassland and some lovely views of Batley, I would encourage you to come and visit our lovely park. 

It’s all an act

From: John Jennings, Dewsbury

So an MP is surprised that she is not popular when opposing the wishes of the majority of her constituents. 

She represented a party that stated it would carry out the result of the Brexit referendum. 

Her whining at the Prime Minister in Parliament about strong language during debates was a good example of ‘method acting’.

It was surprising to see her on the front bench of the opposition hurling abuse at the government benches (Monday September 30).

If or when she loses her seat in the next election she could probably take up a career in acting with her mate from down the road.

Taxpayer gets the bill again

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Reading the Letter of the Week from ‘Birstall John’ last week brought back unpleasant memories of dealing with the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust appointments system a few years ago.

Birstall John’s letter confirms that in spite of increasing amounts of taxpayers’ money  being constantly shovelled into the gaping maw of the Free International Health Service, the interface with the genuine taxpayer continues to deteriorate!

If we then compare the similarity with the letter from Robert Cowan highlighting the reason for the collapse of Thomas Cook, we can understand why the health service would have collapsed if it were not for the ever-increasing extortion of more funds from the taxpayer!

Until we find a way of restricting the obscene pay packages of council clowns and Westminster Wallies, the situation will never change!

The PR people will continue to insist that to attract the ‘best people’, we have to pay excessive packages to public service executives! 

If they are the best, why are many councils and government departments posting huge deficits year on year?

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