Your Letters – Friday May 31, 2019


From: Mrs Janet Watson

FIRSTLY, many thanks for advertising St Mary’s 29th annual May show ‘Let us Entertain You’ over three weeks in The Press. It was a great night and more people than we expected came and supported us. We miss Steve, my late husband, naturally, but he would have wanted the ‘show to go on’. You will remember his enthusiastic character, his bad jokes and his respect for your paper. 

May I also congratulate Danny Lockwood on his Ed Lines response to Tracy Brabin’s rant on page 4 about poverty in this area.As usual his opinions are down-to-earth, forthright and in the main, correct. I am in total agreement with what Danny says. Compared to our parents’ experiences in the late 40’s/early 50’s nobody is ‘poor’ today. There were no benefits, no NHS, food was still rationed, families were trying to move on after the war without husbands/fathers, those left were working long hard hours in the mills or down the pit (does anyone under 40 have any idea what a mill or a pit is?) to make ends meet.

My husband’s mother lost her own mother through childbirth, leaving a two day old baby and five other young children. Her older sister, who was 12 at the time, had to leave school to look after the other kids whilst father went out to work. He had to because there were no benefits. No child-minders except ‘available others’ in the family or neighbours who all lived close by. That sister died with diabetes when she was only 19, no National Health, father had to pay for her expensive daily insulin. 

That’s being poor. They have no idea today and obviously neither has Tracy Brabin. Kind regards and thank you again.


From: Wendy Storey, Mirfield

I would like to say a huge thank you to Andrew and Janet Marsden and everyone else who helped to organise the most brilliant Batley Vintage Day. It was the best ever. The sun shone, the atmosphere was electric and every single part of the day was superb, it was indeed Batley at its very best.

There was so much brightness and fun and everyone was happy and smiling and chatting to each other. So many activities for young and old all around the beautiful square and the War Memorial and library and non stop entertainment and it reminded this ‘vintage aged’ lass so much of the Batley I remember as a child growing up in the 50s.

The icing on the cake was the fly past by a Dakota from Bomber Command Memorial flight, the sound of the engines alone brought a tear to many an eye. Again, thank you all involved it was in fact a Grand Day out and Batley excelled!


From: Andrew Marsden, Chairman Batley Business Association

On Saturday it was our pleasure to once again roll back the decades and bring Batley Vintage Day back to town. Yes, after many months of planning today was the day. And as I stood in Memorial Gardens outside the NAAFI tent I couldn’t help but think back on all the happy memories of previous years ... but those road closure signs don’t put themselves in place, so on with the day!

And what a day it was. There are lots of thank yous to be made, but I am not going to recite a lot of names here. To everyone who helped thank you, thank you, thank you. You know who you are. But the biggest thank you as always goes to everyone who came along to enjoy the day. 

Yet again you did us proud, as thousands of people both local and from a lot further afield came together to have fun in the centre of our town. The sun shone, the music played, there was dancing in the Market Place and Memorial Gardens. There was crafting in the library, lots of lovely vintage vehicles, and of course a cuppa and cake in the NAAFI tent. 

And everywhere you looked there were lots of smiling faces. So thank you Batley and beyond. I had a great time, and I hope you did too. 


From: Stephen Boden, Birstall

Just a little word to say what a fantastic comeback the Batley Vintage Day was. There were people from all over, even Wigan! The weather was good too.The only fault was not enough vintage vehicles and no (public) toilets. Anyway, let’s hope it’s back again next year.


From: Name and Address Supplied

I regularly enjoy Danny Lockwood’s power trips and look forward to reading his weekly ramblings; they never cease to amuse me. I would firstly like to question why his Dewsbury office is now based in Batley ... is this because he has been inadvertently run out of Dewsbury? I’ve been led to believe so but please feel free to flannel around this topic at your leisure. 

I draw your attention to his recent ‘Ed Lines’ article of the 10th May, which refers to the loss of Paul Halloran in the local elections, this being due to the ‘Muslim bloc’ vote. Based upon his own observation, what on earth draws him to the conclusion that the Muslim bloc vote won’t rule out his newly found allegiance to the Brexit party, thus leaving Dewsbury to the forlorn work undertaken by Paula Sherriff? 

Unfortunately Danny, not wishing to pour water on your dragon’s tongue, you are somewhat deluded if you think Dewsbury Muslims are going to vote for you and a party allied closely with nationalism, but I do admire your ‘huevos’. Keep up the good work El Gringo!


From: Ms A Rawat, Batley

How did we all vote? For the EU (elections) I voted Green, even though I would now like us to leave the EU or if we have to stay in then I would like some changes such as not have open borders and no entitlement to DSS benefits to EU migrants. There has to be restrictions and controls.

So why did I vote for the Green Party? Because I always do when I am stuck for who to vote for. They have cleaner hands. In the local election I voted for the first time for a Conservative candidate. To reference a pop song, “look what you made me do” local Labour people. I am so disgusted by you lot, I voted for a Conservative. 

I listened to Paul Young on a mosque radio programme and I heard him say two things which impressed me: 1. He told us about his educational qualifications which sounded very impressive and 2. He said he was a grafter. Brilliant I thought, he has intellectual capabilities and he will be willing to work hard. I phoned in and I told him that I will be voting for him but I also told him that unfortunately he won’t get in as Asians go out to vote in their thousands and they generally vote for Labour no matter who is standing for them. 

But we need people like Paul Young, we need brains, we need maturity and experience and we need hard workers. It is diabolical that only a third of the people went out to vote. How do we know what people actually want when so few people opt to take part?

In recent times, I met Tracy Brabin and Paula Sherriff, both for the first time. I was not left impressed by either. As for the councillors, well, they just hang around don’t they, doing very little of any significance. Gwen Lowe hung around long enough putting her hand up and putting it down when told to, and has got to wear a big civic necklace and some nice frocks. I already know who will do the same in an attempt to be the first Asian female mayor of Kirklees. It really is pathetic! 


From: Derek Cartwright, Batley

One might ask why we voted the other Thursday. Simple – David Cameron did not think through his referendum. He believed the vote would be to remain.The problem is that the majority who voted were for out, yet the MPs are for remain. Thus when it comes to a vote, there are insufficient in Parliament to win a vote on either side.

Having a new Prime Minister should not make any difference, if Europe sticks to its guns. A new Conservative PM might get Europe to offer more favourable terms, but that seems unlikely and a general election is hardly likely to get more MPs who are in favour. So, we have an impasse – and the solution is a new referendum.

Remoaners are badly named, they should be called fencers, as they are on the fence. Brixiters should be called finishers.The current position is that we are neither in nor out, we have not joined the Euro so are not at the table when decisions are made. Thus, we should have a vote on joining (the Euro). If a second referendum opts for no deal we leave in October and arrange a trade deal with the EU.

If however we accept Europe’s terms and pay to remain, we will have to accept that we will have limited influence on European development. And if the joiners win then we decide to fully join Europe. I hope that makes things clear.


From: Daniel Goodwin, by email

After watching the mental gymnastics during Sunday night’s coverage of the EU elections we wondered if Rumpelstiltskin himself had taken over the BBC! Who else could spin the result in favour of remain? Well if he has, then he must be using Diane Abbott’s calculator! 

Here’s one for you Danny, if you add up all the people who voted in Thursday’s EU elections and all the people who voted in the 2016 Referendum, whether they be Leave or Remain, then you get 100% of voters who agree by the act of voting to accept the democratic outcome – or what is the point of voting at all? 

The mask has slipped, this is the face of the European Union, firmly embedded in British politics and its influence felt throughout the mainstream media. Well it’s about time the government got their fingers out of each other’s noses, before we vote the whole sorry lot of them out on their a****s.


From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

The soap opera is now complete. The Conservative and Labour votes are due to be trashed at the European elections as a true reflection of the Brexit debacle. Theresa May has been totally humiliated, not helped by her Chancellor and misguided advisors, hence the resultant acrimonious Tory leadership contest. Two of the main contenders Boris Johnson and rival Michael Gove will eventually knock each other out.

The current Labour (or Marxist) party who are trying to generate a new General Election will fail. Vince Cable and the Lib Dem party also remain in total denial as do the fringe parties who mistakenly left mainstream government. A further referendum remains a non-option and only Andrea Leadsom and Dominic Raab, who currently appear to be the only credible and honourable contenders in my opinion, will either gain a better exit deal or ‘No Deal’ as often repeated.


From ‘Deputy Dave’ (Name supplied)

We keep hearing assurances from a variety of police officers that they are dealing with the rampant anti-social behaviour that is plaguing every town in the Spen Valley and Heavy Woollen district. Yet the moment anyone suggests that concerned citizens could band together to go ‘sort’ the problem out we are equally assured that we would be dealt with via the full force of the law.

You can smash windows, sell drugs and rob people, no problem, but mention the word ‘vigilante’ and suddenly there are officers for man and dog. I am sure the police and courts would throw the book at honest, upstanding citizens just trying to solve a problem that they have miserably failed with. 

It’s about time they admitted their failure and actually asked for the help of concerned citizens.

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