Your Letters – Friday June 29, 2018

So it’s thanks, but we’re not listening

Letter of the Week: Caroline Briers, Mirfield

So, that’s that then.

Years of campaigning from residents has pretty much come to nothing.

Thousands of pages of evidence, days of hearings all basically came to naught.

The officials had a look, thought for a minute and basically backed up Kirklees’ original plan, subject to a few tweaks here and there. 

So we’re still getting thousands of homes on green belt land with very little infrastructure to cope with the influx of people.

There are so many unused brownfield sites scattered all over the area that could be used, but  because it’s easier and cheaper for developers to simply move onto pristine grassland, that’s what gets the nod. But it makes no sense to me, when we have literally thousands of old homes, factories, offices, pubs and clubs lying vacant, to concrete over what passes for countryside around here. 

I applaud the community spirit shown by groups across the area for the last few years, at the very least you delayed the inevitable.

But as many of you must have thought, it was a foregone conclusion. A new influx of residents is set to descend on Kirklees, and frankly we won’t be ready for them, even if Kirklees start preparing now.

Which they won’t.

Island debacle was a waste

From: Philip Cawtheray, Batley

For years people have wanted some kind of pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Soothill Lane so that rail users can cross safely while using the station.

There are also quite a few residents living up Sation Road now (me and my family included) as well as visitors to the Cellar Bar.

So it was with jubilant surprise that finally the workmen arrived and an island was put in place.

But it lasted a day!

It has been taken away, re-tarmaced and a new white line put down. 

I really hope there is some good explanation as this was a waste of taxpayers’ money and more importantly this is now an accident waiting to happen once again.

Responsibility lies elsewhere

From: Name and Address Supplied

I have read the article featuring MP Paula Sherriff about Dewsbury town centre, where she makes an attack on the Tory government. 

Sadly the truth is that Kirklees Council, which has been run by Labour for many years have failed to halt the closures due to high rents and with regard to Pioneer House failed to get the owners to carry out repairs with due diligence.

The council have managed to give themselves a pay rise but fail to carry out their duties. I have reported a Public Right of Way which is overgrown with blackberry bushes, grass and trees. 

It is used by children from three schools, including Crossley Fields. I pay £1,200 in council tax – and this is with a 25 per cent reduction due to living alone.

Surely at 76 years of age I should be able to walk the right of way without being scratched by blackberry thorns, nettles and overgrown trees, or having my clothing damaged.

Perhaps it is time the police were more proactive in all matters such as driving, parking and other matters. They find time to put the video van out but cannot stop bad driving, racing or the use of mobile phones by drivers (difficult I accept) but if I reported the ones I saw with car numbers no action would be forthcoming.

Problem needs attention

From: Harold Laycock, Mirfield

Writing in a local paper recently, Councillor Martyn Bolt highlighted the recent problems faced by local cyclists when travelling by train.

However, their problems, fade into insignificance as compared to the difficulties faced by people with mobility problems.

These people, are sadly unable to safely access the platform (Leeds direction) at Mirfield Railway Station. 

These problems are also of a long-standing nature and need urgent attention!

It is of no surprise that Martyn Bolt has acted so quickly to take up the cause of cyclists. His involvement with cycling is well known.

In response, Coun Bolt said: “My work to try and improve Mirfield Railway Station and public transport services should also be well known to Mr Laycock and others who take an interest in Mirfield matters.

“I was involved in starting the Friends of Mirfield Railway Station group, bringing rail operators and others to Mirfield for a meeting which led to the creation of the Mirfield Station masterplan.

“We have secured funding to improve parking around the station and the future of the station infrastructure will be known when Network Rail announce their trans-pennine route upgrade study shortly.

“I have called for a feasibility study on options for a 21st century rail station and passenger transport hub in this area, which I am pleased has now got the support of Kirklees cabinet.

“I have also taken Mirfield matters both personally and in writing to several Government Ministers, as the law on disability access does not currently include facilities like Mirfield Railway Station so we have to work with the rail operators and Network Rail to bring about changes.

“I’d like to thank Mr Laycock for recognising my long-term and continued work to improve facilities for Mirfield.”

Town is being neglected

From: Chris Thorne, Dewsbury

I read with interest the article by Danny Lockwood regarding local labour MP Paula Sherriff and her potential knicker-purchasing habits.

Well I think she can consider the duty-free shops at the new Heathrow Airport runway she voted for.

Not only is Dewsbury getting neglected but thousands of people are getting turfed out of their homes, schools etc by a vote from someone who should be spending her time on her own constituency’s pressing needs.

Runway is a major polluter

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

The UK government has been instructed by the courts to significantly improve the country’s nitrogen dioxide  pollution.

A series of clean air zones have been proposed, and more are likely to follow.

London has some of the dirtiest air in the country and yet parliament has agreed plans to build a much-debated third runway at Heathrow airport.

The new runway is set to be a big profit-maker for transport bosses, but for the hundreds of thousands living under the flightpath it will mean more pollution, increased noise and huge disruption while the necessary infrastructure is built.

‘Green’ doesn’t come into it

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

Another week flies by, and yet more housing developments appear, Kirklees seem hell-bent on a concrete jungle.

The only planning consideration of any of these should be traffic levels because ‘green’ doesn’t come into the equation any more. 

I don’t see any benefit whatsoever for commuters or local established residents, just more queues on worn out main roads.

I was going to mention the number and positives of brownfield sites again, but your report regarding homes off Old Bank on a 40-year-old chemical dump doesn’t have me booking Pickfords any time soon! 

PS: I’d like to suggest Danny does a one-to-one interview with some of these decision-makers who we complain about. 

I think he may get some answers, if indeed they’re brave enough to accept, perhaps in the guise of his pin-up Ms Maitlis, just one thing though ... no skirt please Danny!

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