Your Letters – Friday March 20, 2020

We're all in it together? 

Letter of the Week: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

I am currently witnessing some of the most pathetic, ungrateful and selfish people of the UK who are currently stripping the shelves in our shops and supermarkets, all fuelled by the current Coronavirus panic created by numbers of our politicians, certain members of the UK press, the TV, radio and social media.

My comments exclude all people who are acting with sensible restraint under the present circumstances. 

However, do any of the former individuals remember or even cast a thought about what their parents and grandparents sacrificed for this country during the First and Second World Wars, including all the hardships they had to bear?

The current “I’m alright Jack” mentality amongst these individuals sadly reflects how our standards have slipped in this country!

Why sudden interest?

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

The Labour MP for Batley & Spen is suddenly concerned with the lack of ‘step-free’ access to trains at Batley Railway Station.

A more suitable concern for her is the stupid inconsiderate parking of vehicles on pavements (a number of these vehicles are driven by Kirklees Council employees),  causing impediment to far more people than the lack of facilities at Batley Station! 

Since this problem at Batley Station has been known of from 2004 (which party was in power then?) why a sudden interest in 2020?

Thanks for help

From: Mrs Eccles, by email

May I through your column thank all the people who came to my husband’s aid after he fell outside Cleckheaton Town Hall on Thursday March 12 after we saw The Full Monty. 

He did not suffer any permanent damage but was shaken up a little. 

This goes to show you just how nice people are. 

Timepiece has come of age

From: Chris Jenkinson, Dewsbury Moor

Wetherspoons has always been a popular brand, based mainly on a formula that works – great buildings for pubs, great atmosphere and great prices for quality products.

For the last year I have been visiting The Timepiece on Wednesday morning for my breakfast, a coffee and a general chat with some of the customers.

A successful day, whilst adding to my feelgood factor for good measure. I heard a few weeks ago that the place had been sold and they were moving on.

To say the least l was disappointed, and did not for one minute think my Wednesday feelgood factor would continue.

But how wrong was I?

I can’t believe my luck. I waited a week or two for the new Timepiece to open and settle in.

On Wednesday (of course) I popped in to see how the land lies, expecting disappointment all round.

The interior had been slightly changed and I considered it a slight improvement ... the tables were better and the atmosphere was all in order, so I placed my order.

Small breakfast and a coffee with a smile and most of my old fellow Wetherspooners still in attendance.

Absolute magnificence all round. I never believed for one minute that this could happen.

The icing on the cake was the background music, enhancing the atmosphere even more.

My Wednesdays are back on track – a great feeling and proof that a small independent can produce the goods and still compete with one of the giants.

Wednesdays are still great and the new Timepiece has easily come up with the goods. So a big thank you from me.

Let’s hope for a cure

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

I’d love to know who’s making big money from the Coronavirus crisis and be just a pound behind them. 

I understand we must work together, but really everyone is looking out for themselves and their family.

I’m too young to remember the war (think Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses)  and rationing, but to be honest I think people will have been much the same as today, just less vocal.

The last event I can remember with a similar feeling was the Fuel crisis, which opened my eyes to people’s selfishness. 

I clearly remember driving in the middle of Flushdyke, Ossett, from top to bottom with a police escort on service 279 as the queues for the tiny now-defunct petrol station (now a car wash) went as far as the eye could see. 

Let’s hope a cure or that the ridiculous twit Johnson’s ‘sombrero’ goes away soon. 

Group mentality

From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

Reading Ed Lines’ ‘The PC brigade are going nuts’ (The Press, April 13) had me wondering if Danny might be ordering a copy of the recently published book ‘Groupthink: A Study in Self Delusion’ by Christopher Booker.  

The term ‘Groupthink’, says Booker, refers to a “Group of individuals fixated on a particular view of the world ... So convinced are they that their opinion is correct that they cannot believe any sensible person would disagree.

“Most insidiously, this leads them to treat all those who differ from their beliefs with contempt and hostility.”

(This precisely was the attitude of the fanatical remainers).

Booker traces the ‘genesis’ of Groupthink to a talk given by civil rights leader Jessie Jackson to 500 American students in 1987.

This seemingly hypnotised audience quickly adopted the chant “Hey hey, ho ho, 

western civ has got to go!”

This pernicious mantra swept through universities in the western world faster than Covid-19, where it mutated into the doctrines of multi-culturalism, transgenderism and a host of other viral obsessions. Political correctness was born!

This is the real pandemic affecting society. Today it rules the streets of Britain via the left-wing media, the BBC, the police, social services, the judiciary and the courts. 

One of the latest fetishes of ‘Groupthink’ surrounds ‘Islamophobia’, whatever that happens to be.

Not too surprisingly ‘Defining Islamophobia’ was the subject of debate on this week’s ‘The Moral Maze’ on Radio Four, a weekly live broadcast presented by Michael Burek, where a selected panel throws questions to invited guests, or ‘witnesses.’

The chosen topic was influenced by the left-wing vilification of the former Equalities and Human Rights Commissioner Trevor Philips, following his past comments about Muslims being apart from mainstream society.

On the panel on Wednesday evening was the ever-astute Melanie Philips, social commentator of The Times. 

Melanie put forward the suggestion that attacks on Muslims (whilst abhorrent) are being conflated as attacks on Islam itself in order to shut down debate. 

She also suggested they often defend themselves with a “self-indulgent victim culture.”

Responding to Melanie Philips was Miriam Francois, a white Muslim sociologist (presumably a ‘scholar’).

Having listened to her I could recommend that she be awarded a First Class Honours Degree in prevarication.

When Melanie Philips asked: “Is it legitimate to draw attention to the fact that grooming gangs are predominantly from an Asian Muslim background”, the answer from Franswar was as contemptuous as it was dismissive.

Nevertheless her diatribe was appropriate for the approach to child abuse in general whenever the Muslim community are implicated. 

When it comes to the victims, their claim is that complaints to the police have been institutionally ignored for decades. 

This is a fact that the police themselves have recently been forced to admit.

Blood boiled on reading this

From: Steve Cass, by email

I wonder how many other Press readers’ blood boiled as mine did when I read in a recent edition (6/3/20) details of the pitiless and contemptible scam carried out by Mohammed Mansha Abbas, Mohammed Zulfgar Abbas and Mohammed Vagaas Abbas on defenceless elderly folk. 

A message found on one of the criminal’s phones identifying a potential victim said everything about the calibre and worth of these low-lives: “Perfect profile. Single lady, 89 years old, blind, disabled. Alzheimer’s.”

Such evil is beyond the comprehension of any decent self-respecting person who’d be ashamed to even think such thoughts never mind act on them. This targeting of vulnerable elderly English people  brought to mind the targeting of vulnerable girls by Muslim rape gangs.

I blame the politicians for this. Their weakness and dishonesty has brought about the ruination of Britain. There has got to be a reckoning.

An obsession

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

It is significant that International Women’s Day can no longer be celebrated without attracting the outrage of the progressive liberal left, who contend that the sex of a person is decided by means of self-identification and not through biology. 

It has become characteristic of the left to deny reality in an erroneous belief that everything is possible for us, and only adverse environmental circumstances prevent their realisation. 

In the past the progressive elements embraced scientific findings via the Enlightenment to undermine traditional beliefs and superstitions. 

The Earth’s position in the universe was found to be less prominent than previously claimed and Biblical accounts as to its age did not correspond with geological and historical findings.

A woman’s sex is determined through the possession of XX chromosomes and a man’s through XY chromosomes and all attempts at sex change is doomed to ultimate failure; it is a biological impossibility.

The left tend to employ the term “gender” instead of the sex of a person and it is a term which has no actual correspondence with the known physical world.

A very small proportion of people are troubled genuinely by their biological circumstances and they need to be offered every support and compassion and need to be protected from hostility and intolerance. But the current obsession with “gender” is unhealthy and erroneous.

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