Your Letters – Friday May 17, 2019

Good luck to new councillor, you’ll need it

Letter of the Week: Steve Cass, Mirfield

In response to an injection of fresh air into the fetid atmosphere of Kirklees Council, Labour leader Shabir Pandor was predictably disingenuous: “We believe in the politics of cohesion.”

Yeah, sure you do councillor – provided it suits.

He continued: “Everything that Mr Lukic has stood for has divided communities.”

You’ve got to laugh, and it gets funnier: “One thing that I will not tolerate is publicly dividing communities for political gain.”

That’s not very tolerant. He seems to have forgotten how much we (sic) pride ourselves on our (sic) tolerance.

Councillor Pandor appears to share the affliction that’s common to his brothers-in-arms the loony lefties: An inability to recognise irony. 

Methinks he should make more of an effort to be self aware.

If he’s so set against dividing communities why doesn’t the good councillor drop his support of the serving of non-stunned halal-slaughtered meat in Kirklees schools and opt for meat sourced via a more humane method? 

Or is that one division he’s determined to maintain? What a hypocrite.

Good luck Mr Lukic, you’re going to need it in that nest of vipers.

Fooled by their own figures

From: Derek Cartwright, Batley

So, were you like me and did not vote in the local elections? Perhaps we should have, but I cannot think of one reason why – you vote, largely for red or blue, but both are in clown costumes, or is that an ass’s costume?

It does not matter what colour you vote for, pulling the strings are the council employees. 

So how good are these councillors? A four-letter word springs to mind! Then you might not agree, but for instance the Local Plan got passed for more housing and more jobs. Who is going to object to the latter?

Then might I remind you that the council produce fact sheets, which our councillors obviously are not up to reading – well, they passed the Local Plan.

In 2005, the fact sheet told us employment was 160,144, but we need more housing for increased employment. 

In 2015 it was 153,100, then the 2017 figures, well, they are 155,000.

Then why has the council passed a plan for more housing when in nearly 20 years it cannot see an increase in employment? 

Do not start me on the manufacturing figures. What you have in Kirklees is a low-wage economy where council houses are needed for its low-paid or unemployed.

Danny Lockwood wrote about a former council mayor ... I recall that I made the mistake of addressing the council chamber on these fact sheets and the Local Plan a good few years ago, but I got heckled by a Labour councillor.

The ignorant chap did not know I was detailing the Council’s official figures. 

Did that former councillor (the chairman) silence his heckler? Did he heck. That is the contempt he showed for the public. 

If you were in the other room watching on a live feed or watching on the net, you would not even been aware I was being heckled (his microphone was turned off).

Why then does Danny want us to get involved? If you have never been to a public meeting, you have missed the fun that councillors get up to as they silence the public.

Which brings me to Europe. Largely our MPs want to remain in Europe – that’s why an exit cannot get through Parliament. 

But why do you want to Remain? We are not fully in Europe, we are not at the table when the decisions are made as we did not join the Euro. 

We are one of the few countries that give them money, you hear the Welsh and Scots saying they get money from Europe, yes, but it is England’s money.

We want to stay in a group that has the problems of Italy, Greece, the youth unemployment of Spain and the economies of the east European countries?

You can be part of a block that has fiddled its accounts for years – a Europe that gave you beef and butter mountains, wine lakes, and that pinched our fishery industries.

You can believe some of our politicians that tell us our parliament will not pass legislation to protect its citizens, but Europe will. 

That’s the reason why politicians want to be in Europe, because they are admitting that they are not up to the job? Well, we know that!

All this makes as much sense as the councillors passing the Local Plan!

What reason might you want to remain in Europe? Because you do not want change. Bad news for you – 10 years from now will not look like today. If nowt else you will be older and you cannot stop that. 

You can follow the example of Kirklees Council and see employment fall or hardly change, depending on the year you look at, or you can be hopeful that we can do better by looking at to the wider world that your back door. 

Ten years’ time it will hardly bother me, I’ll be either dead or getting there.

Well done to all involved

From: Dorothy Senior, Birstall

I went to the Batley Iftar for the first time on Saturday evening, and although the venue was changed because of our ever wonderful Great British weather there were hundreds of people at Upper Batley High School!

It was amazing to see so many local people coming together to celebrate all that is good about our community.

There were performances from dozens of school children, poetry recitals and we even got to witness the breaking of the fast and learn more about Ramadan.

It was such a lovely occasion and one which showed just how great our local community can be.

Celebrating the start of the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox – she certainly would be proud of the legacy she has left behind. Keep up the good work!

Whatever will they find?!

From: Julie Green, Thornhill Lees

We have received a notification from Yorkshire Water stating that Lees Hall Road, Thornhill Lees, is going to be closed for a further six months.

The original completion was May. This means further upheaval for the businesses, commuters and residents of that area

The notification says that they are going to have to dig down another four metres.

Maybe they will find Genghis Khan’s corpse down there, or the occupants of the Marie Celeste, or even part of a monolith from Stonehenge, the odd Raptor tooth or even Lord Lucan!

People are waking up

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Eureka! At last the citizens of the European nations are awakening from their self-imposed stupor of the last 60 years.

They have finally realised that they have been embroiled in a dictatorship.

As in the previous two events the United Kingdom’s  citizens, ably supported by many of the free world nations, are proving to be the catalyst. 

All over Europe the true citizens of the nations are turning against their Quisling governments/parliaments.

Here in the UK we must ensure that the wishes of the people as expressed in the only ballot involving the true citizens of the United Kingdom will be fulfilled!

According to information available, of the 399 voting areas in the referendum of 2016, 270 voted to Leave against only 190 for Remain. 

This is a more decisive margin than the individual voters!

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