Your Letters – Friday November 8, 2019

How will they keep us safe?
Letter of the Week: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

As a resident of Liversedge and customer of the Fountain Court Sainsbury’s Local I’m appalled that someone has been shot within the Liversedge boundary.

I am not naive enough to believe that no criminal behaviour occurs here, but this is awful. 

Let’s forget Brexit for now and concentrate on local issues that really matter to us on a daily basis, so we can vote for a Party that IS going to put resources into our police, not just say it is.

Come on local prospective candidates what are YOU actually going to do to keep our streets safe?

What’s fair about that?
From: Mr PH Rhodes, Mirfield

From recent political shenanigans, it is obvious that about half our MPs are not very clever. 

The lack of never having proper jobs shows in their understanding of the populace and their aspirations. 

For example, the Green Party want to tackle pollution, yet want more immigrants in the country. That would lead to more pollution! 

A short-lived leader of the Greens, an Australian lady, is now a Baroness in the House of Lords, earning £300 a day every time she signs into ‘work’.

What’s fair about that?

Many MPs want a vote for 16-year-olds. They’ve had little experience of anything. 

Disasters can sometimes be avoided by a neglected process called ‘thinking’.

Throughout the Brexit campaign, I have also noticed that when a factual, powerful statement for Brexit is on the lunchtime news, the biased BBC have pulled it off from being shown on the ‘peak viewing’ six o’clock news.

MPs didn’t come through
From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

In the 2016 referendum the Batley & Spen and Dewsbury  constituencies voted leave.

Deals were not mentioned, it was to remain or leave.

Tracy Brabin and Paula Sherriff have failed to carry out the wishes of the electorate and must now face the consequences.

Which party can I trust?
From: Michael Holmes, Mirfield

Please can someone help me with the election and who to vote for?

I voted out, so who is the best storyteller?

Boris says he will take us out, but the snag is I am a Labour man. Labour secretly stay in no matter what they say.

The Liberals are the biggest two-faced party yet – the university fees story – and definitely no brexit. Other parties have not registered their candidates yet, so who cannot be trusted the least?

Compromise is needed
From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

By referring to the inspiring film The Dam Busters, Heckmondwike Hector writes of our traditional patriotic values which are being increasingly challenged and disparaged as the inappropriately named  Progressive Agenda exerts its influence in every aspect of our lives (The Press,  November 1).

It would be incorrect to assume that such negative introspection is peculiar to the UK or is even recent, as such afflictions preoccupy western civilisation as a whole.

The economist Friedrich Von Hayek had observed in his essay The Intellectuals and Socialism (1949) that the forces of conservatism have been in gradual retreat in the wake of the progressive agenda, and this was occurring even before the Second World War although accelerating since.

What will transpire in the future remains unclear but perhaps in time a re-evaluation of traditional values will occur, and thus giving them a wider acceptance and prominence.

With regards the forthcoming general election, it is absurd that Paul Halloran will be contesting the Batley & Spen seat as an independent candidate and committed Brexiteer, when the Brexit Party is fielding its own candidate.

This will merely split the Leave vote and allow the current incumbent  and Remainer Brabin to retain her seat. 

If such foolishness is copied elsewhere then the prospects look bleak for those seeking a meaningful exit from the EU. 

It is to be hoped that a sensible compromise is reached and that individual ambitions are set aside for the common good.

No green belt left soon
From: Graham Turner, Gomersal

More controversy on building on agricultural or greenfield land in Mirfield – it is going on all over Kirklees.

Planning permission to build 306 houses and 60 apartments off Soothill Lane and Mill Forrest Way on greenfield and old mining land is still ongoing.

On speaking to a local councillor, he told me the Conservative government policy allows building on greenfield sites, to achieve house-building targets.

At this year’s Labour Party conference a motion was apparently passed to let immigrants from all over the world come and live in this country, while letting them vote. This seems a cynical way to gain power. 

If this comes to fruition there will be no green belt land left in England, never mind Kirklees.

Our political pack is rotten
From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Most people know that a rotten apple in a pack will turn the rest rotten unless it is removed.

Over the years the rotten apples in the political pack have turned politics rotten!

The only cure for the political arena is to completely discard the whole pack and start again.

Obviously, this will take many years, but we have to start somewhere.

I believe we should start by preventing people elected to represent one specific political party from leaving that party and then assuming that they can automatically continue to represent the people who elected them!

The other measure we should take is that, upon taking up their elected position, the representative should renounce all allegiance to one party and agree to comply with any ward/constituency wishes of the people. 

If this measure had been in place,we would have left the EU long ago.

In a general election the party politicians deliberately set out to confuse the voters.

The political parties issue multi-page manifestos which offer a crumb to the voter whilst hiding the true agenda of the ‘back room’ controllers.

In a referendum we are given a simple either-or choice, so the true democratic wish of the people is recorded.

Why does our so-called representative in Dewsbury and Mirfield defy the 57.15 per cent of voters along with all the other Labour MPs in Kirklees who continue to defy the democratic wish of more than 50 per cent of the voters? 

Remember their party agreed to honour the result of the 2016 referendum! 

Do the MPs understand the meaning of the word honour when they renege on the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, which they take in order to access the excessive pay, pension, perks and other benefits of representing their party?

The result of the 1975 referendum was implemented in weeks because it was what the MPs wanted.

The result of the 2016 referendum will never be implemented because we saw through the waffle of the ‘remoaner’ europhiles!

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