Your Letters – Friday June 14, 2019

You missed a treat

Letter of the Week: Len Gardner, Batley

Anyone who missed the Edwardian event at Batley Library missed a treat.

The re-enactment of borrowing a book in the early days of a ‘men-only’ era was enlightening – with pork pie top hats and Edwardian clothes it was quite clever. 

The little play depicting the awarding of Carnegie cash and the acceptance of the plans for the building by the then town council was quaint – but good. It was also excellent to see a multi-cultural event which shows that Batley is a good place to live.

It was also another reason to use the library as a venue to be kept open for public use.

In seeing the ‘palaver’ to borrow a book at the library’s inception, it is interesting to see how we have progressed to the present day.

I would like to thank the organisers for a pleasant and informative Sunday afternoon.

Inaction should be prosecuted

From: Steve Cass, Mirfield

I get the impression Tracy Brabin (Press 25/5/19) had to pressurise Home Secretary Sajid Javid into giving West Yorkshire Police additional funding “to protect the many child sexual exploitation victims and deliver justice to survivors.” 

Why else would Ms Brabin feel the need to ask Sajid Javid for a “cast iron guarantee”, as if without it there’d be nowt doing. Where would we be without her.

But even if the Home Secretary did need prompting, and I hasten to add I am no fan of either him or the Conservative government, it’s a good job Ms Brabin wasn’t asking a Labour Home Secretary for assistance in this matter – not if the last Labour government is anything to go by.

If you recall, during genius Gordon Brown’s reign as Prime Minister, the Labour government wasn’t exactly losing sleep over the abuse of these mainly English girls.

In fact as far as the Labour government was concerned it was a bit of a non-issue; under Brown the Home Office told police to turn a blind eye to it, arguing that ‘We believe these girls have made an informed choice about their behaviour’.

If an 11-year-old girl chooses to go along with her own rape and abuse, hey, ‘It’s a lifestyle choice that she has a right to make and who are we to interfere?’ 

What a despicable and cowardly cop-out, but then I suppose the Labour government’s main concern was to not alienate its primary constituency.

What kind of person supports an organisation that was responsible for such sick, twisted, and downright evil thinking?

And why do so many feminists continue to pin their colours to the Labour mast – where’s their solidarity? Because I recall no feminist outcry at Labour’s indifference to the suffering of these girls.

Tracy Brabin says: “We have a responsibility to the survivors ... to ensure they are given the justice they deserve ...” and I agree. 

But I’d add that we also have a responsibility to the survivors to ensure that the officials who failed in their duty of care to these girls are also given the justice they deserve. 

And with this in mind I propose that the £1.2million the Government has given West Yorkshire Police be used to fund private prosecutions of those officials and their organisations so that the girls can receive compensation and the officials receive jail time.

The inaction of those charged with the care of these girls facilitated their rape and abuse, and justice requires that action be taken against them. 

Surely Ms Brabin must agree.

Must be a nice job to have...

From: David Grayson, via email

I was at Hartshead Moor Services on Tuesday  June 4.

Whilst there three brand-new NHS ambulances plus six NHS staff were there on their way to Bangor Races.

Must be nice to have a job where you can swan off to the races.

Thought you may like to be aware of where the NHS money is being wasted.

Not a fair exchange

From: Geoffrey Lyons, Dewsbury

Now that we have honoured the lads that fought and died on D-Day and after, we should remember those that fought all over Europe and beyond.

My brother fought in North Africa and in Italy at Monte Cassino, a battle that lasted nine months with heavy casualties.

Then our leader Churchill, who sent these lads, got all the glory, then replaced them with so-called cheap labour from abroad.

This has proved far, far from cheap, I think it was a bloody poor exchange. We were not short of labour, National Service was still going on, and could have been used right up to 1960.

Their hatred knows no limits

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

It could reasonably be argued that Mr Corbyn as Leader of the Opposition should have attended a state banquet held in honour of the US President, Donald Trump. 

He chose to decline his invitation but instead attended a rally organised in protest at Mr Trump’s visit.

It would seem Mr Corbyn prefers to indulge in student type politics rather than act in a statesmanlike manner.

Mr Corbyn has in the past consorted with representatives from Sinn Fein, Hamas, and other groups inimical to our interests.

It is noticeable that Tracy Brabin, MP for Batley and Spen was among the protesters, and it is surprising how many people were available on a working day. 

It is reassuring Ms Brabin is aware of her priorities and responsibilities!

The hypocrisy of the protesters is so noticeable. When past despotic figures, in which Mr Trump does not in any way resemble, have visited the UK, there had been little by way of protests.

It is quite obvious that the opposition to Mr Trump exceeds ‘normal’ politics. He is accused of a whole manner of discriminatory and divisive practises, when all his aspirations and policies are directed in the interests of his country.

However the Progressive Liberal left, both in the US and Europe are so offended by the fact that Mr Trump had emerged triumphant in 2016 they would oppose all his policies as a matter of course; their vindictiveness and pathological hatred knows no limits.

It further disturbs progressives that there has been a ‘contagion’ of populism emerging in Europe.

Mr Trump remains a controversial figure but he retains significant support on both sides of the Atlantic and may be successfully re-elected in 2020. Viva Trump!

Everyone is invited to MNP

From: Christine Sykes, Mirfield

I arrived back from abroad in the early hours of the morning; but such is my dedication to The Press, I’ve already started reading it (it’s a paid for copy by the way).

I note that Mirfield Town Councillor Steve Benson has defected from Tory to Green; and am surprised to note that one of his reasons is the lack of progress on the Mirfield Neighbourhood Plan.

As one who has been involved from the start; and indeed was involved in the Mirfield Design Statement before it, I’m wondering where this statement has come from.  

We’ve just had our 21st meeting and have two more planned. Coun Benson knows the procedures required prior to adoption of the plan because he was asked by Mirfield Town Council to facilitate it.

However he did nothing, so someone else took it forward.  

Everyone in Mirfield was invited to join the team because it is a local initiative.  

I wish the Green Party well with their new recruit; and would be delighted if he would attend the MNP meetings, the dates of which are always given to him.

Well done to all concerned

From: Tim Wood, Old Colonial, Mirfield

Many thanks to all who attended our fundraising quiz for Mirfield in Bloom. The funds raised will go directly towards the purchase of plants and equipment for use around the town.

Last year’s excellent effort saw Mirfield gain top spot in Yorkshire in Bloom, which was an outstanding first-time achievement.

Also a big thank-you to all who attended the annual fundraising quiz for the RNLI, SOS (Supper of Sausages). 

Once again funds go directly to the RNLI who provide a vital service around the coast of Britain and Ireland, often in very dangerous seas and storms. Well done to all who made the effort.

Danger to our kids’ health

From: Gary Flowers, Dewsbury

This is a letter on the dangers of 5G to children’s health.

Below is part of an article from the internet by the Children’s Health Defense Team. For the full file, six pages only, please read on the internet. 

Following now is the extract:

“… Children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies. 

“Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR [electromagnetic radiation] poisoning: nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs...

“Current reports about 5G’s health risks should have been anticipated based on warning signs dating back to 2G cellular technology. 

“In a 2004 pilot study involving functional brain scans of fire fighters who had worked for up to five years in fire stations with 2G cell towers, the researchers concluded that the only plausible explanation for the firefighters’ symptoms – ‘slowed reaction time, lack of focus, lack of impulse control, severe headaches, anesthesia-like sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, and tremors’ – was the radiofrequency radiation exposure from the towers.

“The International Association of Fire Fighters then went on record as opposing the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until a study with the highest scientific merit and integrity … is conducted and it is proven that such sightings are not hazardous to the health of our members.”

Thank you for making my day

From: Chris Jenkinson, Dewsbury

Last October I became a pensioner, stopped working and took some time out. A state pension is my only income so I am quite thrifty.

Around that time I started visiting Wetherspoons in Dewsbury on a Wednesday and decided to have the bargain of a lifetime by having a small breakfast and hot drink. What a revelation.

I got a small breakfast for about £2.50 and a hot drink for 99p. 

They allow me to change my beans for an extra egg and my hash browns for some toast ... and to top it off I can get a cappuccino coffee, put on my own chocolate sprinkles and go back to top it up every half hour if I want.

I usually end up with at least two cups for 99p but that could be four or five if I wanted it to be. Where else can you get a deal of this calibre? You can’t.

The whole of this is topped off with brilliant customer service from extremely helpful staff and a range of customers guaranteed to make your life more fulfilled and interesting if you wish to engage in conversation with them.

So I get my weekly fix, and you could get yours simply by visiting Wetherspoons.

So a big thank you to Wetherspoons for helping make my life a more complete package. See you next Wednesday, I know you’ll be ready for me.

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