Your Letters - Friday June 9, 2017

Well done and thanks to the people who supported event

Letter of the Week: Tim Wood, on behalf of Mirfield Rifle Volunteers

Dear Sir,

Last Saturday a concert was held at the Old Colonial pub to raise money for the victims’ support fund set up in the aftermath of the cowardly Manchester bombing. 

The music was provided by a band called Broken Flowers, who heard that we were looking for a band for the venue.

They performed on the evening and went down very well with the audience. They gave their services free of charge, plus they donated items for an auction.

Shops and businesses in Mirfield gifted items for the auction and raffle held on the night. Numerous people came into the pub just to donate cash towards the fund.

The whole event was put together by a few members of the Mirfield Rifle Volunteers and was organised at short notice so the monies raised could be sent to where they are needed most. 

On the night the sum of £860 was raised and will be sent to the appropriate authority.

What a great effort at short notice, and can I say a big thank you to all concerned.

Sadly as the band were part-way through their second set, reports were coming in of yet another cowardly terrorist attack on innocent civilians, this time in London. 

Last Saturday we stood together in solidarity with the people affected by the Manchester bomb and I know that the whole of Britain will stand shoulder to shoulder to defeat terrorism in all its perverse and corrupted forms. 

Well done once again to the people of Mirfield, our nation has got a voice.

Election literature has a use after all...

From: Erica Hoey, via email

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to the Conservatives who have been bombarding my fiancé with letters telling him to vote for them. 

What they don’t seem to have realised is that he has a postal vote. The latest letter has managed to arrive after the deadline to return his papers by Royal Mail. 

However all is not lost – I have found that all the election literature can be shredded and composted, thereby actually doing my garden some good!

PM was badly briefed on local health issues

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Mrs May was badly briefed for her visit to Dewsbury last week. 

She got a lot of applause for misleading her listeners, exemplifying Mr Gove’s preference for non-experts ... but not such a good omen for the Brexit proposals.

If you were in the audience, live in Kirklees and need a hospital but it is not life-threatening, dial 111 for the correct advice on which hospital to go to.

If it is life-threatening, call 999. There’s always a chance an ambulance will turn up. 

Last week the origin of NHS boss, Simon Stevens’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans was unearthed.

His Five Year Forward View (incorporating the STP) has been lifted from a report from the World Economic Forum in Davos from 2013. 

The WEF is made up of governments, transnational companies and media barons. People fly in on their own private jets – I remember the TV coverage. 

Stevens, the NHS boss, was drafted in by the Coalition directly from UnitedHealth, a US multinational insurer where he worked for 10 years. 

The NHS means a funding stream, merely a logo behind which an increasing number of for-profit providers will operate, for an ever-reducing number of health ‘complaints’ in a dwindling number of publicly-owned settings. 

That is not scaremongering, that is listening to the local hospital trusts and clinical commissioning groups at their monthly and bi-monthly meetings in public. 

And take notice. By the time you read this, the election will be finished. 

The healthcare of our children and grandchildren depends on the result. Have the transnational companies still got control?

Silence shows how much we’ve changed

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

I happened to be in Morrisons at 11am on Tuesday and caught the one-minute silence.

I have no idea what this was about.

I have always thought that the minute’s silence is to remember those who unselfishly gave their lives defending our country and way of life.

So what am I supposed to make of this latest fad for silences following the random, pointless taking of human life?

To remember the moronic warriors who gave their lives in pursuit of I don’t know what?

This is just another example of the warping effect that the Facebook culture has on our lives.

To me, we should have a minute’s angry rage against the gullible, moronic murderers and their Middle Eastern handlers, together with our politicians who have allowed the country get into this sorry state in the first place.

But apparently anger has been eradicated from the Google list of acceptable emotions. 

Presumably because it is unpredictable and thus uncontrollable and, worst of all, human.

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