Your Letters - Friday June 30, 2017

Another proud showing

Letter of the Week: Tim Wood, The Old Colonial, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

The sun shone for us on last Saturday’s Armed Forces Day service and parade, held at the Old Colonial memorial site on Dunbottle Lane.

The RBL padre, Mr Ian Grange, led the service and address, with Town Councillor and former mayor Sean Guy giving a short talk on artefacts that he found on the Somme.

Many thanks to Mrs Sue Doubell for the donation of the basalt rock brought home by her father, Robert Frettlöhr, who had fought at Monte Cassino in 1944.

Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Sqn Leader David Dinsmore MBE, and Sqn Leader Brian Sallies MBE inspected the cadets and standards of 868 Sqdn ATC, whose drill and deportment was, once again, of the highest order.

Their band also thrilled those who attended with a brief display.

This year’s event was not as prominent as hoped for, as there had been some uncertainty over where the event was to be held.

Many thanks also to Mirfield Round Table, who co-sponsored all the free food, although we did procure some rather excellent cheap bread to keep the costs low.

So thanks to all who contributed, it was an interesting day.

I still keep in touch out on the east coast

From: Geoff Andrews, Scarborough

Dear Sir,

On retiring to Scarborough I have kept in touch with my home town of Heckmondwike with a friend posting me The Press.

We stayed up to watch the election coverage, and heard some Labour MPs wanting a vote for 16-year-olds.

Most of them know very little about life, have no experience of government and don’t even know it was the Labour Party that brought in tuition fees, always leave the country in economic bankruptcy and went into an illegal Iraq war with spin doctor Alastair Campbell doing Tony Blair’s dirty work.

Campbell now seems an honourable gentleman in the eyes of left-wing TV channels like the BBC and Channel Four News.

ITV’s coverage of election night was brilliant, with Richard Osman and others, compared to the dull BBC, whose previous debates and discussions had been crammed with leftie audiences, and they have the cheek to say they’re not biased.

This is with money they get from the public’s licence fees, which helps to pay biased presenters like Evan Davis (Newsnight), and Victoria Derbyshire their ridiculously inflated salaries.

Our services need support of government

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

BBC Radio Four last week celebrated 80 years of our emergency services which were set up in 1937. Our 999 services covered fire, police and ambulance and this was in an era when not many people had the use of a home telephone, so imagine the chaos that existed in those days as people struggled to find a phone box to report fires, crime and accidents.

Today there is hardly anyone without a phone but we are still reliant on our emergency services to operate in a speedy fashion and its important that our governments give them the support they need.

The highs and lows of modern life

From: Arthur Roberts, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

There are 60 no-go zones in Swedish large towns and cities, according to the police commissioner.

Government figures say there are 23 – well they would, wouldn’t they, what do they expect?

They don’t seem to have any vision. They’ve seen it all before in France, England and Germany where some economic migrants commit crime, arson, sexual assaults and vandalism at random.

Only Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic seem to be acting radically on the claim ‘enough is enough’.

On a brighter note, surely the ‘face of 2017’ should be the little blonde three-year-old girl who advertises the AA perched in her toddler car seat, mimic-singing ‘Keep your big wheels rolling, rolling down the river’.

She has hope, success and charm.

I know where I went wrong in life...

From: Mr S Walton, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

In reply to Mr Kitchin’s letter in last week’s Press, I now know where I went wrong in life: I did not follow the Jeremy ‘Saint’ Corbyn and John ‘It’s not borrowing’ McDonnell finance plan.

Best I sit down now and enjoy that piece of cheese I’ve grown in the greenhouse.

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