Your Letters – Friday November 3, 2017

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I was interested in reading the letter about bullying in last weeks’ Press. 

I’ll stand up for the disabled people who’ve been bullied by media portrayal as scroungers and parasites. No one chooses to develop epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, the car crash which broke their neck etc. 

Government reform cuts to that group have been so draconian that even the United Nations has criticised it for discriminating against a section of its own people. Is that governmental bullying? What about the CCG actively preventing obese and smokers from having operations for gall bladder problems, hip and knee replacements etc until they ‘jump through a hoop’. 

In some areas a complete ban, no op allowed. Is that bullying? However hard NHS England tries, it will never bully people into not being ill. But it will certainly bully GPs and other doctors and nurses to leave the NHS (see last week’s front page).

I personally don’t want someone with TB, (or other contagious disease) who can’t afford treatment, breathing on me. But that’s on the cards in Theresa May’s England. 

From: Anthony Doyle

Dear Sir,

Your reader Steve Brahman is missing the point of my letter printed last week. No one is advocating fly tipping but when previously supplied skips for building waste, rubble, soil etc have been removed from the recycling facilities small wonder it takes place. Why should Kirklees residents hire skips at their own expense  to remove their waste when they are already paying extortionate levels of Council Tax for this service? Could this be anything to do with the site now being run by a third party and not the council?

From: D Johnson, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I read with interest the weekly column by John Appleyard which by the way usually sounds like a extract from the Morning Star or the Communist Workers Gazette.

However i must take issue with last week’s take on the financial crisis of 2008. I have to say that I have never come across anyone seriously blaming anything other than the greed and incompetence of the world’s financial institutions. If as Mr Appleyard suggests that the Tories have attempted to make political capital out of the situation by blaming Labour then wake up, that is what all political parties do – blame the incumbent government for everthing.T

ake for example the current spending crisis within the NHS. Yes it needs more cash, however the overspend is largely due to the billions that is forked out to pay for the PFI agreements made by the Blair/Brown Government, but yet Labour blame the Tories!

This particular government which we are saddled with must be one of the worst in history, but I fear they the might be outdone by what could follow if the polls are to be believed.

From: Confused of Gomersal (name supplied)

Dear Sir,

There is nothing more likely to cause an argument than ‘religion’ but, belief or non belief, surely it is incumbent upon anyone to behave in accordance with their beliefs - especially if they are Christian Ministers!

The article on the Rev Hammond Roberson last week mentioned recent prayers being offered by the Rev Brunel James and Rev Richard Burge for his ‘forgiveness’. That strikes me as a bizarre gesture.

Although the Rev Roberson’s behaviour toward the captured Luddites 200 years ago was rather harsh and uncaring it seems a little late to ask for forgiveness for those actions now.

Surely God hasn’t waited 200 years for the intervention of Messrs James and Burge to pass judgement? 

And, as ‘prayers for the dead’ was a major consideration in the Reformation and the subsequent breaking away from the Catholic Church to form the Church of England nearly 500 years ago, isn’t it an odd time for them to be bringing back the practice? 

It appears more Barnum and Bailey and less Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to me. Just a thought!

From: Chris Thorne, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

With regard to the letter from D Johnson of Mirfield and his planning woes. I’ve taken my complaint to the ombudsman, an easy process to undertake and I’m now awaiting a reply at what they term the second stage.In my opinion the planning people are a waste of time at all levels who, left to their own devices, will play a big part in helping bring down our area with a plague of monstrous unregistered buildings.

My experiences include: A first visit from an ‘enforcement’ officer, a junior with only four months service with Kirklees who passed the building work outright. I complained so she made a second visit, clearly useless she was swayed by the builders into measuring it their way, unfortunately not noticing it was 3.3 metres in height at the rear!

The second ‘enforcement’ officer was obnoxious, condescending beyond belief, belittling and unhelpful.

It seems out of their remit to care about those who do work legally, with consideration for others and safely.

I blame Permitted Development for making it easy to erect eyesores at the hands of extremely poor builders.I too would like to see a reply from Kirklees, after all the chairman of the planning committee is a Dewsbury resident. Perhaps our elected MP could coax a reply from the powers that be on our behalf.

From: Jeremy Spillane, Tingley 

Dear Sir, I’d just like to endorse the sentiments from Norman Backhouse in the Forum.  We have lived in Tingley for about thirty years and we have always bought the Morley Observer paper (some years back we bought the Morley Advertiser as well, before it was taken over by the Observer).  

We also used to buy the Yorkshire Evening Post daily.  About six months ago we stopped buying the YEP when it became a paper devoid of much local news, then about a month ago we realised the Morley Observer had also become empty of any local news.  All letters were from elsewhere in Yorkshire, or national charity letters.  

Johnston Press are clearly fleecing their captive markets, although nationally I still like and buy the 'i' newspaper. Being desperate for a decent local paper, we started getting the Press, even though we’re just outside the official coverage area.  

Many of the customers in our fish and chip shop have had the same problems as us and all customers are very favourably impressed with The Press.  The fact that The Press is almost half the price of the Morley Observer is double the reason for us to get it.  As soon as the Press officially covers the Morley/Tingley area, it will almost certainly wipe out the Morley Observer and deservedly so!

Keep up your excellent high standards.

From: Aleks Lukic, Chairman, Heavy Woollen District Independents

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in the Batley East by-election last Thursday. I will be continuing as a Heavy Woollen Independent, and I want to help more people stand in the next council elections across our district. You will hear again from me very soon about our plans. 

On a more personal note, I was dismayed last weekend when Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman tried to score points by saying Remain voters in last year’s referendum ‘were the better educated people in our country.’ This tells us nothing except that he seems to think your opinion should only count if you have a degree. 

This would exclude many of his own constituents and supporters. Whatever he thinks, in our district university graduates were heavily involved in the Brexit campaign!

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