Your Letters – Friday June 7, 2019

From: 'Concerned resident'

As a ratepayer I went to the annual meeting of Mirfield Town Council to see who the new intake of councillors were, as they had been elected unopposed at the start of May.

The agenda seemed a busy one with decisions to be made on allocating town council representatives to various committees and organisations, approving their standing orders and policies, and several items working for the good of Mirfield, such as funding defibrillators, providing life saving stations by our waterways and employing a community warden to try and resolve parking outside schools etc.

But before all these important items were discussed there was the matter of choosing our Mayor and Deputy for the year; the council agreed very swiftly to Martyn Bolt & Vivien Lees-Hamilton taking those positions, as it was explained that with a new Council at the start of the four year term their experience was essential.

Sadly the meeting then deteriorated, when Coun Steve Benson asked that the Town Council elect a second deputy mayor, which he clearly wished to be considered for. This was discussed and the outgoing Mayor (Martin Ibberson) confirmed that having tried the idea there had been little demand for a second Deputy Mayor.

The matter was formally proposed by Coun Keith Taylor but as no one (not even Coun Benson who raised it) seconded it, Coun Bolt as Mayor said the proposal fell.

At this point I was shocked when Coun Benson suddenly stood up, muttered something to the Council and left the meeting, without excusing himself or giving any explanation as to why. Is that why Mirfield has Town Councillors?

I estimate he was in the meeting for about five minutes, and by walking out failed to represent his constituents and Mirfield on any of the other items decided that night  Come on Councillor, you can’t work for Mirfield if you walk out at the first setback. I hope for better in the future.


From: Stephen Boden, Birstall

Last Thursday night I was leaving Batley going up Healey Lane, past Jessop Park, behind me was a small moped with not one but three youngsters on it. The eldest was probably only 14 or 15 years old. The two on the back may have been eight or 10-year-olds.

They were up my bumper right onto Healey bypass where I speeded up and left them. By the time I got to The Junction traffic lights there was a queue, but these silly little sods with hoods to hide their faces came down by the side of my car and the one in front called me a f****** b******, to which I replied “get a ******* licence, insurance, tax and helmets! They then sped off down Halifax Road in to Heckmondwike past all the other cars on the wrong side of the road.

Where are the Keystone Cops? Nowhere to be seen. They were probably stopping motorists for speeding three miles over the limit, or a slightly bald tyre.Come on West Yorkshire Police, get some people out there and get these little toe-rags off the roads.


From: JF Murphy, by email

I write further to the article in Ed Lines (May 31) with regard to the ‘Keystone Cops’ who police (that’s a joke) our area. This afternoon (Sunday 2nd June 2019) I went to Morrison’s at Heckmondwike to put diesel in my car. When driving back home towards Dewsbury a police car pulled out of Bath Road heading towards Dewsbury and subsequently drove through a red light (without the sirens or flashing lights in operation).

At the junction of Halifax Road and Staincliffe Road two motorbikes each with two youths on board, all four without crash helmets, came past the aforesaid police car in the opposite direction. The police car did not turn around or slow down, but carried on towards Dewsbury, I could see the youths on the motorbikes, laughing, who can blame them?

I would refer to one of my previous submissions to The Press. It’s time to disband the useless police. Declare martial law. Put the army on the streets. People should be made to fear the law!


From: ‘Hamish McWhimsy’

One day when God was ruminating,

He said to Paul, “I’m contemplating,

Creating a place that’s got it all,

With a heart that’s big though the land is small.

I’ll make it a vale of milk and honey,

And also a pretty good way with money.

With counties that are the very best,

And one a slight cut above the rest.

I think I’ll call it ‘God’s Own County’

And fill it with some extra bounty,

I’ll give it scenery to die for

With fabulous dales and so much more.

I’ll people it with the salt of the earth,

Inhabitants who know their worth, 

Who’ll say ‘By gum’ and ‘Hecky thump’

But at cricket they’ll always come up trumps.

And Britons, as they will become,

Will know the cost and pay the price

To save the rest of Europe – twice.


From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

It is curious that the Green Party (GP) unequivocally supports our membership of the European Union when previously it took the opposite position.

At one time the GP advocated “subsidiarity” namely that most decisions should be taken at the lowest level of decision making. According to this concept most decisions would be taken locally, fewer regionally and even less nationally. Therefore within this context it was consistent to oppose a supra-national organisation such as the EU which could  make decisions inimical to the interests of the nation-state.

Furthermore the GP advocated sustainable population levels, but now promotes open borders and unlimited immigration from the Developing World.

It is astounding that its leaders would castigate the government for not building sufficient housing whilst deliberately ignoring the consequences of unsustainable numbers arriving annually in the UK.

It could be argued that a party that is supposedly committed to protecting the environment would be genuinely concerned with the adverse  impact of vast tracks of land being built upon.

But it would seem that “social justice” is now more important than any “Green” pretensions.The GP has now become a leftist cultural Marxist organisation inimical to our traditional patriotic values, national identity, culture, and heritage. The party is not some benign organisation seeking to protect the natural environment but rather endeavouring to radically transform our society into some sort of leftist dystopia!


From: Mr M Norris, by email

Re. Mr Lockwood (Ed Lines), once again blaming Labour for all the country’s ills. He fails to mention the global banking crisis (Thatcher deregulated the banks), or the millions put out of work under the last Tory Government with the destruction of our manufacturing base. Unions are always demonised but not horrendous management living in the dark ages, as they still do.

Can you find ‘anything’ at home made in the UK with UK sourced components?

I grew up in the 60s not knowing a single person out of work and mostly working near home. Now all gone.My father fought throughout World War 2 and I remember grandparents who fought in World War 1 still living in slum conditions with tin bath, outside toilet and no hot water! 

‘A land fit for heroes’ was the lie told to them.

Most of them didn’t even have the right to vote for the very people sending them to their deaths.

Now, this government are systematically removing employment rights, attacking the disabled, overseeing the rise once again of slum private landlords, taking away welfare help, when most new jobs they crow about are low paid/welfare dependent. Dominic Raab was a member of a secret Facebook group calling for a return to workhouses, which considering his family background is obscene.

The people of this country didn’t create the mess, the greed of the outsourcing few did.

Even Government now sources 94% of its military and other kit offshore, (where my skilled job went) putting 1000s out of work while a few benefitted once again.

Remember when Tories privatised our utility companies promising cheaper bills and better efficiency? CEOs have done ok, but not the people struggling to heat their homes.

Mr Lockwood seems out of touch with the real world these days – a 69% rise in homelessness since 2010. Life expectancy stalled, debt spiralling, but eh, the affluent seeing a boom as they did under Thatcher with the lie that wealth trickles down.

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