Your Letters – Friday March 23, 2018

Reformed group stands for unity – will you join?

Letter of the Week: Rev Simon Cash & Kaushar Tai, North Kirklees Interfaith Council

We, the members of the North Kirklees Interfaith Council, made up of people from the Christian and Muslim community in North Kirklees but open to all faiths, wish to make it clear that we deplore the act of terrorism and hatred that has been carried out in the sending of the letter entitled ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ to some people within the Muslim community in this country.

There is simply no place for such inflammatory remarks and incitement to violence in this day and age.

We stand together as those who wish to achieve greater unity between all members of our community regardless of their religious persuasion. 

Whilst we recognise that there are theological and cultural differences between the Christian and Muslim faith, both faiths have their origins in the Abrahamic tradition and as such we share much in common.

As a group, which has been dormant for a few years, but has now recently been re-formed, we are looking for ways in which we can do more things together and welcome new members to our meetings. 

If you might be interested in joining us please contact Rev Simon Cash on 01924 465491 or Mr Kaushar Tai on 07813 811914.

Community rallies round

From: D Hirst, Dewsbury

I have just been told a lovely story. It relates to a lady and her family, resident in the West Ardsley area, she has become ill with terminal cancer.

Her friends and neighbours decided to do a collection to buy her an electric chair.

They visited numerous houses and business premises in the area, and were amazed at the response.

Gifts of money and goods poured in, many from complete strangers.

The icing on the cake came when a local businessman stated he had an electric wheelchair which he would donate. It was gratefully accepted.

The collectors then sought a venue where the donors could be invited to an auction and raffle.

A place was found in Woodkirk and the proprietors offered its use free.

Sadly, the recent harsh frost fractured the water pipes, damage was incurred and the meeting place was closed.

Help was sought at the nearby Woodkirk Tennis Club. The management agreed that the club could be used for the meeting free of charge. The meeting was held on Friday March 16, and was a tremendous success.

All the monies collected, together with the electric wheelchair have been passed to the lady and her family; they have also given her a precious gift of independence.

She can now visit the neighbours and local shops.

Again, such a lovely story which I thought should be shared.

We still pay in other ways

From: Norman Backhouse, Roberttown

I developed a medical problem on Saturday and went to the Locala walk-in clinic at the hospital in the afternoon.

It was busy and I had to wait about three quarters of an hour before being seen. 

By the time I had been examined and given a prescription and back to the car park I overran the two hours and was shocked to find myself forking out £5 through no fault of mine. 

These charges a rip-off, so treatment is free but we pay in other ways!

Yorkshire is not one place

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe, Mirfield

Once again the subject of devolution has arisen and fears of those who want it, of the people of Yorkshire who may jeopardise it.

I believe it was in 2002 when John Prescott, as he was known then, raised the subject in parliament of an elected assembly for Yorkshire.

A Mr John Watson started an organisation under the title Yorkshire Says No, of which I became a member.

After 10 years the Labour government at that time cancelled the referendum, they knew that they would have lost the vote.

During that 10-year period of Mr Prescott’s plan, there had been 28 TV interviews, 117 radio interviews and over 1,000 newspaper articles printed, also the BBC held a telephone poll. The result: 5% for and 95% against.

If it is ever decided to have an elected mayor I think the people should have the vote.

Can you think what it would be like getting anything done under one authority and one Mayor?

Since we got rid of the Ridings of this great Yorkshire control by their own authorities and mayors, things have just gone backwards in their towns.

You have only to take a look at your towns that are controlled by councils such as Kirklees, Calderdale, Leeds, Wakefield and Sheffield.

Most are ghost towns with shops closed by bad planning; assets and artefacts sold off, but money received not used in the towns to whom these assets and artefacts belong to.

Most services of these atrocities are nearly nil. In Kirklees you can no longer pay your council tax, parking fines or other things by cash or cheque.

Try phoning departments of Kirklees, most of the time you receive an answer machine saying ‘all our operators are busy’!

Roads, police and fire services: Roads you cannot get repaired; police are nil, except they can provide video vans and traffic wardens which is an easy way of boosting finances.

Now can you imagine what it will be like living under the control of one mayor and one authority? The people of Yorkshire in this large county of ours are not the same and have different ways of working and enjoying themselves. All that is big is not good.

I say to Mr Heseltine, stop interfering in Yorkshire problems, you are not a Yorkshireman.

I have never seen a balance sheet concerning the sale of the assets and artefacts printed in the press of the monies the towns should have received.

Maybe it was all spent in Huddersfield.

Where are the police?

From: Anthony Doyle, Birstall

I read this week the last remaining male white rhino has died. Another creature now in danger of extinction.

Sadly we have lost another creature in Birstall, namely the police, they seem to have become extinct.

Cars the length of High Street have their windows broken.

Uninsured motor cyclists racing through town doing wheelies.

Last night an attempted break-in up High Street.

Where are our police? I cannot honestly remember the last time I saw a police presence in Birstall at night!

Council tax has gone up again this year, a percentage of  which will be a rise in policing costs?

There is no deterrent visible to these morons and even less preventive policing.

No reassured over Mirfield

From: Barbara Schiff, Mirfield

I write in connection with the letter from Mr Tony Hollands written in reply to my original letter of February 16.

I appreciate his attempt to reassure me about Mirfield’s future, but am not convinced.

When Mr Hollands says there are four bus routes between Mirfield and Dewsbury, I assume he includes the 202. 

It is true this service includes part of Mirfield but it goes nowhere near the town centre, making it of little or no use to the many residents who live close to the centre.

Of the other buses the hourly 253 is often timetabled within minutes of the main service, the 203.

This week, as is often the case, I watched them pull into Dewsbury Bus Station together. 

The 205 – also hourly – goes on a convoluted route, though it is clearly needed, it is only used as a last resort for people living near the town centre. 

Even with the 203 there is over an hour between the 15:39 and 16:46 service from Mirfield to Dewsbury.

Incidentally getting from Huddersfield to central Mirfield just after 5:05 involves waiting for 55 minutes for the 262. 

The re-routing of the 262 to include Brighouse rather than Dewsbury is hardly an improvement since the discontinued 278 went directly from Mirfield to Elland and Halifax – now it is necessary to change at Brighouse. There is no longer a direct service from Hopton to Dewsbury.

The half-hourly train service is further from the centres of Dewsbury and Mirfield, making the journey more difficult for anyone with walking difficulties.

I have great admiration for the helpful and committed staff and volunteers of Mirfield Library, but the fact remains the library is still under threat of closure despite the efforts of our councillors and Friends of Mirfield Library like myself who are working hard collecting signatures for a petition to keep a library somewhere in Mirfield. 

Despite the increase in Council Tax of 5.99 per cent Kirklees Council is considering many cuts to services, including the closure of many libraries such as Mirfield.

I am far from re-assured.

Happy times with Jim

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

The death of Jim Bowen last week brought back happy memories of the time I invited him to open the legendary Dewsbury Moor gala in 1986.

Jim was a great success with the hugh crowd who turned out to welcome him to the ground as he led the gala procession.

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