Your Letters – Friday January 17, 2020

Kirklees bin policy needs re-thinking 

Letter of the Week: Marie Ibberson, Mirfield 

I read with interest Kirklees Council moaning about the amount of recycling WE do. Apparently our figures are down – perhaps they should look at their own management. 

I have a list from the council of what you can and cannot put in your green bin. 

There are 17 items listed, of those, there’s only four that you can recycle. I was led to believe if it had a ‘recyclable’ marking on it then it could go in the green bin. But not with Kirklees – they only accept certain items. Why do other councils accept everything? 

Also, on the subject of bins, what about the brown garden bin? I paid £30 and received my bin at the end of last April. I then received an email informing me that the service would finish in November, 2019, and re-commence at the end of February. Which bright spark decided this? 

At this time of year, the leaves start falling, summer bedding needs lifting, shrubs need cutting back. 

A garden doesn’t become neglected once the sun stops shining! Other councils continue this service all year. 

I often wonder what we get back from paying our council.

Restoration of pride to the UK

From: Harry Teale, by email

Due to a successful operation on December 12 2019, the UK can look forward with 20-20 vision to a bright and clear future! 

There will be stormy seas ahead but with the stability of the new Government, the UK should weather them. From 23.00 hours on January 31, 2020, the UK will leave the European Union. In accordance with Article 50, the treaties will no longer apply to the leaving member. 

Most companies (I am led to believe) have taken the precaution of trading under WTO rules alongside EU trading rules and so are able to operate as a ‘third country’ until new trade agreements are reached.

I hope that the politicians can now act in the interests, needs and rights of the UK’s citizens and restore some pride and glory to the United Kingdom.

Memories of that night 

From: LR Hirst, Mirfield

I must say I disagree with my good friend Douglas Hird’s letter in the January 10 edition. I’m a little older than him and worked in the area that he mentions (Dewsbury) for a good number of years. 

I walked on Chidswell Lane for seven years on my way to work until I was called up to do my National Service. 

If my memory serves me correctly, the Germans bombed the field on Chidswell Lane because it had been prepared to look like an airfield with landing lights around the boundaries. My employer even watched two Spitfires attempting to land on the field. 

I don’t believe the Germans would bomb the water tower as they used it as a direction marker. 

We watched them getting their bearings on more than one occasion. 

Perhaps they were looking for Huddersfield or Roberts & Company Wagon Works in Wakefield, where they built tanks during the war. 

Douglas is correct in stating the Germans bombed the Wakefield Road Cutting, but I’m not sure about a lady losing her life as a result. 

Also, the guns at Caulms Wood, which Douglas mentioned, broke windows on Bennett Lane, Eastborough and Leeds Road the night they bombed Dewsbury. 

Once again, if my memory serves me correctly it was mentioned the Germans bombed Wakefield Road as a mistake – their intended target was the power station. 

Douglas, I apologise for contradicting you but this is how I remember events. Best regards to you from myself. 

Grateful for your honesty

From: Anne Margetts, Gomersal

I would like to thank the very kind and honest person who handed in my handbag at Tesco on Christmas Eve after I had left it hanging on the shopping trolley.

I remain deeply grateful.

Population is a major issue

From: RG Smith, by email

I particularly liked last week’s Ed Lines and your comments about over-population in the world today.

I only wish every other person in the media would promote the same view. However I would like to mention one thing in your article, that being Sir David Attenborough.

He is in fact the most prominent patron of the organisation ‘Population Matters’ which also campaigns for the same policy on population. 

They can be reached at

Dan would have been my man

From: RM Shaw, by email

The Labour Party’s new leader will be announced on April 4 – not April 1 (April Fools’ Day) which I think would be more appropriate. Why, you ask? 

Sir Keir Starmer – tried his heart out to delay Brexit with a second referendum which the vast majority of the UK do not want. 

Emily Thornberry – disliked by much of Labour because of her arrogance. She’s even trying to take a fellow MP to court over a trivial matter. The dispute is said to be worth £3million! Some socialist! 

Rebecca Long-Bailey – strong supporter of Corbyn’s policies which were unanimously rejected by voters. She’s also known as the ‘speaking clock’. 

Jess Phillips – wants to re-join the crumbling EU. Ridiculous! 

Lisa Nandy – she held up the democratic principles of her constituency voters, who wanted to leave the EU, but my view is that she is too pleasant to be in the thick of political in-fighting.

Only two of the above are NOT ex-lawyers. I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. 

I believe ex-Army officer Dan Jarvis would have been a good leader had he decided to stand.

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