Your Letters – Friday February 22, 2019

Much-needed facility

Letter of the Week: Mervyn Roberts, Mirfield

Mirfield shops display the advice ‘shop locally’, but that’s very difficult for many in Mirfield – the disabled, elderly, people with children and those with special needs.

The reason being the unreliable availability of toilet facilities, supported by volunteers but often not open for days. 

This annoying and embarassing lack of a much-needed service is not confined to Mirfield.

Last Tuesday in Dewsbury I found not only the main toilet closed but also the disabled toilet padlocked. 

On Friday I visited Batley Market Place – toilets closed “for the foreseeable future”.

Was it not good Queen Victoria who initiated the provision of public toilets “to prevent unseemly acts in public”?

As a disabled 84-year-old with several health problems including the need to use a toilet, I am not alone in my need category.

What does a parent with children do when forced to try and find a toilet facility, or those in other categories of need or with little knowledge of the English language?

Fortunately I spoke to a similarly annoyed local man who advised me to visit the Corner Cafe in the Market Place, where after ordering a drink I asked permission to use their toilet. 

The friendly lady agreed and I reflected that if establishments like this were happy to allow use of their facilities, even at a small price, they should be recompensed by Kirklees in terms of council tax or other.

Finally, as most of us pay property taxes and others to our local authority, why don’t they accept their responsibility to protect the public’s basic needs?

Why would you dump this?

From: Tracy Taylor, via email

This is what I saw when I was walking to my mum’s from the side of the canal at Thornhill Lees.

We saw a lady tipping this all out of a large bowl, surely this is a sure way to attract rats! Even more so as it’s at the side of the canal. 

I find this behaviour disgusting and unfair to the other residents. Why? Just why?

Look in mirror for answers

From: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

I saw it myself, so I know the story is not fabricated. Standing in a queue at an airport passport control, I was directly behind a Muslim family, mother, father and teenage daughter. 

The face of the mother was shrouded in what looked like a dust mask. As she approached the body scanner a burly officer manning it gesticulated with his forefinger the direction in which he wanted the mask to go. 

Next in line was the daughter who was arguing against removing her shoes. 

“How old are you?” the officer demanded. 

“13,” she replied. 

“Take your shoes off,” he said. Full stop.

This incident however didn’t happen at the porous ports of entry we see in the UK; this was John F Kennedy, New York. 

Unlike here, ethnic sensitivities take a back seat when it comes to essential security. 

Can we possibly blame the Americans? In September 2001 that city lost 3,000 of its citizens.

They are determined that it will never happen again.

Helping to prevent another atrocity was that steely-eyed uniformed officer who, with his badges resembled a four-star general. 

How that contrasts with the school tie Wallace and Gromit characters you see at British passport control desks. 

Here, women in full burkas have been known to be waved through with a cheery ‘Have a nice flight.’ Isn’t that how one wanted misfit dressed as a female escaped the country?

Provided she wins her appeal against the Home Office our country will have the pleasure of welcoming unrepentant, unfazed, and defiant Shamima Begum, as she disembarks from an all-expenses-paid flight.

This inveterately warped criminal can now claim the very human rights that she was instrumental in destroying elsewhere. 

Begum is currently being courted by the Guardian and the BBC, who have spent the last 48 hours arguing her case. 

Judging by the record their hope will be to provide her with a handsome expenses allowance covering first class rail travel and hotels to put vile Begum at the centre of prime-time TV. 

With carefully crafted questions put forward by the inevitable Islamapologists, they will draw from her the reasons why ‘colonial, Islamaphobic Britain’ drives young people into the arms of Islamic State terrorists. 

Job well done; yours ‘sincerely,’ The BBC.

She will then be whisked off to join those currently housed in a deradicalisation holiday camp which is operating under virtual secrecy. 

In time, Begum and the others will be released once they have promised to be ‘good Muslims’ no longer intent on murdering infidels (those who choose to follow alternative philosophies or religions or anything that doesn’t fit comfortably with Islam).

As soon as the ‘below the age of criminal responsibility’ lawyers grab their publicly-funded bounty, Begum will be released – without a conviction of course. 

Have we any wonder why the United States is livid with pusillanimous Britain and their rose-tinted infatuation with the ‘rehabilitation’ of Islamic extremists; all who happen to be the most degenerate reprobates on earth?

Whilst British and American families grieve for their sons and daughters lost to the likes of Begum and her rag tag army, she herself will hit the top of the housing list.

Her newborn son Jarrah (which, apparently, means ‘able fighter’ or ‘one who wounds’ in Arabic), will grow up to learn that his father was a proud jihadi fighting for the cause.’

Given a little indoctrination young Jarrah might one day him find himself at a concert and see western young people enjoying ‘evil’ western music. 

Then, for the love of mother and father and the beloved caliphate...

In the aftermath, the chattering Islington elite, the Guardian and the BBC will once again mull over how and why such atrocities happen in Britain.

Perhaps if they looked in the mirror they might see the answer.

Is it upbringing or DNA?

From: Douglas Parker, Thornhill

We are told that dogs are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. 

At the same time, pups being taken away from mum early can lead to many problems as an adult dog. In the first eight weeks of the pup’s life mum teaches the way forward in adult life. 

We are told this also happens in human life. 

We can all remember the bully at school. Or the lads who were in trouble full time. 

You could say that more than likely these are the guys who are in and out of prison. 

Was it their upbringing where the problem lies? Could we also say that many who have gone to Syria and want to return, sadly it is in their DNA?

More speed, more danger

From: HK Evans, Mirfield

With the demise of Albert Finney, who along with actors like Tom Courtenay portrayed ‘angry young men’ in films such as ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’ and ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner’ back in the 60s, there is a new type of anger, but far more dangerous. 

It is aggression taken out with violence, knife crime, homicide, kidnapping, ill manners, but worst of all, fast, dangerous driving.

This is where modern-day stress is being released.

There is a part of the human brain that doesn’t recognise danger until it is fully developed. Hence, the main culprits are in their 20s, sitting behind the wheel of dangerously fast cars, who always seem to have to get to their destinations in a mad rush. 

Leave? I should Ko-Ko... 

From: Peter Sykes, Batley

To the tune of ‘I’ve Got a Little List’ from The Mikado 

(With apologies to WS Gilbert and Eric Idle) 

As some day it may happen that a Brexit must be found, I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list, 

Of serial offenders, deluded, I’ll be bound. 

And who never would be missed — who never would be missed! 

There’s Respectors of the Referendum, who’ve since been voting ‘In’,

Pontificating journalists who throw facts into the bin; 

The interrupting presenters and turncoats like The Mail; 

People’s Vote supporters, bi-elections well beyond the pale, 

Moaning ex-PMs and the Treasuree, on THEIR views they must insist. 

They’d none of ‘em be missed — they’d none of ‘em be missed! 

The incoherents who praise, with enthusiastic tone, 

All EU Presidents and every country but their own; 

And the Islington lady who bleats with eye so dry,

And who “doesn’t think she flounces, but would rather like to try"; 

And that singular anomaly, a Momentum columnist. 

I don’t think they’d be missed — I’m sure they’ll not be missed!

Unapologetic Parliamentarians of a very compromis-ed kind, 

Such as – What d’ye call her – Thing’em-bob, and likewise – Never-mind; And Chu – Chu – Chu – oh, what’s-his-name, and Lord You-know-who –. 

The task of filling up the blanks I’ll leave it up to you, 

But it really doesn’t matter whom you put upon the list. 

For they’d none of ‘em be missed — they’d none of ‘em be missed! 

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