Your Letters – Friday January 4, 2019

Small group of idiots ruining our district

Letter of the Week: Neil Gunther, Gomersal

At the moment it seems like every week we’re reading details of crimes committed in Birstall.

Local papers and residents social media are reporting on burglaries, thefts, robberies, assaults, idiots riding on scooters through town and other anti-social behaviour, and the police seem to be powerless.

This week I heard that St Peter’s church was hit by thieves.

From what I’ve seen from all sides, the council, the police and local people all know who’s behind most of this, but nothing seems to be done.

The perpetrators are scum, plain and simple. No excuses, no ‘they come from broken homes and don’t know wrong from right’. There are plenty of people in tough situations who knuckle down and make a good fist of life.

I’m one of them.

There’s been footage of groups of young lads shamelessly riding bikes through both Birstall and Batley, ignoring all traffic laws and mounting pavements, pulling wheelies  and generally making a massive nuisance of themselves. 

I suspect most readers feel, like me, that if these scumbags have an accident and injure themselves then they deserve all they get. 

Absolutely no sympathy.

Birstall is still a wonderful place, but it’s getting a reputation for crime that its residents don’t deserve.

A small group of complete imbeciles is spoiling the lives of literally thousands of people. 

How can the police let this happen? Respected and trusted members of the community are coming to the them with information – apparently sometimes literally the names and addresses of those involved. But no action can be taken, as there is no real evidence.

I don’t know legally what can be done to get these animals off Birstall’s streets, but something needs to happen.

I don’t think it’s a question of not caring, the police just don’t seem to have the resources they need to get out and act as a visible deterrent. 

If citizens decide to defend their property, perhaps with volunteer patrols overnight, they might catch some of these little scrotes in the act. 

And I’d think about coming down the hill from Gomersal to join them. Best of luck to Birstall, I hope this is over soon.

No place for the snowman..

From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

Christmas and the New Year have come and gone but, as usual, my festive cheer was dampened by the prospect of a January/February snowfall.

No! It isn’t the risk of slips and slides that makes me depressed; it’s the thought of seeing those abominable snowmen once again occupying public parks and peoples’ gardens.

All this, on top of the annoyance of seeing them on TV, on Christmas cards, postage stamps, gift tags and other paraphernalia .

Do I hear the scream of ‘Snow-man-a-phobia?’ Probably.

I state my case as follows: In a political climate where we tend to measure everything on the scales of equality I view these supposedly iconic monstrosities as being way out of balance. For one, they are too white, too male and too middle class!

Please consider the following.

White being the natural colour, yes, snow is a marvel of nature so why should we disrupt this scenic magnificence by encouraging kids to build misogynistic snow people in open spaces? This leads me to my main point!

They are exclusively male! The snowman is the ultimate show of male dominance.   

Every one one of them is built to reflect masculinity; broad shoulders, thick neck and waist, they are sometimes dressed up with a male hat, male scarf and a heavy belt – and in years gone by – a tobacco pipe. 

Ever heard of a snowwoman? So much for gender equality. With a little imagination snow could be curved and shaped accordingly. There’s no excuse; no-one would be offended by snow-boobs; and why should they be? No-one has ever had a problem with snowballs! 

And what about representing those who are transgender. If I was a school teacher today I would encourage all the kids to build a snowmix.

Middle class. Well, I might be pushing a point here but being a ruffian from th’estate in the 60s I was sharp to spot that the kids from the nearby Barratt homes had parents wealthy enough to buy them expensive gloves. That was then; but today it is the kind of inequality that Jeremy is intent on confronting.

Finally, to add insult to injury, what are snowmen made of? Snowflakes of course! That just happens to be the very derogatory label given to our university-educated millennials; and all because they require ‘safe spaces’ to avoid the upsetting stories of life. 

That may seem ridiculous but rather this than our young students be rushed to A&E having inadvertently listened to a story about (for example) the crucifixion.

To be blunt, some things have no place in our tolerant society. 

Ban the snowman.

Can you do a Dechox in Jan?

From: Adrian Adams, head of mass participation at the BHF

This is a call out to all chocoholics, cocoa bean lovers and confectionary enthusiasts! 

A suggestion, a plea, an idea that will exercise willpower and strength whilst helping those in Yorkshire and the Humber who are living with heart and circulatory diseases…

Dechox! I’m asking the people of Yorkshire and the Humber to forget the ordinary New Year detoxes, which attempt to banish all pleasure during the darkest months of the year, and instead just cut one beloved item from your pantry throughout the month of February – chocolate.

Each year, heart and circulatory diseases kills 1 in 4 people in the UK, 13,600 of which are from Yorkshire and the Humber. 

Money raised by those brave enough to take on the challenge will go towards the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) life saving research into heart and circulatory diseases.

Last year, we saw over 18,000 chocolate lovers raise an astounding £1million towards vital research, but with your help, we think we can raise even more in 2019. 

 We’re all familiar with the struggle of saying no to the left over Celebrations sitting on the coffee table. 

But by standing up to heart and circulatory disease and saying NO to chocolate this February, we’ll be one step closer to beating heartbreak forever! 

Sound like a battle you want to be a part of? Sign up at

Help with collections

From: Name and Address Supplied

Do people know that if you get assistance with your bins, you are entitled to two free household waste collections every year?

It was a good saving for me and my late partner, so I’m just trying to help people.

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