Your Letters – Friday December 8, 2017

Top marks to all involved

Letter of the Week: John Thompson, Liversedge

Having tripped and damaged my ankle, I found myself in the A&E department of Dewsbury District Hospital.

As a mobile 84-year-old this had a profound effect on me, but the staff were very sympathetic and helpful, with reasonable waiting times between X-ray, diagnosis and the plaster cast.

I was swiftly installed on the wards, and at all times treated with respect and consideration by the staff. My particular thanks go to the Ambulance man and woman who had to carry me up the steps to my home. Top marks to all.

Don’t worry, let’s just leave

From: Len Gardner, Batley

BREXIT? At the moment this word ‘Brexit’ is heard anywhere and everywhere; we’re probably all fed up with it.

I’ve thought about writing this letter for a long time, but thought people might think I’m just a rambling old 82-year-old who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I voted to leave the European Union because all I saw was millions of pounds of our hard-earned cash being paid to people who wanted to turn the Common Market (which I was in total agreement with), into a European republic.

I love visiting France, Spain, Italy on holiday, but I don’t want to be French, Spanish or Italian!

I don’t want to be part of a gigantic club (27 countries), where any one of them can veto a vote simply because it (the subject of the vote) isn’t right for their country.

Democracy seems to be a dirty word. Rightly or wrongly, our voting system, our laws, have stood us in good stead for centuries without interference from countries which have industrial and financial problems of their own.

Our commissioners draw salaries of enormous amounts (plus expenses), and I often wonder what we pay them for.

The EU moves itself between two cities (just think of the cost!). 

I have no objection to controlled immigration, but with our NHS in utter turmoil, and public services being restricted every week, any more strain on these two services, perhaps by anyone, repeat anyone, who has not contributed to the service, is one reason why we must control finance and immigration until we sort out the problem.

I believe anyone living and working and paying what is required by our laws, have every right to stay in my country.

I should, although, say immigrants (to me) includes anyone, not just EU people.

There will be readers of this letter who may be angry, or think I am the 82-year-old rambler, but I am British, a loyal, law abiding citizen and a true Yorkshireman and, most of all, I love my country.

Now to people who seem to wish to destroy this country by painting the blackest picture possible of life after we leave the European Union.

Here’s a question for them; if Germany sells the UK 40,000 cars a year, where will they get rid of them if they can’t sell to us after we leave?

Perhaps the blacklist people think these people in the club will produce less – I don’t think so. They will not lose jobs or curtail production, we will still be a damned good customer.

London is, I am told, the financial centre of the world. 

The rich people keep threatening us about  leaving London. Is it because they won’t make as many millions elsewhere, or don’t they want to leave a nice cushy, comfortable, money-making environment?

I’ll bet they’ll still be here after we leave. To them I say ‘Put up, shut up and get on with the job of making Great Britain great again!’

What’s a transition period?

We are leaving the 27 Club, the EU, we are giving them two years to re-arrange their affairs, I think that’s enough!

Any other period is just blackmail in order to make us stay in the club, as is the divorce financial settlement.

It’s not our PM or her cabinet ministers, or even our MPs who are leaving, it’s the democratic majority of the people. So let’s leave, and don’t worry folks, we’ll holiday abroad, we’ll sell our goods, we’ll buy theirs and we’ll talk to them. 

Excellent NHS service

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

This year has not been a good one for me health-wise. 

I have had over 100 hospital and doctors’ appointments and visits at Jimmy’s, Pinderfields and Dewsbury.

I have had excellent service and attention from all the medical staff and only one mutually-agreed cancellation.

I wonder sometimes if it is the politicians who exaggerate problems in the NHS for their own means.

Staff levels seem to me more than adequate – investment in new technology is the main priority.

Well done to Helen Wilson

From: D Hirst, Dewsbury

In response to a serious issue raised by Helen Wilson, undertaker of George Brooke Ltd, Dewsbury.

She, very rightly, complained that because of correct attention to the upkeep of Dewsbury Crematorium, cremations were being delayed up to three weeks, causing needless distress to relatives.

Sadly now I have lost a sister, but I am told the waiting time is down to 10 days for her funeral.

The crematorium is now fully operational. It will take time to clear the backlog, which should never have occurred.

There can be no doubt Helen’s robust complaint will, and should, prevent a recurrence.

Will you and Helen please accept our grateful thanks for a job well done.

Your efforts mean this family can say a final goodbye earlier.

Tell your MP no to changes

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

At North Kirklees CCG’s recent ‘engagement’, Dr Kelly, chairman of governors, seemed very concerned.

He was asking the public and patients what the NHS could stop doing!

The CCG has predicted a shortfall of £9m and is worried that quango NHS England will sack them and muscle in to execute cuts themselves. Which they might.

After the unnecessary £8bn waste of the Health and Social Care Act, the local STPs are costing millions in six-figure salaries for more bosses and ‘management consultants’.

The government’s started a consultation on the NHS constitution to reduce what the NHS offers and it’s rumoured the CQC is reducing the five criteria for inspections to two.

Caring is coming off the menu. The Government’s Nudge Unit wants people to buy health insurance. 

Therefore CCGs have to cut the core NHS business of treating poorly patients! 

People need to wake up to the fact that the NHS is being stolen, to be replaced by NHS Medicare and NHS Medicaid, where taxpayers pay more, for less! Tell your MP no! The fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank.

We couldn’t put a shed up

From: John Kellingworth, Dewsbury

I read with interest the letter by Mr Thorne about Kirklees planning policy.

I can only assume from his comments that providing the council with a solid case for a legitimate objection is a waste of time.

That’s when my concerns regarding a proper system fall apart – build it first then if you’re reported put in for retrospective plans, let the council pass them even when they are oversized. 

Great system.

I remember the good old days when even applying to put up a garden shed caused sleepless nights.

Money tree is a reality

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Well, Corbyn wanted a magic money tree to fund his nationalisations, free tuition fees, unlimited fundings for the NHS, and generous welfare spending.

So, here it is: The Bitcoin!

Get enough people to think something is limited in supply, like classic cars/art/ Bitcoins/fairy dust.

Get enough mates/pundits/experts to talk up the ‘investment’. 

Then, hey presto! You have a magic money tree.

As long as there are a ready supply of suckers prepared to buy in and pay more than the last sucker, you have a self-fulfilling speculative bubble, based on nothing.

Money from fresh air!

So long as you get in early and cash in before the inevitable crash.

Yet another example of the broken financial sector, which uses its resources, brain power and energy, in devising Ponzi schemes in all but name, so those in the know can take money from the greedy and gullible.

Whereas what the sector should be doing is to finance business, industry and entrepreneurs at reasonable rates and on reasonable terms, so they in turn can create jobs and wealth for the benefit of all.

Perhaps we do need a reinvented communist utopia after all.

Poppy appeal is another major success

From: Tim Wood, Royal British Legion, Old Colonial, Mirfield

Mirfield’s Poppy Appeal this year is now over the £15,000 mark, and slowly rising, with monies and late contributions still arriving.

As Poppy Appeal organiser, I owe a great debt of gratitude to those RBL branch members who helped with the appeal and, in particular, to the few non-RBL volunteers who helped staff our static stall inside the Mirfield town centre Co-op.

The store manager John and his staff are keen supporters of community-led fund raising, and always give us a ‘reet good’ Yorkshire welcome.

In total, we took out over 200 red collecting boxes with accompanying trays of poppies and hundreds of other assorted items, including wreaths.

We could not manage these days without the extra volunteers from outside the membership of our branch, both in taking out the items to a wide variety of locations, collecting them, then counting and banking the monies.

All the Air Cadets and Army Cadets who help out with our store collection, the Guides who do the bucket collection in the park at the Sunday Remembrance Service, all outside helpers and volunteers that we could not do without.

This year’s effort was elongated in time and toil as we have had to move our vast amount of kit out of the old council offices in Mirfield, which had sadly fallen into disrepair.

We have had a store there since 1982, so you can imagine the amalgamated clutter that had to be sorted, again, all with outside help.

So, as 2017 closes, I can only say a big thank you to all involved with our Poppy Appeal, and I hope that 2018 Armistice anniversary appeal will be an even bigger success. Who knows?


President not welcome

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Donald Trump has confirmed his decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem, thus recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, even though Palestinians claim the eastern part of the city as their own.

This will constitute the complete abandonment of any peace process and will influence regional unrest and conflict.

This view has been echoed by Middle Eastern leaders, who have warned of ‘disastrous consequences’.

Theresa May should condemn this move and tell Trump he is not welcome in this country.

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