Your Letters – Friday December 6, 2019

Party politics in privatisation row 

Letter of the Week: John Jennings, Dewsbury 

There are allegations by the Labour Party that if the Tories win the election the NHS will be privatised.

Our two local MPs, Brabin and Sherriff, are members of the Labour Party that should know a lot about the privatisation of the NHS, in particularly locally.

Labour built two new hospitals in Wakefield and Pontefract using Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

And to compound that disastrous mistake they cynically organised the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals group so that Dewsbury District Hospital was included in the PFI debt.

This inclusion of Dewsbury in other areas of debt has denied our local hospital management vast sums of money over many years past and for many years in the future. This money needed to service the debt and includes outrageous costs in maintenance could have been used to increase medical staff and improved patient treatments.

I seem to recall that Miss Sherriff in a previous career worked for a private company that provided services to the NHS.

If our two local MPs follow their party’s lead in claiming the future privatisation they may find that history may expose what has really happened locally and which political party was responsible.

PS: I am not a Tory nor am I a Marxist.

Switch-on event thanks

From: Richard Martin, on behalf of the Batley Business Association

Thank you to all those who came to the Christmas Lights switch-on event in Batley on Saturday. It was cold but I hope you were warmed up by the entertainment and all that was on offer.

This event was only possible because of the financial support gained through the Crowdfunding exercise. 

Appreciation goes to Kirklees Council (the main funding partner) and our local ward councillors as well as local individuals and businesses, in particular Tesco, Ever After Bridal Wear and Skin & Tonic who made substantial pledges.

Thanks also to the small number of volunteers from Batley Business Association who enabled the event to take place and to all who contributed in any way.

I know who I’m voting for

From: Colin Walshaw, Scholes

Dewsbury, Batley and Spen have been seriously let down by our hopefully outgoing MPs, it really is a time for change.

Vote “Anyone but Corbyn”?  Sadly there will be no such section on your voting form.

In our area we have a very restricted choice. The Greens and Lib Dems are again on course to lose their deposit for the third consecutive time. The next choices are the “big two”. Having already hopefully discounted having a Marxist government, we have Boris!

Whatever the outcome of Brexit we will be left with a government to run the country, whom do we trust most?

Big party dogma is outdated, we need people interested in solving regional and local issues. 

Unknown candidates “parachuted in” will not have the local connection to force change in Westminster, let’s give the locals a chance and forget about party politics and age old so-called party loyalties.

The region needs a candidate independent from a nebulous party leadership directive and dogma. A candidate who will forcefully pursue our pressing local needs.

Let’s have a home-grown Yorkshire voice, dispose of the existing failed thespians directed from London.

Guess who I am voting for in Batley & Spen, it’s a man with a chance? 

But it’s up to you next week!

Goodwill and peace

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

Christians around the world are now in the period of Advent – a time of preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ on December 25.

A great occasion of joy, thanksgiving and goodwill lasting 12 days until the epiphany on January 6.

He was born over 2,000 years ago in humble surroundings, living only to the age of 33 and is today remembered globally by millions of his followers who try to emulate his life.

As Christmas begins in churches everywhere, with young and old alike re-telling the story of the nativity, let us hope that this season of goodwill and peace to all mankind will stay with us for the whole year.

Political panto for us to ‘enjoy’

From: Daniel Goodwin, 

If any of you were thinking of spending your hard-earned money on a trip to the theatre to see Puss in Boots or Aladdin this year, save your brass.

Why not tune into the BBC election night special on December 12 for a political pantomime. 

We can all boo and hiss at Johnson, sing along with Swinson the panto dame and cheer on the underdog Farage, while the good fairy Corbyn rides in on his pantomime horse Diane Abbott and grants all our Christmas wishes.

Oh and don’t forget sweaty Prince Andrew ... “He’s behind you!”

All you lot on the left shout “Remain”, then you lot on the right shout “Leave”... louder, louder! 

Yes the UK is leaving the EU boys and girls ... “Oh no it isn’t!”. 

So sit down with your selection box, get a strong drink and hope they throw a bucket of water and a few bog rolls into the audience so we can wipe the mess from our ears when the commentary is over.

But remember it’s only a bit of fun and we will all be back here next year cheering and jeering, while backstage the bad actors all laugh their socks off at us and share out the money again.

Write message of support

From: Ms A Rawat, Batley

Amnesty International hold ‘Write For Rights’ events at this time every year.

The local Kirklees Amnesty International group are holding two of these in our area: Saturday December 7 at The Parley, Queensgate Indoor Market, Huddersfield and Saturday December 14 at Dewsbury Minster, Dewsbury. 

Both are from 10am to 12noon. All welcome, no need to book.

We will write messages of support on cards to be sent to activists and prisoners of conscience all over the world.

These messages show that they are not alone, also it can persuade people in authority that the world is watching and they need to address cruelty and injustice. When we act together, humanity can win.

Please join us. We will provide everything you need: case studies, non-religious cards and pens. Any donations towards postage will be welcomed.

Where was cash for floods

From: JD Scholes, Morley

On sorting out some old newspapers, I was attracted by some photos of the Cumbrian floods near the Lake District, quite a while ago now.

Well, in one week this is what the then Labour government gave in Foreign aid: £40million to Nepal, £34m to Sierra Leone, £172m to Ethiopia, £1.5m to the ‘World Bank’, £1m to Sri Lanka, and the final insult: £1m to deal with the Cumbrian floods – not even enough to build a bridge.

Have any of the countries we’ve helped in the past sent their millions for the floods in Yorkshire and Derbyshire?

If these floods would have happened in Africa, there would be a wall-to-wall TV campaign for aid, and earth-stopping pop concerts from the likes of Bob Geldof, Annie Lenox, and Bono with his U2 group.

Honest Abe had a point

From: TW Beattie via e-mail

In view of all the hot air blowing around and in particular from Corbyn and Sherriff, politicians and people might care to be reminded of words spoken by 

Abraham Lincoln: “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

“You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

“You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

“You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.”

Voters take note, because the Labour government of the 70s had Dennis Healey going with begging bowl to the European banks and, more recently, Gordon Brown’s when I believe it was Liam Byrne left a note that the cupboard was bare, and we all know the consequences!

Which party will speak for me?

From: Graham Turner, Gomersal

With the country £1.8 trillion in debt and paying £48 billion interest each year, the Conservative and Labour parties are going head to head to see who can spend the most. Not good for our country. 

Labour again have fully costed polices to bankrupt our country.

The Liberal ‘Democrats’ are going to ignore the 17.5 million people who voted to leave the European Union, and rescind Article 50, which means we will remain in the EU.

The Brexit Party, who I am a supporter of, first appointed a candidate then dismissed them.

Instead of appointing a local candidate, who had been offered seats but wanted to represent Batley & Spen, they brought in an outsider instead. A number of Brexit supporters, after pleading with the Yorkshire regional organiser then a senior party official, went to Hartlepool and spoke to the Brexit Party chairman, all to no avail. 

We have told the Brexit Party candidate he will not have our support, and I will be voting for local businessman and Independent candidate Paul Halloran.

With our previous MP refusing to vote for a deal because it will cost jobs and business, just wait and see if Labour win the election how many jobs are lost through their policies and loss of investment.

I also received a leaflet on behalf of the Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party saying ‘Only Labour will protect Yorkshire pensioners’.

In the Labour manifesto Jeremy Corbyn would scrap the marriage tax allowance, which allows married couples to transfer part of their income tax allowance to their spouse. 

There are many pensioners who do that and it makes them £250 a year better off. So much for the Labour Party protecting pensioners.

A word notable by its absence?

From: Heckmondwike Hector

Politics is the art of the possible and the media is the art of propaganda. Put the two together and they collude advertently or inadvertently to create a uniform picture speedily designed for public consumption. 

Often it deliberately ignores certain essential factors in the equation to avoid (play it again Sam) ‘causing offence.’

The murders of Saskia Jones, 23, and Jack Merritt, 25 are almost treated as an aberration of the norm; an isolated individual failed by the system; a ‘lone nut’ perhaps.

What utter nonsense. Usman Khan made a decision based on his religion. He might well have been acting alone but he is part and parcel of a wider network hell-bent on imposing sharia law on the free citizens of our country; it’s a growing movement that will remain a threat for the unseeable future. 

Interestingly, there is one word that has never been used in the London tragedy and other related incidents – and it is notable by its absence.

The word is racism. 

Had this been an incident perpetrated by a right-wing fascist against others of a different ethnic social group the word ‘racist’ would have been bellowed by newscasters, politicians and pontificators hour by hour. 

The mantra, in such cases would, for example, sound something like this, ‘these victims were targeted simply because they were deemed to be different in terms of race and belief.’

Now; can anyone stand up and tell me that this wasn’t the case in the murders of Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt. 

Both were deemed by Khan to be white and Christian and therefore enemies of his beloved Islamist ideology. 

I ask again, what is the difference?

The root of the incriminating falsehood against those of indigenous stock is entrenched in the curriculum of the education system; at universities and schools of all denomination. 

It is prevalent in the left-wing media, in newspapers, ie The Guardian, along with TV and radio broadcasters, first and foremost, the BBC.

Alleged white prejudices are at the forefront of every equality and diversity seminar nationwide.

It has become almost a religion in itself where left-wing councils are concerned. Need an example?

Try a paragraph from Sandwell Council’s Good Practice Guide that was quoted some time ago in a national newspaper: “Because society is institutionally racist, all white people are implicated unless they can demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity.” 

So there you have it! Guilty until proved innocent. It’s all part of the orchestrated incrimination of a whole swathe of people based on stereotypes. The assertion being that whilst not all white people are racists, it can be automatically assumed that all racists are white!

The example of Usman Khan along with those who carried out the earlier atrocity on London Bridge and the massacre at Manchester’s Ariana Grande concert gives lie to that myth. 

If not, whatever will it take for a person of different ethnic origin to be called racist?

Our protection from these people has been undermined by pussy-footing and complacency tied up with political correctness.

This was summed up to some degree by the former chairman of the Parole Board, Nick Hardwick. Speaking on Radio Four, he stated: “We’ve neglected the criminal justice system, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.”  

Sadly, individuals such as Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt are left to pay the price.

Putting the incident involving Khan to one side, what reaches beyond absurdity is the case of Shamima Begum.

Whilst two more innocent victims are lying in a mortuary, Human Rights campaigners are falling over themselves to have her and other Jihadists repatriated back into Britain.

Perhaps Begum will be the future host of ‘Learning Together’ at Cambridge University. The event there was celebrating for one, the successful deradicalisation of the likes of Khan, who was an attendee at said justice conference on prison rehabilitation when he struck the fatal blows.

In the feebleness and naivety of our liberal do-gooders, Khan found out that fooling the authorities is easier than potting peas.

Confuse the eye and you confound the understanding. A lesson that will not be lost on our returning jihadists.

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