Your Letters – Friday January 24, 2020

They continue to ride roughshod over us

Letter of the Week: Rod Fisher, Mirfield

When will councillors and MPs realise that they should fully represent and support the views of their local electors and not act in accordance with their personal views, the views of their party or even in line with flawed Government housing directives?

The recent housing development application for land adjoining Steanard Lane brought overwhelming well-founded protest from local residents. 

The land is subject to regular flooding as it forms part of a historic flood plain, there would be further loss of attractive green space, the narrow and winding access roads are totally unsuitable for the additional volume of traffic likely to be created, and the development could alter the path of existing watercourses. 

Yet, the application has been bulldozed through! 

I know for a fact that a group of councillors who visited the site did not even bother to leave their vehicle, even when challenged by a local resident. 

They could not possibly get a clear view of the site from where they were parked. 

The proposed housing development at Northorpe is another contentious matter. 

It would irreparably damage the character and identity of a historic hamlet, the roads are unsuitable for additional traffic and, again, the residents are vehemently opposed to any development.

Their views should prevail.

Why are the local councillors not speaking up against such developments and mirroring the overwhelming view of their electors? This is not how democracy should work.

Our local MPs do not appear to be much better. 

Paula Sherriff, the former Dewsbury Labour MP, has publicly stated her hope that her Tory successor Mark Eastwood will be an independent voice and will not just act at the behest of his party.

This is a very rich statement from a former MP who voted against the majority view of her electorate regarding Brexit! 

Tracy Brabin, the Batley & Spen MP, who also failed to vote on Brexit in accordance with the majority view of her electorate, has now stated that she will be “the loudest critic of this Tory government for our towns”.

Does that mean that, instead of judging government proposals on their respective merits she will oppose them all on party lines, even though this could be to the detriment of her electorate? 

Only time will tell, but if our local councillors and MPs continue to ride roughshod over their electors they should expect to be removed at the next ballot!

Brexit arguing has to stop 

From: Arif Ahmad, trustee at Batley Food Bank  

In mid-December, the Conservatives won a decisive majority in the General Election – Labour lost convincingly. 

The Withdrawal Bill has been passed and we are leaving the European Union on January 31. So why are politicians still arguing over Brexit? 

Boris Johnson is planning to ban ministers from using the word ‘Brexit’ which, according to some, may be the start of a Stalinist purge. 

A Liberal Democrat peer recently claimed the UK could become reminiscent of 1930s Germany following Brexit. Meanwhile, others are battling for Big Ben to “bong on Brexit” and are holding parties. 

Back in the real world in Batley & Spen, and all around the country, many families are struggling to feed themselves. 

In the first two weeks of January, Batley Food Bank provided nearly 1,000 meals’ worth of food to service users. 

All politicians say they want to help people. Feeding your citizens is a basic duty that all politicians should ensure happens. 

I would urge politicians everywhere in the UK to take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they are genuinely going to help their constituents or are they going to keep arguing about Brexit? 

PS: I should point out that although I am a trustee at the food bank, the views expressed above are my personal views and not the official view of the organisation. 

Tick the boxes and you’re in

From: TR Moorhouse, Cleckheaton

A probable application form for BBC presenters and editors:

Please tick the correct box...

• Did you vote to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum?

• Did you vote Lib-Dem or Labour in the General Election?

• Do you consider yourself ‘politically correct’?

• Do you want a second referendum?

• Would you like to rejoin the EU?

• Do you believe in mass immigration?

• Were you born in Scotland, Northern Ireland or abroad?

The BBC’s reply: “You have ticked yes to every question. Your application has been successful.”

I want to read their version...

From: Anthony Doyle, by email

I have tried several book stores and online book suppliers without success.

I am looking to source the Highway Code Taxi Driver Edition.

Clearly there are a set of rules of the road for us mere mortals and a further set that only apply to taxi drivers.

Having just returned from dropping my son at Dewsbury Railway Station, I have been forced to stop twice and to brake suddenly. 

When giving way to two emergency vehicles I was overtaken, only for the taxi driver to suddenly anchor on and force me to slam on the brakes again, and all this in the space of six miles and 25 minutes travelling time.

So if anybody has a copy of this elusive volume, I would dearly love to read it.

Time to focus on the council

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Now that a pro-national government has been elected, the voters should concentrate on the local government authorities.

Here in Kirklees, I believe there will be 22 councillors up for election in May. Since the formation of Kirklees in 1973, anti-British parties have held control and gradually introduced policies contrary to Christian morals and laws. 

Marie Ibberson’s ‘Letter of the Week’ in last week’s edition of The Press assumes the controlling party have the intelligence to think!

This is the same party that will provide a green bin – delivered free of charge – but insists that a grey bin will be subject to a £25 delivery charge, even if it’s delivered with the green bin! 

When I asked for a grey bin (having never had either of the bins) I offered to collect it from Huddersfield, but was denied the chance! 

Even my local ward councillor was denied the facility of collecting a bin for me! This is the mentality of the current majority party. 

In order to break the deadlock, the Conservatives (the nearest challenging party to the current majority) needs to gain around 27 councillors.

The voters can only hope to effect a ‘no overall control’ on the largest party until 2021 and then, hopefully, inflict the ‘coup de grace’ in 2022!

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