Your Letters – Friday June 28, 2019

I think the 'mess’ was best

Letter of the Week: L Gardner, Batley

I watched five people on telly all aspiring to be our new PM – and I laughed and cried as each and every one said how they would improve the ‘lot’ of our great nation.

Not one of them mentioned a) soup kitchens; b) higher crime rates; c) food banks; d) more beggars on our streets; e) council tax increases to include a ‘caring subsidy’ – because this government has cut funding.

They all vowed to give us back about one third of the money they took from us in the seven or eight previous years – which means in fact they are giving nothing. 

Of the 33 per cent of people who vote for the main parties, half of them (say, 16 per cent) would vote for a donkey with a ‘red’ coat. The other half (16 per cent) would vote for a donkey with a ‘blue’ coat.

I don’t think this 33 per cent knows of the existence of the rest of us – or if they do, they don’t care. 

None of them dare admit that the root cause of our financial crisis was a lady called Margaret Thatcher, who said ‘let’s scrap our manufacturing expertise and rely on the money markets’.

And so the bankers laughed all the way home and when they failed in their jobs they didn’t get sacked.

We – the government – bailed them out and gave them ‘golden handshakes’ for failing.

Now we come to the so-called mess – a favourite phrase of the blue brigade. 

If I recall, the ‘mess’ provided me with enough police on the streets, lower council tax, bin collections correctly done, roads without gaping great holes, libraries safe from closure, many village post offices, town halls fully utilised, park wardens and many more good things. 

Please bring back the ‘mess’, we were a damn sight happier.

Let’s explain the ‘mess’ in layman’s terms – borrow the money, do the job, pay back later. I don’t like being in debt, but how many ordinary people bought their house with a mortgage? 

All we hear from most politicians is “we all must pull together”. 

It would be nice if the “we” bit meant you and me, not just the blue and red brigades. I won’t fall out with anyone who replies, comments or thinks I’m a crank because of me trying to sum up how I see the causes of our mess today.

We’re tolerating intolerance

From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

What a whopper! A professed Islamic scholar makes a ‘Freudian’ Islamist tweet, i.e. a slip-up that inadvertently gives insight to the thinking behind the radical mind-set.

Live on TV, Abdullah Patel questioned five candidates for the Tory leadership. 

In what was a thinly-disguised attack on Boris Johnson, he asked “do words have consequences?” He then went on to peddle the overblown notion of ‘islamophobia’.

This word now seems to run off the tongue. It is so hysterically propagated it wouldn’t surprise me if a parking attendant slapping a ticket on a dangerously-parked vehicle outside a mosque would be classed as ‘islamophobic.’ 

Holocaust-denier Patel tweeted insinuations that women have only themselves to blame for rape, along with several anti-semitic slurs.

Patel found the answer to his own question. Yes, words do have consequences. Now he has been given a red card by the local mosque and a suspension from his post as a deputy headteacher.

However, let us not be fooled by this cosmetic damage-limitation exercise. Patel has lots of like-minded support in the community and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be back spewing his bile once the furore had died down.

Patel’s virtual escape from such consequences is down to a new aggressive religious licentiousness which, to some extent, feeds off a pernicious leftie bias. It is often upheld and supported by the ‘PWBBC’ (Political Wing of the BBC). Little wonder then that he was invited to put MPs on the spot.

If this is not bad enough, another example of bigotry surrounds the anti-LBGTQ protests outside a Birmingham school by parents who don’t want their children to follow the curriculum. 

Because of the ages of the children I might have inadvertently given some sentiment to this nest of hornets had I not realised that it is part of a global hatred of non-heterosexuals.

The perverse reality  is that no-one dare challenge these deeply ingrained prejudices for fear of being called (yes, you just guessed it) ‘islamophobic.’ 

Hence we have been trapped into tolerating those who themselves are deeply intolerant.

Had these protesters been white and middle class, the Hope Not Hate mob would have been at their most vociferous and the police would have moved in on the protest long ago to arrest the ringleaders. 

The real problem is that it is dangerous to challenge them on any issues regarding homosexuality. They recoil at the idea that their own sons or daughters, brothers or sisters might have a sexuality which runs contrary to their belief system. 

The victims therefore remain silent and trapped in their own communities without a single government agency to help them.

Of all the fluttery leaflets printed by Kirklees Council, when did you last see a poster saying ‘Gay and Muslim Helpline – ring this number’? If you ever get one, pin it up in Savile Town and see what happens.

Don’t get me wrong; I too hold some responsibility for anti-gay prejudices which happened in my teenage years. 

Fortunately I grew up to realise that I wasn’t put on this earth to condemn those whose feelings were different to mine.

I also grew up to realise that if God exists, then gay men and women are his children also. 

He would have to have had a twisted logic if he created them to be persecuted by any religious group in accordance with the very books of which he and his prophets are professed to be the author.

If you can’t work that one out, then God help the lot of us.

Poll problems aren’t unique

From: Name and address supplied

Why all the surprise at the corrupt shenanigans in the Peterborough by-election? 

The same corruption has been prevalent in Kirklees elections since its inception in 1973/74.

In the first election for Kirklees councillors, certain presiding officers allowed the illegal presence of non-officials in polling stations. One of these polling stations was next door to a police station!

On the subject of the current (shocking?) PM election, the usual ‘losers’ are resorting to personal attacks to hide their unsuitability for office. What should be paramount is the experience of the candidates!

But for the stupidity of the candidates in 2016, the candidate best suited to carry out the wishes of the people  would have been chosen and we would not have wasted the last three years!

Better Boris than Corbyn

From: G Dennis, Birstall

The Tory PM candidates have now been whittled down to the final two and the political smearing has commenced, not just our newspapers but also our mainstream TV channels, in particular against Boris Johnson. 

He may not be my ideal choice but I would rather back Boris to secure a Brexit deal, or no deal if necessary, and also ensure that Corbyn and his despicable crew never have the opportunity to govern our country.

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