Your Letters – Friday June 21, 2019

Taken for granted

Letter of the Week: Damian Cameron, Dewsbury (husband of a 20-year paramedic)

The completely presumptive letter (Press, 14/6) claiming that NHS money was being spent on trips to Bangor races needs to be corrected as it is both insulting and completely incorrect.

The ambulances used at events are private ambulance contracts, why would an NHS funded ambulance travel across Yorkshire all the way to Bangor in North Wales? The ambulance is owned by a private company who provide a service. 

The ambulances at these events are paid for by the event organiser through private contract. 

The fact the ambulance has NHS stickers on simply means that the same private company supplies some of its staff and vehicles to the NHS.

I can assure Mr Grayson that no NHS money will be spent on covering private events.

As for a nice job to have, the modern-day NHS medic is subjected to regular verbal and physical abuse, constantly busy with significant workloads.

It’s a tough job that people take for granted, hopefully Mr Grayson will appreciate them one day.

Rotten boroughs

From: Colin Walshaw, Scholes

Why was I not surprised to read an article titled ‘A Very Rotten Borough’ (The Mail June 15 and 16)?

The result of the Peterborough by-election is being investigated for allegations of electoral fraud; there were concerns that almost one in three of the 33,998 ballots cast in the by-election were postal votes. 

Scenes of multiple people in one polling booth, and photographing of ballot papers to prove the direction of the individual vote, were experienced.

It is widely known that these practices are normal, particularly in certain communities.

The community leaders arrange for postal votes for the majority of their followers, and dictate the direction of the vote. 

Not only is direct fraud committed, threats of non-conforming are levelled, and in particular the female vote is dictated by either the husband or the community leader.

The postal and proxy vote was designed for people with disabilities, genuine reasons for being unable to personally attend a polling station, such as holidays, being out of the country etc. 

These rules should be rigorously enforced, thus blocking this extremely widespread election fraud. Why is the media not discussing this problem more widely, maybe then we would get a law to change the issuing of postal votes? You can bet Labour would oppose it!

A simple examination of previous postal votes will uncover proof of these practices.

An old-school conversation...

From: Tim Wood, The Old Jurassical, Mirfield

“Are you showing the footie on Sunday, Tim?”

“No, sorry I have not got Sky or BT Sport, I don’t really fancy subsidising some spotty Fancy Dan to kick a bladder of air around for 90 minutes and get paid more in one match than I can earn all year.”

“Well Tim, you’re a complete dinosaur, you want to move with the times.”

“I have moved with the times, I’ve got older just like all of us, and anyway dinosaurs have sharp pointy teeth. I don’t, I had mine non-surgically removed whilst keeping the Queen’s peace on the streets of Gipton, Harehills and Chapeltown.”

“But look at your till, you haven’t got one of those touchscreen pre-set tills.”

“I don’t need one, the till I’ve got is a calculator of sorts with a drawer to put the cash in. To make it work we have trained staff who use their brains.”

“Yes, well you haven’t got one of them there irregation systems you see outside most pubs that water all the plants automatically.”

“Well, you see, I have two arms and two legs and a hosepipe. We seem to do quite well when it comes round to ‘bloom or gloom’ time.

“And yes, my techno friend, you can pay by plastic. In fact I am thinking of going ultra-modern to attract extra snowflakes, just like all modern retail outlets. 

“What I shall do is paint the bar clay grey, and instead of having five bar staff serving I shall have one or two. 

“I will install a row of vending machines to dispense crisps, nuts, cans of real ale and even pre-made meals that you can ding and ping from our row of vending microwave ovens.

“The remaining bar staff will be on hand to show you how to operate the state-of-the-art vendo-bots. That’s what you call progress.”

“Gotcha! What happens if there’s a power cut, Mr Smarty Landlord Pants?”

“Simple – bring out the candles, they’ve been about in pubs, inns and taverns for at least the last thousand years. 

“Hand-pulled real ale doesn’t need electricity and we’ve got a gas-powered range to do the cooking on and wood-burning stove to keep the customers nice and cosy.”

Behind the thin veneer of a traditional English pub is a heart of cogs, sticks, tins of elbow grease and the odd smidge of up-to-date stuff they call progress.

Maybe old school is the new cool.

No two-tier NHS system

From: Name and address supplied

I have just been alerted to a hospital trust on the north west coast which has used the NHS England 2018 stipulation that some treatments are no longer available ‘on the NHS’ and it’s right to charge for 49 per cent of its income, to create a My Choice section of the offering it provides.

It now offers 39 routine paid-for treatments between £1,048 and £8,447 and a consultation at £180.

The National Health Service is dead in this part of the north west. 

While the paid-for people are in the beds, all the others have to wait. 

So what’s the future for us in West Yorkshire? Before he retired the then chairman of Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust, part of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts and tied to them, said that soon there would have to be some ‘moral’ questions asked and decisions made. 

I think West Yorkshire hospitals will follow suit, even possibly with a US provider, unless people complain to their MPs. 

No two-tier NHS system in West Yorkshire! 

Donald Trump said that the NHS is on the trade-deal table and while soundbites were aired expressing the opposite, the 2012 HSCA legal underpinning of the ‘new’ NHS underfunded Integrated Care Systems mean it, under World Trade Organisation rules, alongside pharmaceuticals, is well and truly on the table.

I cannot see a new Prime Minister Johnson gainsaying United Health, should they bid for an Integrated Care Provider contract in a couple of years. 

It is an odd fact, amongst all the crowing about the ‘will of the people’ that our fate, probably our health provision and whether we leave the EU with or without a deal, will hinge on the votes of only 120,000 people.

Politically-driven ideology

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Dominic Raab, a contender for the Conservative Party leadership, has been excoriated for not describing himself a feminist.

He had clarified that he favoured both equality and fairness for women, but the liberal-left take a dim view of those who do not support the progressive agenda in all aspects.

There are those such as the male presenter Piers Morgan who claim to be feminists but it is doubtful they understand what it actually purports.

Feminism is not, if at all, concerned with fairness and equality for women, but is a militant ideology opposed to traditional society.

It is vehemently hostile to men, inculcating a sense of victimhood, that women invariably suffer as a result of male oppression.

Feminism is disdainful of women’s traditional roles such as raising families.

However it is significant that over 90 per cent of women do not identify as feminists as they instinctively distance themselves from this ideology.

Feminism, like other aspects of the progressive agenda, is politically driven and imposed by a cabal rather than being spontaneously accepted by the wider public.

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