Your Letters – Friday March 16, 2018

People of Heckmondwike need to show support

Letter of the Week: John Appleyard, Liversedge

I welcome readers’ letters and comments in The Press, particularly the latest ones in support of our local libraries.

I’m concerned about Heckmondwike Library which seems to be receiving very little attention and yet through its staff and volunteers provides an excellent service.

Local children use the library to do their homework, the unemployed use the job club, these are just two of the many services provided by this excellent library and the people of Heckmondwike need to show their support.

It’s hard to believe but there is actually a government minister for libraries called Michael Ellis MP.

What on earth he does is anyone’s guess because he hasn’t prevented library closures and cuts to services, but we should all write to him at the House of Commons expressing our concern about the future of local libraries.

One library that won’t be shut is the House of Commons Library that is used by MPs and their researchers.

If the library service is good enough for them, then it’s good enough for us.

Not many places left to turn

From: John Sheen, Dewsbury

For the first time in many years I’m totally disillusioned with British politics, as I’m sure many people are. 

From my early years, following my family’s tradition as a Labour supporter, and having seen social reform on a massive scale as well as appreciating achievements like the NHS, it was the right choice.

Then, I saw appalling civil unrest with national strikes and three-day weeks, which almost brought this great nation to a standstill.

The Labour government had let the people down. Latterly we saw Tony Blair engage us in the Iraq war, resulting in appalling loss of life and unprecedented unrest in the Middle East. 

Even today, after more than 40 years in the European Union, the deprivation in the Midlands and North of England saw traditional Labour voters supporting withdrawal from the EU.

Unfortunately, the will of 17.4 million people, nationally, has been totally frustrated. 

Even our Labour MPs in Batley and Dewsbury followed their party line and voted against Brexit.

I’ve lost patience with the Liberal Democrats. Their persistence for another referendum and loyalty to the EU, against the people’s opposition, shows contempt for the very word democracy.

As for the Conservatives, nine years of austerity, yet during those nine years we’ve seen no less than £108 billion sent abroad in foreign aid, much of it to corrupt regimes, including weapons to our enemies, according to a BBC Panorama programme. 

£180 billion to the European Union, another corrupt regime who hasn’t had its accounts audited for more than 20 years. 

The government even found £1 billion to give to the DUP for their political support. 

All this while presiding over massive cuts to every sector of social need within the United Kingdom.

Closer to home, we’ve just received the 2018/19 council tax bill.

My £1,692, which has increased by more than 15 per cent in just four years, includes eight per cent over that time for social care.

Looking after the vulnerable in society was part of government’s responsibility through the local government funding programme.

However, it’s estimated that the funding for Kirklees by 2020 will have been cut by an unbelievable 80 per cent.

I didn’t vote for this appalling government attack on community services at the expense of ‘foreign’ powers.

I’m now drifting into a political wilderness. However, I see a shining light at the end of the tunnel in a future independent local candidate – Aleks Lukic. 

He’s a young voice with a passion for Dewsbury and its citizens.

He’s no affiliation to the Westminster elite and he may be just what the town needs.

Let us get on with the job

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

If we apply Shaun Gardner’s perverse view of democracy to the 1975 referendum, Britain would have left the EEC/Single Market.

The MPs and Kirklees councillors would be in position by false pretences.

If the 16.1 million europhiles cannot accept British democracy, they are quite welcome to migrate to their beloved EU whilst there is still some space left.

This will then allow the 17.4 million true Brits to get on with returning Britain to the independent and sovereign entity desired by true Brits!

No point in using system

From: Chris Thorne, Dewsbury

Firstly I would like to thank Paula Sherriff for her time regarding Kirklees planning policies.

It appears that no matter what level you go to including the ombudsman then you are powerless to obtain any positive result.

It is said that Kirklees have no money to pursue rogue building projects. 

I disagree, if they enforced the rules and penalised then more income would be generated in penalties and fees.

As it stands I certainly wouldn’t bother with all the expense of seeking planning permission and building control. 

It is patently obvious from my bitter experiences it is not a one-off situation, I for one would be interested in any other bad decisions fostered upon other Press readers by the so-called planning enforcement officers.

Painkillers will kill sport

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

I agree with Danny regarding Sir Bradley Wiggins. He needs his medication to live a normal life. 

He’s not on steroids or any performance-enhancing drugs, so I don’t see a problem. 

What I have never understood is why sports men/ women are allowed to have pain-killing injections before competing in their particular sport.

Surely, painkillers are the ultimate performance-enhancing drugs, because without them there wouldn’t be a performance at all.

Plus not feeling any pain, any injury could be made much worse.

I must take issue with him regarding people who suffer mental illness or are bad with their nerves.

The last thing they need is someone giving them a slap and telling them to snap out of it. If only it was so easy. I have seen mental illness close up, and it can be devastating not only for the person concerned, but for the whole family. 

I appreciate Danny on occasions writes tongue in cheek, but it’s only people who have experienced mental health issues who can fully understand what it is really like.

Saucy seaside story...

From: ER Cawthorne, Cleckheaton

The town of Bridlington has been in the news lately, with all the lobsters and crabs washed up in the recent gales.

It reminded me of when I worked in the council offices there.

A guest house landlady wrote complaining that her holidaymakers were embarrassed by what they could see from a top floor window which overlooked a nudist beach, which has since closed.

Being the youngest in the office, I was sent to investigate: I followed the lady upstairs, and she pointed to the window in question.

I peered out but told her I couldn’t see anything untoward. 

“You can if you stand on a chair,” she shouted!

Special night of fundraising

From: Tim Wood, Old Colonial, Mirfield

Saturday March 17 is famous for many things, in particular the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick, and the massive celebrations world wide for the Scottish-born man who went to the Emerald Isle to rid it of snakes (serpents), which were servants of the devil himself.

Fancy a St Patrick’s night with a massive difference? Well, look no further.

As a charitable, fun fundraising event, Mirfield Rifle Volunteers are hosting a general knowledge quiz and Irish-style banquet  with a few quirky twists.

There may be the odd one or two questions on Ireland, such as where would you go to ‘kiss the Blarney stone?’, or what was Ireland’s currency before the Euro?,  and so forth.

The quiz starts at about 8.30-8.45pm, give or take the odd swift pint!

The price is £6.50 per head at the bar of the Old Colonial in Mirfield, which includes entry into the quiz and as much as you can eat from our Irish-themed banquet with a culinary twist, Irish sausage & bacon casserole, or even Dublin Bay prawn biryani, and Irish stew done with Polish potatoes.

Yes, a friend and customer of ours has a house on the West coast of Ireland and the ground is quite scrubby and peaty, the only thing he could grow other than thistles was a blight-resistant variety of spud developed in Poland, he gave us a sackful and they are superb.

More about the Polish spuds in our specialist quiz round of ‘Would I lie to you’.

All monies raised are going to help worthy good causes  around the district, and to raise a smile for the Emerald Isle we have lots of hand-pulled stout to lubricate the occasion.

Everyone is welcome, however we don’t allow mobile phones to be used during the quiz, we try to avoid the Google gremlins of doom.

“Please arrive early to avoid being late, for sure!”

No credibility from Cable

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Yet another deluded politician speaks about Brexit this week. 

This time it is Vince Cable with his outrageous and insulting comments aimed at the older voters within the UK.

He is another ex-Labour Party member who couldn’t cut the mustard within the party and defected to the Liberal Democrats, where he was instrumental in forming the disastrous coalition with the Tory Party, their only chance of getting in to power. 

Just look at the state of his party now as they have no credible influence whatsoever within UK politics.

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