Your Letters – Friday January 31, 2020

Shameful ways our NHS wastes money 

Letter of the Week: Linda Harrison, Birstall

Regardless of which political party one supports or whatever way one voted in the referendum, it would seem that everyone is in full agreement about the poor state of our health service. 

We can complain about foreign visitors abusing the system by getting free treatment or that we don’t pay the doctors and nurses enough. 

Some think throwing more cash at the problem is the answer. Well perhaps we should start at the bottom and eradicate the shameful ways that money is being wasted every day.

Last week my husband received his six-monthly letter reminding him to have his bloods checked at his GP surgery. The letter was sent from a third party.

Three days later an identical letter arrived that was posted out locally from his GP surgery!

Now, apart from it being a waste of someone’s time and energy, what about the cost of sending duplicate letters out? How many others receive duplicate letters from their surgery?

If each letter costs about £1 (postage and stationery) that is a lot of money being wasted and a total waste of a salary paid to the third party.

I was always told: “Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves”. Perhaps the powers-that-be should put those wise words into practice!

The dreaded ‘O’ word...

From: ‘Octogenarian’, name and address supplied

Some unfortunate countries have problems with plagues of locusts. Here the problem isn’t locusts – it’s houses.

All across the green land, country-wide, the mighty housing juggernauts are on the move...

Some time ago I found myself in a London cafe watching the banners of extinction rebellion on their way to a rally in Trafalgar Square. 

I thought one or two must surely mention the fundamental, root cause of global warming. 

I looked in vain. No mention of the ‘O’ word as far as I could tell. 

What’s more disturbing is that that word doesn’t seem to be mentioned very often on TV. 

However, have you noticed there does seem to be a plethora of planned programmes promoting pregnancy and procreation? 

I may be wrong, but I can’t help but wonder, are we being subtly programmed? (pun intended). Keep your eye on commercials! So many feature bouncing babies. 

The fundamental cause of global warming is overpopulation. 

Unless the human race can somehow control the desperate urge to breed uncontrollably, civilisation as we know it is doomed. 

All the conferences and measures now being taken will merely paper over the cracks and prove ineffective in the long term. Pollution is caused by people – more people, more pollution. 

I’m now in my mid-80s and looking back I see just how fortunate I have been. 

I believe that I have lived through the best years!

Best wishes to campaigners

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

In February 1963, I was fortunate to marry Beryl (now passed away) who was the daughter of a miner. 

I feel I would be betraying Beryl’s memory and lineage if I failed to expose the hypocrisy of politicians abusing the memory of the victims of the Combs Colliery disaster in 1893. 

How can a local politician suddenly announce that the memorial to those who lost their lives in the Thornhill disaster is to be erected in the centre of Dewsbury? 

Adding insult to injury, the politician was appointed chairman of Dewsbury Forward and unbeknown to the Thornhill community, the project had been ongoing for 20 years!

My compliments to Councillor Masood Ahmed for supporting the Thornhill claim which I assume will be at conflict with his party’s policy!

As an afterthought, is there nothing from the disaster which could be used for the memorial, rather than something from another area? 

My best wishes for a successful outcome for the Thornhill community.

More funding is needed

From: Len Gardner, Batley

As a carer and husband I have listened to people dismissing dementia as ‘an old people’s illness’ and therefore inevitable.

I am not fully convinced this thinking is correct. I’ve recently heard of 22, 30, and 42-year-old people suffering from this terrible, soul-destroying illness. 

It affects family, friends and the carer. The carer can find themselves devoid of ordinary conversation and is told to go out and socialise as much as possible. 

I believe this does help a little and one finds that so many other people know of a relative, friend or neighbour suffering from the illness.

Cancer patients can expect over a 50 per cent success rate. That’s brilliant, and a lot of that success is down to funding. I’m grateful for it as I’m in recovery of this dreadful illness. 

But I do wish that more funding could be found for dementia to discover the root cause as I sincerely believe that there are other reasons for this illness. 

Dementia should have more government funding, it’s fast becoming an epidemic.  Perhaps our MP, Tracy Brabin, will take up the challenge and ask for more thought and finance from the government in regards to dementia.

Thanks for all your support

From: Tim Wood, Mirfield

The Mirfield Rifle Volunteers (MRV) group have enjoyed yet another hard-working and prosperous fundraising year. 

Set up to raise funds for military charities as well as local good causes, the MRV has supported many, with thousands of pounds being raised and donated, all to grateful groups. 

Last year, money raised helped to put on a Christmas dinner for persons who have been recently bereaved. A Christmas party with entertainment was paid for at the Radcliffe Care Home in Mirfield. 

Gifts and parcels were also distributed in the community, and our work continues!

Last Saturday, further funds were raised at our annual Burns Night supper. 

As a small fundraising group, we would like to thank all those who have supported our activities. Without your help we couldn’t help so many others. 

Happy new year and happy Brexit.

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