Your Letters - Friday July 28, 2017

Downgrade the Trust instead

Letter of the Week: Alan Buckley (leukaemia patient), Ossett

Dear Sir,

The Press of July 21 stated that the elderly care unit at Dewsbury Hospital is a success.

It does not say that it is due to the downgrading of the formerly excellent Cavell Unit.

Approximately two years ago the Cavell Unit was moved from the Boothroyd Centre to Ward 9, due to lack of space.

This decision has now been reversed with the unit moving back to the smaller Boothroyd Centre and, therefore, they cannot do the same amount of blood transfusions as before up in Ward 9.

We, the transfusion patients, are being shunted to the busier, short-staffed infusion unit at Pinderfields.

In my mind, it is the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust that needs pruning and downgrading from the top downwards, and leave the fabulous staff at Dewsbury Hospital to get on with their great work unhindered.

Ask supermarkets to speak out

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Negotiations on our exit from the EU are finally underway, and already the UK government is dropping strict standards on what goes in our food in the rush to secure trade deals with countries outside Europe.

They are hoping to put chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-pumped meat on our supermarket shelves to secure a deal.

Our supermarkets and farmers don’t want this, and neither will the consumer when they are aware of the facts.

Let’s ask our supermarkets to speak out against this lowering of food standards

Last week a new report warned that the government is sleepwalking into a post-Brexit future of insecurity, unsafe and increasingly expensive food supply.

Not impressed by the racket

From: Mrs P Ashby, Batley

On a sunny day last week, I spent a while picking up bargains on the main street in Batley, with friendly, helpful assistants in the food, chemist and household goods shops.

What I wasn’t impressed by was the racket I heard. 

I saw three motorbikes/mopeds doing wheelies, mopeds with screeching exhausts, far above the legal limits, and high decibel music blasting pedestrians from passing car windows, all on Commercial Street.

What I didn’t see were any police or support officers.

Also, having served in the Merchant Navy, I can recognise languages, even Nigerian, Albanian and Chinese (Mandarin).

Their attire gave me the impression they hadn’t been here long.

Traffickers are smuggling people in along our east coast now, at places like Flamborough and Hull.

I only hope for the local people that the ploy used by the Labour party, whereby immigrants were slipped into chosen working class areas gradually, isn’t being copied, so people don’t realise why they are making no progress going up the housing lists.

Sharp decline is disheartening

From: Name and address supplied

I have lived in Westborough for over 20 years and it used to be a quiet, pleasant place to live. 

However, over the last few years the area has degenerated into one where gardens are overgrown, fences and walls aren’t maintained, litter is strewn in the streets, fly-tipping is common, cars are left parked on pavements so parents with pushchairs have to take their chances in the traffic on the road, and crime is on the increase. 

Some of the crime has been serious, such as the recent knife attack at Gladstone Court, and some less serious such as the theft of my garden furniture a few nights ago! 

All this leads to bad relationships among neighbours, and a feeling of not being safe in your own home. 

If local people don’t treat their local area with respect, then how can we expect it to be respected by others? 

Westborough isn’t the only area in Dewsbury to be like this, there are places even worse, especially parts of the town centre; but to see the sharp decline personally over the last few years is both disheartening and frightening. 

Maybe that’s just the way this whole country is heading; a truly terrifying thought! 

By the way; a final message to the thieves who took my garden furniture. You should maybe consider getting a job then you could afford to buy your own furniture rather than steal it. 

After a hard day’s work you may even be too tired to climb over a four-foot wall into someone-else’s property.

Just a thought...

Use tried and tested methods

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Having read the gleeful reports of Tory disunity over the weeks in my favourite leftie rag, I have a suggestion to the Maybot to remedy this affront to a strong and stable Government.

Take a leaf out of Jeremy’s book!

Appoint a Cabinet made up of sycophants, mates, and ex-lovers (allegedly), and hey presto, unity and solidarity.

After all, this is a tried and tested method used to great effect by all dictatorships, left or right, from the beginning of time.

Whilst she is at it, she may as well go the whole nine yards and de-select (or the Tory equivalent) the MPs who haven’t sworn a loyalty oath to the supreme leader and their heirs.

Copying Labour’s tactics shouldn’t be too embarrassing. 

After all, quite recently she has asked them, and anyone else who can be bothered, for some ideas on how to run the country.

Two religions are treated differently

From: Alec Suchi, Bradford

We certainly live in interesting, if not extremely contradictory times! 

For example, after every recent atrocity in mainland Europe and Britain, expressions of solidarity were expressed with the victims, and every opportunity was taken to emphasise that the actions of the terrorists were not indicative of the Muslim faith which is said to be a religion of peace.

Instead concerns were expressed that Muslims would suffer victimisation as a consequence of the atrocities through rising Islamophobia, when the concerns of the general population should be paramount. 

It is fortunate that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but a significant number have shown malicious intent, as evidenced by the number travelling to the Middle East to support Islamic State and also the large numbers who are monitored by the security services.

The liberal Left gladly represent the Muslims as victims of intolerance, racism and xenophobia, and are critical of those who may constructively question aspects of Islam. 

Yet the same group criticise Christianity with impunity. 

How is it that the liberal Left strenuously defend one religion but take every opportunity to mock and devalue another?

One explanation is that the Left seek every opportunity to undermine traditional western values and Christianity is identified as part of that reactionary tradition they would wish to extirpate. 

In contrast, Islam is promoted by the Left as a means of achieving their objectives of replacing traditional society with their vision of utopia.

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