Your Letters – Friday February 8, 2019

Your Letters – Friday February 8, 2019

Derelict building is a total disgrace

Letter of the Week: Douglas Parker, Thornhill

On behalf of many people from Thornhill, what is happening to the derelict building just before you pass Rawson’s family farm?

This building is now a complete disgrace. It has been torched many times gutted from the inside and now a dumping ground.

This property has been sold with planning permission for houses. Kirklees erected a sign saying the building was proposed to be knocked down. 

In fact the word ‘propose’ means nothing. Kirklees should enforce that these owners take up the task and make this site safe for all. 

The people of Thornhill need action to be taken. Dewsbury South councillors, get your fingers out and take action. 

This has been ongoing for years, not months.

All’s well that ends well?!

From: John Dewhirst, Gomersal

Please find a photo of what must be the most expensive parking spot in Kirklees.

I was parked as in the picture for only seven minutes and have recently paid the reduced fine of £35.

This equates to a fee of £5 per minute, or a day’s parking for £7,200. 

This brings a whole new meaning to the Kirklees motto ‘Together We Serve’ (parking fines).

The parking fine was related to the parking bay outside Cleckheaton Town Hall. 

My reason for parking there was to take into the reception an item related to the course I was tutoring at the town hall.  

Cleckheaton U3A have run courses there for a considerable number of years and at the moment there are in excess of 30 courses covering sessions from Monday to Friday.

My appeal was turned down on the following grounds: “The permit area is situated outside the town hall to allow visitors visiting the town hall on business to have close by parking. 

“By your own admission you were dropping off an item so would not have been given a permit to remain parked  there by the town hall.”

I pointed out to the Kirklees parking department that I had been issued with the permit on several times previously and on every occasion, including the day in question, had promptly vacated the space once my business was concluded.

I also explained I had serious mobility issues, possessed a blue badge and drove a specially-adapted car.

Whilst feeling quite aggrieved that Kirklees has chosen to reject my appeal, I decided to pay the reduced fine. 

I did this because if I had chosen to take the matter further and wait for a “Notice to Owner” to be served the fine would automatically go up to £70 and the appeal would be to officers nominated by Kirklees. 

This procedure would have to be completed prior to the case being heard in court.

Trying to take some positives out of the situation is difficult, but I am now in possession of a series of photographs of my car should I decide to sell it at some point in the future.

If my £35 fine is used by Kirklees to repair an ever-deepening pothole on West Lane, Gomersal, which I have been avoiding for several months then all’s well that ends well!

If you say it loud enough

From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

It had to happen! It was only a matter of time; Mary Poppins is accused of being a racist.

Who says so? Professor Pollack in an article in the New York Times.

Under the headline ‘Nanny’s Shameful Flirting With Blackface,’ Prof Pollack puts forward the greatest absurdity yet and one which, on this side of the Atlantic, will no doubt appeal to the likes of the British PC movement.

His article relates to the rooftop scene in which ‘Bert’ (Dick Van Dyke) and his fellow chimney sweeps perform the song and dance routine, Step in Time.

The troupe are joined by Poppins (Dame Julie Andrews) who comes up the chimney with her charges, Michael and Jane Banks.

Says Prof Pollack: “Instead of wiping the soot off, she gamely powders her nose and cheeks and gets even blacker.”

‘Proof’ once again of the subliminal and intrinsic nature of white people.

Perhaps you could make all this up? ‘Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious’...

We dismiss the crazed notions of Prof Pollack at our peril; it comes at a time when freedom of expression in all forms has become an 

ebbing tide.

No doubt the stage performance of Mary Poppins will go down the same route as the Black and White  Minstrel Show and comedy sketches such as ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum.’

Yet another ‘Spoonful of sugar’ for the victim culture. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that the chimney sweep scene in future West End performances will be re-jigged just to appease the ‘Super-fragile-istic.’

Our taxes are destroying us

From: John S Wilkinson, via email

This week has seen a significant amount of press speculation concerning the impact of jobs once we leave the EU. 

My own experience in engineering is worth considering. 

In the area of Batley, Gildersome, Leeds and Bradford I estimate some 1,000 jobs have been lost in recent years due to EU initiatives. 

This takes the form of assisting former Eastern Bloc countries to build up their own manufacturing base. 

These countries have a much lower cost-base than our own and is a significant pull factor for multi-national companies to relocate further east. 

UK taxes part-fund the EU, which in turn distribute our wealth accordingly and thus indirectly encourages multi-national companies in taking full advantage of the grants / inducements available at a local level. 

The natural effect of this ensures that new high-tech companies emerge and ensures our own established companies cannot compete.

In other words, our taxes are destroying our own jobs.

Do we want to be members of this club?

From: Pauline Fenton, via email 

Can anyone answer this question please?

If we were to remain in the EU, would our £350 million a week contribution increase?

I would think that would almost certainly be the case as Italy’s economy has dipped into recession and Germany’s economic growth is at its lowest for five years.

Another thing wrong with the EU is the fact that, once a month for four days, the European parliament moves city.

All 751 MEPs and everyone else who works at the European Parliament move offices from Brussels to Strasbourg.

At a cost of £150 million a year, the staff arrive in Strasbourg by train, plane and car. Their paperwork crated and driven in fleets of lorries from Brussels then put on a specially-chartered train to Strasbourg, then buses to the parliament building!

This madness can only be scrapped if France agrees, as it is bound by an EU treaty! Do we really want to be a member of this club or is it time to say enough is enough?

Time to focus on crime

From: Arthur Roberts, Dewsbury

Now that Brexit Parliamentary time could be reduced hopefully top priority should be the urgent reduction of crime.

Some of the taxpayers’ money that went to the European Union should be re-directed to the police. 

They massaged crime figures to make it look as if crime had fallen, so the government thought: “Excellent, we can reduce the funds they get now!”

Liberal attitudes and ‘slap on the wrist’ punishments have contributed to the dreadful crime figures.

Shortage of prison places?

Answer: Marquees on remote Scottish islands. Our soldiers often have to live in worse conditions. 

We have a short period of time allowed to question suspects. Other contries can take as long as they wish to get all the evidence.

Officers are being mocked and time is lost by stubborn suspects saying ‘no comment’ when being questioned. Lie detectors are used in the USA etc to save weeks of time. 

Serial sex criminals – surely there are suitable modest and harmless medical methods of stopping the craving? 

Law-abiding citizens have been short-changed for year after year on crime reduction, with culprits often treated better than victims. 

This must not be allowed to go on any longer.

I can’t believe I agree again

From: Keith Ward, Huddersfield

I am not part of a mob, and couldn’t switch on a keyboard, let alone use one (Ed Lines, January 25) but am definitely left-wing.

If I was a billionaire I’d still say I was a leftie just to annoy ‘Locky’, but for the third time, and this is causing me real problems with my guilty complex, I couldn’t agree more with Mr Lockwood on his arguments and wording on the non-stunned halal meet issue. 

Councillor Pandor said: “I cannot commit myself or my cabinet to review this policy. The answer has to be no.”

He had no choice but to say this, you cannot enter a verbal war without any ammunition and he has none.

You cannot defend the indefensible.

Just cutting animals’ throats is painful, causes suffering, stress and is unneccessary.

He should go. If they could cut out the above cruelties fine, then more column inches could be used for less one-sided arguments … like how do we stop ‘Locky’ from beating up us poor defenceless lefties and women just to keep himself fit?

Stick to your studies, kids...

From: Jack Cosgrove, Norristhorpe

Young ones are wanting the vote at 16 years old.

Besides the fact that voting doesn’t change anything and our wishes are cast to the wind (‘democracy ends the minute your vote is cast’), at 16 I may have been able to reel off all the rivers in Africa, but knew nothing about life skills, politics or economics. 

None of them are armed with the knowledge of what has gone before. 

How many of our aspirational young ones, full of honest endeavour, know:

• Edward Heath tricked us into Europe;

• Gordon Brown (Labour) sold nearly all our gold at rock-bottom prices, telling the world beforehand of his intentions;

• Tony Blair (Labour) assisted by his notorious side-kick Alastair Campbell took our country to war based on a lie;

• Tony Blair (again!) and his cronies quietly, without telling us voters, got three million immigrants into the country, hoping they’d all vote Labour and they’d be in power forever.

Our valiant youth are ripped off on every aspect of their lives. Most have no chance of buying a house until their mid-30s, being taken for a ride with high rents. 

We went to the iconic Isle of Wight Festival in 1969 – for free! Now it would be about £220 for the three days.

Many fall for all the latest ‘cons’ thought up by clever mobile phone and computer sellers, as explained by people such as Martin Lewis on TV.

The modern, complicated ways of buying a car appeal to the young, but they are thought up to put more money into the pockets of the operators, not the buyers!

The list goes on!

Stick to your productive studies, young people. Don’t waste your lives being disappointed and frustrated by the broken promises of egotistical politicians. 

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