Your Letters – Friday July 20, 2018

Celebrating an extra special anniversary

Letter of the Week: Donald Hirst, Dewsbury

I would like to express to you my deepest thanks, for not only your publication of my letter (65 years), but also for the way you presented it.

It brought a great number of beautiful comments through Facebook, in fact some 90 in total.

They were obviously from your readers, some known to me, others complete strangers.

Needless to say I cannot reply to these messages but want all of them, and your staff, to know that you have made two old folks very happy.

An added bonus to our anniversary.

We used to do it for nothing!

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

I saw the list recently of Kirklees councillors’ salaries and expenses for the last tax year, with most in excess of £16,000.

I remember in the early 70s when I was one of 12 councillors for Heckmondwike UDC.

We met on Monday nights in the office in Oldfield Lane after a day’s work to carry out our council duties for nothing!

I recall that in those days we got our streets cleaned and all our roads gritted when it snowed!

We were accessible to residents, problems were sorted out within days and Heckmondwike was a successful, busy little town with two great market days and thriving businesses.

Your views are required

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

The last of the changes to Dewsbury Hospital took place last September.

North Kirklees NHS Campaign group are presenting a deputation in the House of Commons in September this year and would like to hear from members of the public who have been affected by the changes, particularly to A&E and the maternity department. 

Have you found it better, or not so good? 

In 2013 campaigners were also worried that the arrangements for ‘out of hospital services’ would not be enough.

Is that your experience or have you found it satisfactory?

The NHS locally is about to embark on more reorganisation, also known as ‘cuts,’ to try to address the underfunding over eight years, so we need to know how the last one felt, to evaluate the impact, before the new ones are put in place. 

Has the service you received over the last two years been better or worse than when we had a fully-functioning district hospital? 

Please let us know in confidence, via the comments box on the website www.north (these are not published) or leave a text on 07482 537965 and we will get back to you.

If you are reporting som-one else’s story please get their permission first. 

Thank you.

Our area needs flood prevention

From: Harold Laycock, Mirfield

Flooding in the UK has become a major problem over recent years.

One of the major causes of flooding has been due to the concreting over of swathes of land for building development.

Locally, the natural flow of ground water is down from the A62 at Roberttown to the Greenside Estate at Old Bank Road.

Over the years this has caused localised flooding along the way.

Some dwellings in Sunny Bank Drive have found the need to install pumps in order to clear the excess water.

The original quarry located between Sunny Bank Road and Taylor Hall Lane contained a lake formed by seepage.

There was also a further dam just off Old Bank Road which was also filled in.

Although the old quarry was filled in some years ago, it was to a height of approximately three metres above the natural contour level. 

Shortly after filling and at the time of a heavy rainstorm, a sea of mud and water went swirling down and along Bright Street!

To the best of my knowledge, I understand that under the original plan, a man-made lake was to be formed to take the run-off from the new development.

It is vital that some form of flood prevention is eventually provided in order to protect properties lower down from the development.

Road and transport woes

From: Ray Marshall, Mirfield

I read with great interest Harold Laycock’s letter in The Press on July 13, ‘I hope housing bid is denied’.

I couldn’t agree more. Why don’t the powers-that-be take note, or just drive down Nab Lane to the college (it’s like dodgems) or down Greenside or Old Bank Road?

Mirfield is getting worse, let alone with more houses and at least two more cars per family.

Come on council, sort it.

May’s in Fred Karno’s Circus

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Theresa May has narrowly survived a vote over an aspect of Brexit in Parliament on Tuesday evening, but May and her government’s problems roll on and on and on.

On Monday Theresa May found a new way of avoiding defeat – she told Tory MPs who agreed with her to vote for motions put forward by those opposing her, and in doing so May capitulated to those who had criticised the deal she had put together at the Chequers summit a week ago.

Also worrying is that any deal agreed by Parliament is likely to be unacceptable to the European Union.

Theresa May would be more at home in Fred Karno’s Circus than leading her party or the Brexit negotiations.

And let’s not forget the two Lib Dem MPs Tim Farron and Vince Cable, who disgracefully failed to turn up for the close Brexit vote.

Time to start talking tough

From: Andy Howard, Batley

Oh how I wish (love her or hate her) Maggie Thatcher was around to deal with the tinpot Euro politicians holding Britain to ransom over its treachery in deciding to leave the EU.

You can bet for sure she wouldn’t have coughed up £40billion to a club we will no longer be members of and still be governed by its rules and regulations.

Alas, we have Theresa May a pound shop Maggie if I ever saw one,who before showing her own cabinet her Brexit plans goes off like a little schoolgirl to see Angela Merkel, to make sure the plans are to her liking.

This to me was an act of treason towards the British people. 

It’s a good job Winston didn’t show Adolf the D-Day plans for approval, or God knows where we would be now!

I along with many other readers lost relatives (five) in 1939-1945.

They were fighting to keep Britain free from a powermongering dictatorship and paid the ultimate price.

The EU is now that dictatorship, and Britain is in a much stronger position to negotiate than many think.

So now is the time for Theresa to do what Winston did, get tough and stick two fingers up to the EU.

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