Your Letters – Friday May 10, 2019

History’s being earmarked for demolition

Letter of the Week: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

Cloth caps off to Ben Marshall for his protest against the proposed closure of The Shears Inn.

When I was at the school age he mentioned (10) I had the opportunity to take hold of Enoch’s Hammer in Tolson Museum, Huddersfield. It was a proud moment.

‘Enoch’ was aptly ‘christened’ and used to smash the newly-installed machinery for sheering and cropping which were putting men out of work. 

They were made by Enoch Taylor of Marsden: hence the saying ‘Enoch made em, Enoch will break ‘em’.

The plotters’ pub, The Shears Inn, is an iconic landmark in the story of the Luddites. 

Here, the route, timings and attack on William Cartwright’s Rawfolds mill, in the Spen Valley, were meticulously planned over pots of ale. 

Soon after, 50 Luddites would assemble at the Dumb Steeple, Cooper Bridge, ready for the march over Hartshead Moor. Their final advance took them down Halifax Road to the steep embankment encompassing Primrose Lane.

Sadly, the attack was defeated by heavy defences inside the mill. 

Later in that month of April 1812 the organisation became desparate and a group of men ambushed Marsden Mill owner, William Horsefall, at Crosland Moor. 

He died from a single gunshot wound. Within a short space of time several men were rounded up and convicted of murder; they were subsequently hanged at York. Some historians have argued that it was a ‘show trial.’

The Luddites became history and within a few years it became all too apparent that their aims to stop the advance of technology had been doomed to failure from the very start.

As industrialisation gathered apace men, women and children were sucked into the new means of mass production as huge ‘leviathan mills’ and factories blanketed the north of England.

The demands of industrialists and their machinery would emaciate the frames of its child operatives.

Only six years after the failed attack on Rawfolds mill, 17 girls, mostly children died in a catastrophic fire at Thomas Atkinson’s cotton factory at Colne Bridge, Huddersfield.  

The three youngest were nine years old. The employees, including several who survived, had worked through the entire night.

That was the kind of history we were taught at school, but now the curriculum is being widely distorted. 

The politically correct focus is all about the evil British empire and the slave trade. Moreover in a new project the National Trust has begun researching the historic links between stately homes and the slave trade.

The project, called ‘Colonial Countryside,’ will see up to 100 children aged 10 and 11 form ‘advisory boards’ for historic houses. The pupils, it is reported, are mostly from African and Asian backgrounds.

So there you go. Your teachers of ‘new history.’ We all got rich because of slavery. 

Quietly overlooked is the fact that the greater wealth of this country was accumulated on the broken backs of the white working class with only a pittance going to the tradesmen and women who toiled endless hours.

This point of view, however, is being hairbrushed out by the brave new PC educational world. Arguing against it is as futile as the Luddites’ cause itself.

Our own history, it seems, like The Shears Inn at Hightown, is being earmarked for demolition.

I am humbled and honoured

From: Coun Yusra Hussain (Lab, Batley West) 

I am writing to thank everyone who voted for me in last week’s local elections.

The result within Batley West was remarkable in the backdrop of national politics that are impacting on local issues. I am humbled and feel honoured that so many of you have put your faith in me through voting for me as a new candidate.

I would also like to thank everyone who came out to vote in the election and regardless of who you voted for; I will aim to help each and everyone one of you no matter who you are or where you live.

It’s a real privilege to represent your interests in such a remarkable town like Batley. My first aim is to put Batley first and work for everyone.

Over the weeks and months, I have had some challenging conversations with many of the local residents who have been directly affected by the national government cuts and policies.

Like you, I echo the thoughts that ‘enough is enough’. I will begin to create the changes you wish to see by putting Batley first, in everything I do, so that we can invest in a better and brighter future for everyone in Batley.

I would also like to thank my super election agent, Councillor Shabir Pandor – his help, support and guidance was a key to my success and all of the fantastic people involved in my campaign who helped get me elected.

I am here to serve every one of the residents of Batley West, I will always be committed to helping every one of you. 

I ask you to believe in me, approach me and ask me and contact me on any matter where you feel I will be able to help you.

Let down on all sides

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Today’s council results just say it all, as the country is totally let down by the Brexit debacle!

Vince Cable and his Lib Dem party are in cloud cuckoo land at present and still have no credibility, but for goodness’ sake please do not allow Corbyn and his pseudo-Marxist party have a say in any future negotiations, despite the complete mess created by Theresa May and the Tory party.

The country voted to leave. No deal if necessary!

New man needs support

From: Betty Goodwin, Dewsbury

The election of Aleks Lukic in the Dewsbury East ward means the Labour stronghold is breached. When Colin Auty was chosen to represent this ward there were those who dishonourably tried to undermine his work. 

Let there be no repeat of such shabby behaviour. Aleks deserves respect and should be supported as he carries out his duties.

Important to vote ... and spoil?

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

The election of members to the European Parliament takes place on May 23, 2019.

Why are we taking part in this multi-million pound farce? Has something happened to make us want to change our view on Brexit and remain in the EU? I know it’s three years ago, but I’m sure I remember a referendum resulting in a majority for leaving the EU.

Why has nothing been done to carry out the wishes of the UK electorate?

Why do we need to agree a deal for leaving costing us billions?

Why have we not left the EU with no deal?

I wonder how many people can name any of the candidates, I must confess that I couldn’t name any candidate standing for election from any of the parties.

I think it’s important that we should all attend a polling station and register our names, in recognition of past generations who fought for the right to vote, some paying with their lives.

I will register and then spoil my paper.

We work fairly for everyone

From: Coun Darren O’Donovan (Lab, Dewsbury West)

Dear Dewsbury West residents – I’d like to start by thanking everyone who came out to vote for me last Thursday. 

Even through the rain you came out to support the democratic process to have your voice heard. 

I now begin my third term as your councillor and I am honoured and grateful for the trust you have put in me.

I promise all residents that, with my ward colleagues Councillors Mumtaz Hussain and Mussarat Pervaiz, I will represent your views within the council and work hard to address your issues and concerns in the area.

For all neighbourhoods of Westborough, Scout Hill, Westtown, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury Moor and Thornhill Road, we are here for you.

We work fairly and are accessible to all so please do get in touch if you need our help, advice or support. I’d also like to thank Simon (Green Party) Farmida (Conservative Party) and John (Liberal Democrat Party) for their good wishes. 

Service was exemplary

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge 

I would like to thank all the staff at Dewsbury Hospital Ward 20 Elective Orthapaedics for the care of my dad during his hip replacement operation.

Despite all the shenanigans regarding disappearing services to Pinderfields (whether we like it or not) the service was exemplary. Thank you so much.

However, some people’s idea of visiting times (reasonable, not draconian) or appropriate behaviour, manners, social etiquette, control, respect for others or the treatment of staff was not and is not acceptable.

I can imagine security and West Yorkshire Police are very busy (unless following Mr D Lockwood and his spray cans!) with various dross, but sadly it’s an indication of dealing with (some of) the "great" British public, something I have grown accustomed to after serving them for 23 years. I sincerely hope Dewsbury Hospital in its current location is still here for my grandchildren, as it’s something to be proud of.

Labour got my vote

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

In Heckmondwike we had five candidates in the local elections, but only one of them provided a leaflet and actually came round the ward.

As this was the Labour candidate he got my vote for his effort, as the others could not be bothered. Why did they stand?

Come and enjoy a blooming great quiz

From: Tim Wood, Mirfield

Last year Mirfield entered into a civic pride initiative, namely Yorkshire In Bloom. Mirfield’s effort was called unsurprisingly Mirfield in Bloom.

A small group of volunteers achieved the almost impossible the first time out – they were joint winners of Yorkshire In Bloom.

I must admit that this was the best I have seen the town centre and surrounding districts look in my lifetime. A lot of hard work was done by a group of dedicated hard-grafting volunteers.

All the plants, planters, tools and compost etc have to be paid for, with monies coming from various sources to pay for the basics, but they need more cash to grow into results.

This Saturday (May 11) we are hosting a fundraising quiz to raise more money for Mirfield’s attempt to win Yorkshire In Bloom and make our town look florally resplendent.

This quiz usually starts at 9pm and is £6 per head. This includes a hot supper and the local fundraising group Mirfield Rifle Volunteers will be on hand to lend assistance to the efforts.

This is one way in which people can show their support for what has already been achieved and what can be done.

Just come along and enjoy a fun general knowledge quiz (it’s not about Latin plant names) and help Mirfield look good again this year.

We work year-round, not just at elections

From: Coun Kathleen Taylor, Mirfield ward and town councillor

I would like to thank the electorate of Mirfield for re-electing me as one of their Mirfield councillors.

This was a team effort with many town and ward councillors, friends and family leafleting and canvassing. 

All Mirfield councillors try to do their best year-in and year-out, not just when it gets to election time.

Once again many thanks to everyone for their help and those who voted for me and I was especially pleased increasing my vote share to 59 per cent, up almost 10 per cent from four years ago.

Let’s work together again after campaign

From: Paul Young, Conservative candidate for Batley West

Before memories of the local elections fade away, I would like to take a moment to thank those that have supported my campaign in Batley West this year.

Thanks to those that have come out and helped deliver leaflets; without you the electorate is kept in the dark.

Thank you if you supported me on social media, it is much appreciated. 

Whilst the national political landscape has been challenging for my campaign, thank you to those who have supported me and my local policies on the doorstep.

I do understand how strong the feelings are on national policies at the moment and how we all want to see change of one kind or another.

Most of all thank you to my wonderful family who have supported me and sacrificed a lot this year.

Now the dust has settled, let’s take time to reflect on why it is important to have elections. 

If we truly believe in better for the town and our families, let’s now come back together, respectfully disagree where we need to, but most importantly, put our best ideas and efforts together to encourage positive changes for our town. And let’s not forget to hold our councillors to account and make sure we challenge them all year if we don’t feel that they are doing their job. 

If we have issues in our area with parking, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour or lack of money coming into Batley, then speak to them or use social media for good.

The renewed passion for change in Batley is a positive thing, so let’s all keep it up!

Your election support was so humbling 

From: Paul Halloran, Batley Borough Independent candidate

I would like to thank my family and friends for their incredible, unwavering support and the voters who put their trust and faith in me as the prospective independent ccouncillor for Batley West in last week’s council elections.

Having only announced my candidacy six weeks ago, the reaction I received from many people in Batley and Birstall was extremely humbling. 

From a standing start, with no previous political experience and no big party machine behind me I received 1,959 votes, 36 per cent of the votes cast, with the winner attaining 2,599 votes, 48 per cent of the votes cast.

To put these figures into perspective, in 2018 Labour had a 69 per cent share of the votes cast, a 21 per cent reduction. The Conservative candidate had a 25 per cent share in 2018 which was reduced to an 11 per cent share this year, a 14 per cent reduction. 

So, whilst I wasn’t victorious this time, to take a 35 per cent share off the two main political parties is an amazing feat. 

Sadly voter apathy is a big driver in the balance of politics with the Batley and surrounding areas.

The Labour Party have developed a strategy of “dragging people out of their homes”, as quoted to me by an election official. This strategy ultimately pushed them over the line. 

What I am proud of is that I conducted my campaign with the utmost integrity and fairness. Whilst some people who label themselves ‘Labour Party activists’ chose to share a totally fictitious blog full of complete lies and fabrication with the intention to smear my reputation. 

Incredibly, one of the people who shared this article was appointed a polling agent at the elections by the Labour Party.

Added to this another one who shared this bile was out campaigning with Tracy Brabin in the week of the election. 

So, the Labour Party have nailed their colours to the mast. Power means everything to them and they will do everything required, no matter how unpalatable to retain control. 

If they think I can be bullied out of the picture they don’t know me. This isn’t the end, it’s only just the beginning. 

If people really do want change and care about what’s happening in our area, you cannot change it by venting on social media. 

Change can only happen via the ballot box. If you can’t give up 10 minutes of your life, I guarantee you, you’ll have the opportunity to complain for the rest of your lives. 

We shouldn’t abandon rational faculties 

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

It is curious how the authorities tolerated the City of London being recently disrupted by climate change activists described as ‘Extinction Rebellion’, many of whom seemingly unacquainted with the world of work and the inconvenience caused to those who work daily.

Had patriots gathered in such numbers to disrupt the normal course of business in London, while protesting for example against the ‘Brexit Betrayal’, it is certain that the crowds would have been dispersed by force, involving water canons, tear gas and a deployment of riot police.

Following the high-profile disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion, we were than admonished by a young savant, Greta Thunberg to save the planet. How had she come to such prominence? 

Now an ensuing madness is unfolding as we are told that there remains only 10 years to avoid an impending ecological disaster caused

by climate change.

It is asserted that ‘climate change’ is an incontrovertible fact when certain scientists such as Gregory Wrightstone, Patrick Michaels and Piers Corbyn all take a sceptical view that carbon dioxide emissions affect the climate. 

Piers Corbyn has argued that any variation in the temperature is caused by solar/ lunar effects and not the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

There is no doubt that we should reduce pollution levels affecting the atmosphere and water supplies and manage resources in order to live sustainably and thus avoiding resource depletion.

But it is another matter to abandon all our rational faculties to appease environmental fanatics with little understanding of science or the self-righteous presumptions of a precocious child.

Common sense DOES exist somewhere!

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

At last! A ‘Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young’ scheme in Leeds has proved that targeting parents into providing only healthy food options and choices does reduce obesity in children!

Over 10 per cent of the children involved were saved from getting fat in the year of the trial! 

Fourteen other cities which were compared (Not using ‘HENRY’) did not show any changes!

Experts were ‘astonished’ by the success of the project! Common sense does exist in this crazy world!

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