Your Letters – Friday January 3, 2020

Thank you for your help over the years
Letter of the Week: Peter Robinson, Ravensthorpe

I would like to take this opportunity, if I may, to thank the various organisations (and various people) now that my mother has sadly just passed away, for the help they gave me over the last eight or nine years of her life.

It has been one hell of a struggle trying to deal with mum’s physical and mental health problems over that period of time and I must admit, if it hadn’t have been for the help that I received from Carers Trust (especially Paula Smith, Claire Wood and Carole Reagan), Carer’s Count, Gateway to Care, Dewsbury Hospital’s Priestley’s Mental Health Unit, their Single Point of Access and their Memory Unit, Kirklees Dementia Hub, various NHS hospitals and our own doctors, plus friends and family and anyone I have overlooked, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mother at home until she died.

Sadly, for the last three months of her life, with the exception of the last day, she was unfortunately in hospital and then in a rehabilitation home recovering from an operation for a further eight weeks.

Having picked up a cold and a chest infection and, showing signs of deterioration, I had my mother brought home on Monday October 28. 

But unfortunately she died 17-and-a-half hours later (6.30am the next morning) from a ruptured aorta.

All the organisations that I have mentioned above (and many more) do not get the recognition they fully deserve for the hard work that they do, caring for people in the community. 

If it hadn’t been for all the help that I received from them over the past eight/nine years or so I would have had to put my mum in a care home, which would have broken her heart because she wanted to die in her own home, which, thankfully she did.

So bless you all for your kindness and help over these last few years. It is greatly appreciated by me (who looked after her 24/7) and my two brothers. 

Thank you so very much for everything and I will miss her greatly now that she is gone.

Good Samaritan
From: Name and Address Supplied, Mirfield

I would sincerely like to thank the lady who paid for my item at the Mirfield Co-op self-service card-only machine on Christmas Eve, when I stupidly tried to pay with cash and she wouldn’t accept my moneys.

I doubled up and put it into the Kirkwood Hospice box.

A mockery of our system
From: Daniel Goodwin, by email

So, the Conservatives won a landslide victory in the general election.

And yet nothing has changed, we are still in the Single Market, still in the customs union, still having our national policy dictated to us and are ever more entrained politically and militarily.

There has been a premature celebration from the Leave voters anticipating the referendum result being carried out.

Boris Johnson would have us believe the UK is going to leave the EU.

I expect we will see more stalling, obstructing, superfluous complication and calculated meandering, further postponing our leaving the EU.

What hypocrisy from the EU and UK when they have removed leaders of state in foreign countries under the flag of democracy!

The example of the oldest democracy in the world must be to uphold its own tenets. The reported damage of Brexit to our economy has likely been caused and exacerbated by the delay of our MPs to carry out our decision.

Making a mockery of the principle of constitutional monarchy and its democratically elected government.

I fear we will not see the referendum result carried out in anything but name.

Still trouble on the horizon
From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’, by email

We are all familiar with that famous cinema catchphrase “just when you thought it was safe to come out” and in the football world, the iconic commentary from the 1966 World Cup, made famous by Ken Wolstenholme, “they think it’s all over”.

Now here is something with a similar theme. 

No – it’s not Arnie Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back” or “the rise of the machines”, rather it’s that well-known film advertisement “coming to a cinema near you”.

It will feature a newly-released leftie production called “The Rise of the Remainers”.

The preview caption might read something like this. “Just as the victors of a democratic referendum toast their victory, the foe retreats to lick their wounds, but let the audience beware! The clock is ticking and the dragon is still breathing.”

The explanation is that those who blithely ignored the democratic vote of 17 million people are not principled enough to take matters lying down.

The plebiscite confirmed through the election of Bo Jo is, to them, an irrelevance. 

The arrogance of the Lib Dems is intractable, they simply don’t get it and they don’t want to get it. As for the Blairites, the electorate are brainless fools who didn’t know what they were voting for, a verdict supported by the likes of Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman.

Let us not be complacent. Legal machinations are probably at work. As we all know defeat can be snatched from the jaws of victory.

Let’s join in a deafening roar like all the kids at the Christmas pantomime, “HE’S BEHIND YOU!!”

It could have been worse
From: Simon Kleet, Cleckheaton 

Breathe that fresh air now that we can look forward to giving ‘two fingers to the EU’.

Very happy times are ahead, although I am very disappointed that Paul Halloran took 6,000 votes in Batley & Spen, thereby depriving us of the chance to dump that very clever MP Tracy Brabin who knew better than more than 17 million others. 

The Brexit vote made the rout of Labour tame compared to the annihilation it could have been. 

For example, Ed Miliband sold out his historic party to the far left by inviting them to join ‘that’ party, thus giving them a vote in succession of the leader – what a dimwit! 

There’s also Ms Yyvette Cooper, who along with her chum Hilary Benn must rank as the most pompous pair on the planet. Why did Pontefract miss their chance? Criminal.

There’s only one policy of Labour’s that I definitely like, that of the water industry. 

Yorkshire Water have lost the plot with meter reading, and when you ring their automated service you are always directed to an operator – not automated at all! 

They even ask for your date of birth – another con – what cheek!

Sack these clowns pronto please.

No rationale to their argument
From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

As a disenfranchised Englishman (no English National Party and no English Parliament) I very much resent the SNP claiming that they have a mandate for a second independence vote!

In the 2014 independence referendum the SNP were soundly defeated having polled 1,617,989 votes (45 per cent) against the 2,001,926 votes (55 per cent) for staying in the United Kingdom.

The SNP has NEVER polled more than 1,454,436 in a General Election.

In the 2019 General Election the SNP polled 1,242,380 votes (45 per cent).

How can they claim that polling 375,609 fewer votes in 2019 gives them the right to call for another independence vote?

How can the SNP state that they want independence from the UK parliament and yet wish to subjugate Scotland to the EU parliament?

There is no rationale to their argument.

Gender issues in leadership
From: PH Rhodes, Mirfield

Compare the abilities and achievements of Boris Johnson to those of Theresa May. 

She cost this country a fortune with her dithering, snowflake attitude to Brexit and the EU. In 2009, across Europe, only 10 per cent of large company board directors were women. 

The interfering European Union legislated that such companies had to increase the number of women in top positions, both in the private and public sectors. 

Legislation of this kind decides who gets jobs! Women will become the figureheads as company directors, MPs, police chiefs, quangos and think tanks, NOT because they are the best at what they do, but because they are women. 

Prime examples are Prime Minister Theresa May – enough said – the Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick; the London Fire Brigade’s first female commissioner, who was forced out of office because of poor decisions; the previous head of criminal prosecutions and the head of the International Monetary Fund, who wasn’t even trained in economics. 

And don’t forget Angela Merkel, who invited a million immigrants to live in Germany. 

This was done without even consulting the people, or the German Parliament, and has not only caused endless trouble and resentment, but has added to the membership of far right parties.

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