Your Letters - Friday July 7, 2017

Big thank you from Friends

Letter of the Week: Jane Hicks, Batley

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Wilton Park Committee to say thank you to all the people who came both to take part in and support the charity fair we held in the park on July 2.

There were over a dozen stalls from local and national charities, and the feedback from them was really good – all of them agreed that if we were to hold another similar event they would like to be included again. 

Also all of the people who visited the stalls seemed to be really enjoying themselves, whether it be going on tombolas, decorating bicycle wheels for an event in Batley later this year, or playing with the toys.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service for bringing one of their engines for people to have a closer look at.

The fact that it was such a beautiful day helped of course, and even though it was rather windy at times all the gazebos stayed firmly on the ground!

More honours for regular heroes

From: Robert Cowan, Sandal

Dear Sir,

How wonderful it was to learn that pensioner Bernard Kenny has been awarded the George Medal in the recent Queen’s birthday honours list for his astonishing bravery in putting his own life on the line as he intervened during right-wing extremist Thomas Mair’s savage and murderous attack on MP Jo Cox last year. 

Similarly, I warmly applaud the award of the Queen’s Gallantry Medal to PCs Craig Nicholls and Jonathan Wright who, although unarmed, arrested Mair in the full knowledge that he was carrying lethal weapons.

I do wish however, that more awards were made in the honour system to people of this ilk, and fewer to pop stars, actors, comedians, and professional sports people who already enjoy fame and not inconsiderable fortune from their day jobs which generally they thoroughly enjoy. 

I do not deny for a moment that they give immense pleasure to many people, but I doubt if that in itself is reason to bestow national honours on them, especially when they are highly rewarded financially and regularly honoured with specific awards within their own professions, such as sports titles, Oscars, Baftas and the like.

The Queen’s birthday honours and the New Year honours should in my view be conferred less on celebrities in the popular domain and more on those whose professional dedication and pursuit of excellence have benefited society in fields such as medicine, education, health and social welfare, as well as on those rare, selfless individuals like Bernard Kenny who without a thought to their own safety demonstrate great courage in a moment of dreadful crisis.

Shop around for your quotes

From: D Hirst, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Recently I received my new yearly insurance policy for my house and contents which indicated an increase of £32.

I telephoned the company, one with national status, to ask for a reason for the increase, having been a customer for several years without any claims.

A faceless wonder replied, in a Sergeant Major’s voice, that all insurance had gone up, but the amount could be slightly lowered.

I closed the phone call with words not suitable for printing.

My son went on the internet to find other companies and prices, and found my company’s quote as well; it was £60 less than my quote.

Another phone call about the difference in charges confirmed the lower figure on line was correct; my new policy is now £89.

Who says all the bandits are in Sherwood Forest?

More time please

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

The Full Business Case (FBC) for all emergency services in Calderdale and Huddersfield to move to Halifax, should have been sent to the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Friday June 30.

However, it will not be ready until July 14. This will give the councillors only one week instead of the three they are entitled to, to read it. 

North Kirklees NHS Support Group and other campaign groups in the area respectfully suggest that the councillors postpone their meeting to review it, until they have had the full three weeks to elicit if in fact, the document does take into account the 19 or so recommendations they made before returning it to the clinical commissioning groups.

We also call on the public to write to their councillors to suggest the same. 

It would be ironic at a time when Andrea Leadsom MP so fulsomely praised the democratic system in Britain in the House on June 29, if it were not allowed to function properly in Calderdale and Kirklees. 

Dewsbury Hospital has already ceased to be an emergency centre. 

There is no guarantee if Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is closed, that another urgent care centre for Kirklees would be built.

Talk to the people of Hartlepool about their promise of a new hospital, never honoured. Please ask councillors to delay their meeting and scrutinise the FBC properly.

The absence of urgent care facilities in Huddersfield, together with planned reduction of services at Barnsley Hospital, will greatly affect Dewsbury Hospital’s capacity to cope.

Co-operation is so valued by town

From: Tim Wood, Old Colonial, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank Mr John Marsh and his team of staff at the Co-Op in Mirfield town centre, for their hard work and dedication to numerous local good causes.

As organiser of the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day parade, as well as being a member of other fundraising and charitable groups, I have always been impressed by the help and assistance given to me by John and his hard-working staff.

Only recently I asked Mr Marsh if he had any plants that were past their best, to plant out at the memorial at Ings Grove Park, and he came up with some plants that needed some revival and also some good plants.

They are adding a little bit of summer colour to the memorial, which being shrouded by trees often looks a bit shaded.

A very big thank you and well done to a store and staff that has progressive community values; you help towards making our town what it is, nice one.

Easy for Labour to apportion blame 

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

Dear Sir,

Further to the article by Mr Lockwood, it is despicable that some Labour MPs have made political capital of the Grenfell Tower disaster, namely John McDonnell, David Lammy and Diane Abbott (Press 30/6/17).

This reveals a malicious intent that exceeds the normal political opportunism which invariably occurs.

Such ideological hatred manifested by elements in Labour renders the party unfit for taking office.

Thus it is fortunate that the Conservative Party have been able to form a pact with the DUP, preventing Labour from forming a government as those incompetent spendthrifts would bankrupt the country and open the gates to mass immigration.

It is easy to apportion blame without responsibility and such reckless malice as evidenced following the Grenfell Tower disaster may caution the public against Labour.

New rules needed

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

Acid attacks are on the increase in the UK.

The number of attacks have doubled this year. Too many families and individuals are suffering and falling victim to this grievous criminal act.

It’s time that the laws were changed for the purchase of corrosive acid, anyone can easily buy it from any hardware store.

Corrosive acids like sulphuric acid are very lethal and life-damaging substances. You should only be allowed to purchase this with a licence to buy.

This would go some way to preventing callous acid attacks, which are becoming too common.

The Home Office needs to do something and bring it under control. We can all begin by writing to our own MP, which in my case is Tracy Brabin.

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