Your Letters – Friday December 29, 2017

Something for my MP to reflect upon

Letter of the Week: Michael Green, Batley

I am a regular reader of The Press. 

Although I find Danny Lockwood’s Ed Lines entertaining on the whole, I don’t always agree with his views, and on occasions find him to be somewhat (consciously?) provocative. 

I have read with interest his views on the recently proposed Conservative dinner at the National Coal Mining Museum, and particularly his comments concerning the responses of Labour Party member Peter Ward who made some very unfunny comments about bomb scares, and the subsequent less-than-adequate and flimsy response about it being ‘a bit of fun’ from Tracy Brabin MP.

This has been an embarrassing episode for the local Labour party, and one which the MP should probably reflect upon.

I’m not sure her predecessor would have dealt with it the same way, someone who it seems had a more inclusive and less divisive way of dealing with issues.

Will the Tories condemn Thatcher?

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Margaret Thatcher called the Miners ‘the enemy within’, a disgraceful comment from a Tory Prime minister that was never retracted.

Her biggest porky was that her government had no ‘pit closure plans’.

This was disputed by the miners at the time and they have been proved correct. 

Today there is no coal mining in the UK, this has led to job losses and destruction of pit communities.

It was deemed insensitive of the Dewsbury Conservative Association to hold its annual dinner at the National Coal Mining Museum, for the Miners strike may have ended in 1985 but the inquiry into truth and justice for miners at Orgreave has not been done.

On June 18 1984 around 8,000 police laid into striking miners at the Orgreave coke depot. Some 39 miners were wrongly arrested that day, and in 1991 it cost South Yorkshire Police half a million pounds after they were sued successfully by the miners union for wrongful assault, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

The miners have long been seeking an inquiry into events at Orgreave but have had no success from Governments of different persuasions.

In 1984/5 I was chairman of the Leeds District Labour Party’s miners support group and saw for myself some of the injustices that were being carried out against the miners and their communities.

I have no hesitation in condemning my Labour colleague Peter Ward for what The Press calls ‘bomb scares against innocent caterers’.

Equally I would like to hear Mark Eastwood and the Dewsbury Conservative Association condemn Margaret Thatcher’s comments that the ‘miners are the enemy within’ and support the call for a government inquiry into events at Orgreave.

Do they think we’re stupid?

From: Maureen Scatchard, Batley

Moves are afoot at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to outsource ‘estates and jobs’ to private companies.

Director of Estates Mark Braden is reported as saying: “This is not an attempt to privatise services”, insultingly proving that yes, they do think we are stupid!

Poorly served

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

Re: Danny’s Lockwood’s Ed Lines last week – need I say more.

We really are poorly served by our political masters in general, and Kirklees in particular.

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