Your Letters – Friday November 22, 2019

Is 'protection' stunt an April fool?
Letter of the Week: Ben Marshall

I’ve just watched the news about the security leaflet for prospective Parliamentary candidates, advising them what to do if they feel threatened during canvassing. Is this a late April Fool? 

I’m flabbergasted that after the brutal murder of Jo Cox, and the unsightly thuggish threats to various MPs of all parties since Mrs Cox’s assassination it appears all our candidates are seemingly ‘protected’ by a piece of card. Now that the application date has been reached, the electoral authorities must know who they are and their details, regardless of cost, there should be cross party agreement that they should liaise with and all have discreet armed police protection so nobody can try to force their will on our democratic processes again.

We don’t live in the Wild West and if we are to show the world we are the oldest and best democracy, candidates must be allowed to canvas. Likewise, constituents should have the right to express an opinion through polite respectful words rather than hate filled physical actions which a piece of paper isn’t go to stop.

How can you not be biased?
From: Len Gardner, Batley

It’s very difficult to write a letter without political bias especially if all parties have good and bad ideas.

I wholeheartedly agree with Labour about bringing transport/railways into public ownership, but where’s the money coming from? I definitely agree with curtailing the private sector influence in our NHS, especially the American way. Making broadband free is the most idiotic idea as surely we have enough trouble controlling it as it is.

I agree with controlling workers’ right although parts are not in the best interests of smaller employers. Margaret Thatcher went too far in desecrating our manufacturing industry by attacking the unions – who also went too far at times.

Now the Tories, who by allowing zero hour contracts, immediate dismissals,  turned back the clock to 1907 (birth of the Labour Party). Again not all business people believe in the sysem of ‘grab it all and to hell with the workforce’.

Boris Johnson though might just ‘do’ the will of 17.4m people and get us out of the EU. Whether Labour like it or not our economy is based mainly on private enterprise and we need entrepreneurs who take risks, whether MPs like it or not. A brilliant word springs to mind – compromise.

And now to the Liberal Democrats who would totally disregard the democratic vote of the people and the reasons we voted to leave the EU.

I believe the referendum would not have been necessary had our MEPs done their job and controlled the EU Council. 

Who will I vote for on December 12? I honestly don’t know and I suspect this is a dilemma of thousands like me. There are only two choices, Boris Johnson who some say is a liar and Jeremy Corbyn who some say lacks leadership qualities. Perhaps Farage, the millionaire outsider? It’s like backing a horse in the Grand National – they might all fall at the last fence.

Ed was out of order on Eric
From: Liz Exley, Dewsbury

I was appalled at the tone of the Ed Lines article entitled ‘Tragedy and the Sound of Silence’. My sympathy goes out to Paul Kane’s family, friends and colleagues but the comments made about Eric Firth I find totally unacceptable.

I have known Eric as a neighbour for many years and he is a man of great integrity who has worked tirelessly for the people of Dewsbury and he does not deserve the comments and insinuations contained in the article. People who know Eric will agree that this article is fiction and in no way fact.

Time to make voices heard
From: John Sheen, Dewsbury 

Our Parliament was elected to represent and carry out the wishes of the people. 

Before this treacherous set of hypocrites were relieved of their duties they had obtained the reputation of being the worst and most ineffective set of individuals since 1645. It took Oliver Cromwell to bring some kind of order. 

17.4 million people voted in the Brexit referendum of 2016, with one of the highest turnouts in our political history, to leave the European Union. No ifs no buts. 

Article 50 was triggered by the majority of Parliament followed by the 2017 General Election when the main parties agreed to “respect the will of the people”, even confirming this pledge in their respective manifestos. 

Unfortunately, after three and a half long years of Parliament squabbling and numerous extensions to our ‘leaving’ date, costing the country billions, we saw a Conservative Government having to call another general election. The reason? A Parliament so hell bent on remaining within the EU, against the wishes of the people. There was no option.

Instead of a ‘clean’ Brexit and Britain being able to operate and trade with the EU, as most other countries do, our Parliament decided unilaterally, we didn’t know what we’d voted for and subsequently they invented 50 different Brexits and ways to obstruct and frustrate our decision – even recommending another referendum irrespective of the first not being implemented. 

Some 406 constituencies voted to leave the EU against 242 who voted to remain. The Labour constituencies across the land voted 148 leave against 84 remain. How’s that for democracy?

The ‘pledge’ by our elected representatives has been thrown in the trash can. Even Boris Johnson’s deal is NOT the Brexit we voted for, but it is the only realistic choice we have to leave the EU when virtually every other party are trying to subvert his efforts. 

This election will be our only voice, after more than 40 years, against the European Union and to show these questionable candidates what we really think about them and their promises. 

Vote JC and get bankruptcy 
From Gareth Dennis, Birstall 

As anticipated, Jeremy Corbyn and his communist cronies, who pretend to represent the socialist movement within the UK, are showing their true colours regarding their absurd financial proposals for this country about the NHS and the even more fantastic pledge to provide free fibre broadband to everyone. 

Does he not think that the sensible people of this country will see straight through this nonsense? It would be near impossible to achieve and it would literally bankrupt the government. 

Corbyn may believe that he is a potential Prime Minister but he comes across as a glorified shop steward who is taking UK politics back at least 50 years or more! 

He is unable to respond to questions on real business issues and subjects such as immigration numbers where he constantly ducks the questions. Roll on Boris and the Tory party and remove this set of charlatans for good. 

Family notices in The Press
From: Brenda Foggin, Batley

I am writing to ask if it’s possible to have more Family Announcements in The Press as this is the only downside with your paper.

I spoke to someone from the Batley News and Reporter series about today’s papers (November 14) which had a full page missing and when I contacted them they said they had had problems.

In my opinion the paper should not have been for sale. No apology was given. Please consider my request.

Editor’s note: Thank you Mrs Foggin, but we are dependent upon families and funeral directors placing notices in our newspaper. We’d like to assure people that our advertising prices are very competitive!

Not fighting for me, Paula
From Harry Teale, Mirfield

Paula Sherriff claims “a proven record of fighting for us in Dewsbury, Mirfield,etc.”!

Hansard, the official record of the MPs’ antics in Parliament will prove that Paula Sherriff has never supported the only true democratic wish of the voters of  Dewsbury, Mirfield etc. 

57.15% of us voted to leave the EU but Paula Sherriff never supported us!

What housing shortage?
From: Leslie Rogers, by email

At present many councils are struggling in housing the homeless, often blaming lack of property as the reason – yet on the Shaw Cross estate where I live there are numerous properties to rent at the last count, many left unoccupied for months on end and perfectlly ready to reside in. So why one asks do KNH or Kirklees do nothing?

It’s make your mind up time
From: Edward Broxbourne by email

It is make your mind up time. I have watched the main parties in the run up to this election with growing incredulity. 

The Lib Dems, whose main policy is to cancel Brexit and offer a £50 billion bonus for staying – mostly made up of the non payment of the divorce bill. No mention of the ongoing cost of membership contributions which will more than cancel it out. 

The dictionary definition of democrat is “an advocate or supporter of democracy” how does this sit with the 17.4 million who voted to leave? 

The Brexit Party whose raison d’etre will disappear along with its votes if the UK leaves the EU on January 31 in the same way as UKIP support ebbed away after the 2016 referendum result. 

Labour led by a man in his 70s who wants to take us back to the 1970s, a decade I remember well of industrial unrest. Eyewatering spending pledges and renationalisation. 

Look at your children and think how they will cope in 10 years time when the money runs out and the next period of austerity kicks in, and to yourself to see if you can or are prepared to work to 70 plus to pay for it. 

The Conservatives, led by a man with an economical relationship with the truth and a private life which would give a ‘bonkbuster’ maximum titillation. 

One thing I do commend him for is his perseverance in being able to get a new Brexit deal passed when all perceived wisdom said the EU would not renegotiate. 

I mocked the USA when a nation of 350 million came down to a choice between Trump and Clinton – but looking at our sorry politicians now feel I may have laughed too soon. 

Think carefully before you vote as the consequences of all our actions will be felt for a generation. Good luck.

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