Your Letters – Friday June 1, 2018

No chance they will listen

Letter of the Week: D Johnson, Mirfield

The letter of the week by R Spreadbury was a well thought-out programme of actions that could be taken to tackle the litter problem.

Little chance then that Kirklees Council would go anywhere near them.

Let’s face it, they have worked very hard to earn their reputation for complete incompetence.

Only recently I took part in a litter pick in Mirfield during which many volunteers cleaned up the length of Crossley Lane and the fields alongside.

Kirklees had still failed to pick up the bags from the arranged spot some three weeks later!

Mr Spreadbury also sensibly suggested a comprehensive school education programme on the local environment. 

Having personally contacted both Mirfield Free Grammar and Castle Hall on the problem, I wish him luck.

Mirfield Free Grammar did not even respond, unsurprisingly the grounds of the latter are a disgrace.

A return to Sure Start 

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

In 1998 the Labour Government, under the guidance of Tessa Jowell, set up Sure Start Centres which offered support to parents and children in disadvantaged areas.

Some 250 of these schemes were given £580m to spend on work with midwives and health visitors to identify mothers straight from birth who were struggling, depressed and in need of support. Mother and toddler groups were set up and targets were set to cut infant mortality.

There has been an annual cut in these services since 2010/11, and yet a £50m fund has been made available by the Tory government for grammar schools.

Labour is calling for axed Sure Start Schemes to be revived as a mark of respect for the late Tessa Jowell, and the sooner the better. 

When will we get it right?

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs in British politics when Boris (the buffoon) Johnson, would-be Tory Prime Minister, is hoaxed by the Russians into a fake telephone call, and serial blunderer Diane Abbott has been given a further stage by her current pathetic Labour party to continue her rant about prejudice against ethnic minorities?

When will this country and the voters get the message and put a stop this nonsense?

Officer assault needs jailing

From: Anthony Doyle, via email

Re the story on Friday May 25, ‘Man who punched officer avoids prison’.

May I ask why someone who assaults a police officer whilst on duty is given a slap on the wrist?

This man should have been jailed to send out a message that it is unacceptable to assault anyone least of all a police officer on duty!

This is totally the wrong message.

I have complained about the lack of policing in North Kirklees recently, but if this is how we repay them when they are at work small wonder we have the crime rate we have. Get a grip magistrates, and punish these people.

Banks should have to stay open

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

Last year I pointed out that two high street banks in Heckmondwike were shutting up shop, and now I hear the other two are getting ready to go.

How sad for customers and staff, but also how inconvenient for us digital capable but analogue-preferable customers!

I have just returned from Ossett, our nearest branch of TSB where my wife was helpfully passed on to after banking at Lloyds for 20 years!

(It was nice to see Ossett Market open though, despite being quiet it brought happy memories flowing back).

These banks should be made to keep local services by law for all, who do not wish or trust to do internet banking.

They use the pathetic excuse that “we’re not very busy”. Cobblers!

Every time I visit Cleckheaton, where I have to go now to HSBC (which had to turn off its ATM on an evening due to tampering by miscreants – it’s now back on 24/7 after about three weeks) I wonder which one’s next to go?

What are our MPs doing about this, for all sections of the inconvenienced public, business, young and old? 

Some bank bosses are no doubt too busy counting bonuses to listen to their customers from the north, I presume.

Jury is out on who will pay

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

So the government have issued a report on the Grenfell Tower disaster, and before the ink has dried we get political point-scoring.

This will inevitably result in Labour calling for the head of another Tory frontbencher, if for no other reason than to bring the capability of both, nearer a level playing field.

This report is about fire safety and the wider implication to the provision of affordable homes.

If we do the maths, it’s say £5m to retrofit a tower-block with non-combustible cladding. Say the interest rate on such a loan is 1% = £50,000/yr. A 24/7 fire warden = £40,000.

And £5m to build affordable housing, fitted with an alarm, proper fire doors, and sprinklers to each flat.

Will we get the above from a party which puts profit before all else, regardless of consequences?

Or, a party which puts principles before all else, regardless of cost or common sense? The jury is out.

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