Your Letters – Friday December 13, 2019

Great effort that’s to be commended

Letter of the Week: Lisa Fowler, Dewsbury Moor

I want to thank the volunteer organisers of Dewsbury’s Christmas lights switch-on event for what they achieved. 

I only found out afterwards that it wasn’t put on by the council any more and that it was a small team of people who put it all together. 

My little family and I really enjoyed the afternoon and evening and I was really disappointed to find when we got home that people were bad-mouthing the event on Facebook and elsewhere. 

It takes very little effort at all to be negative online, to put down something which you may not have even been part of or experienced.

I think Dewsbury is suffering from a bit of a crisis of confidence and people are all too ready to talk it down at every opportunity. 

We were actually there and it was a decent day’s entertainment. 

What are we coming to as a town when we can’t thank people for being community-minded and doing their best to provide something positive for Dewsbury?

Would the people slagging it off rather that there were no lights at all and no switch-on event for youngsters to enjoy?

Keyboard warriors aren’t going to get Dewsbury anywhere, the town needs more community spirit like that which was seen on Saturday afternoon. 

So in case not many other people have said it, a big thank you to everyone involved with the Christmas event.

Remember responsibility

From: Betty Goodwin, Dewsbury

On the radio, yet another focus on a parent claiming to be unable to feed the children. 

Putting aside widows, widowers and virgin births, dare I suggest that if both parents took responsibility for their children, dependence on benefits and food banks could be drastically reduced?

Old-time coach gets shirty

From: Joshua Sykes, Mirfield

My grandfather played for Huddersfield Town before the First World War.

After four years in the trenches, up to his neck in ‘muck and bullets’, he got fit and joined the team again.

After a training session, the coach handed out the shirts, but missed my grandfather out.

“Where’s my shirt?” he asked.

“Didn’t we give you a shirt before the war?!” shouted the coach.

Get our own house in order

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

The irony of an appeal on TV by Martin Bell for Unicef showing children in corridors somewhere abroad, is in contrast to a UK boy called Jack sleeping on coats rather than in a nice warm hospital bed.

It proves one thing – that we should sort OUR problems out first.

The legitimacy of the ‘Jack’ photo doesn’t really matter, the reaction of Mr Johnson is the point.

He just waffles, blusters and tries to drown out any questions on any subject he doesn’t like or can’t answer, and every bloody answer has “get Brexit done”.

The ITN reporter should be offered a job on Newsnight as the new Paxman for his superb questioning. No wonder blustering Boris refused to be interviewed by his old boss Andrew Neil!

Further to hospital trolleys, my son recently spent  eight hours on a trolley bed at Dewsbury A&E, as 65 people (we were told) were waiting for transfer to Pinderfields.

He then spent a further 12 hours on another trolley bed at Pinderfields before being transferred to a proper ward with a proper bed. 

This shows the absolute disregard Mr Johnson and his government has for normal decent hard-working people.

There is a well-documented idiotic policy of quietly shutting Dewsbury Hospital down and making us all go to Pinderfields regardless of personal circumstance, which in my opinion is for Wakefield and District residents. 

I wonder what Boris would say if I’d took a phone picture? He certainly wouldn’t have pocketed my phone, I would have snapped his hand in two, Prime Minister or not, the arrogant, waffling, clueless buffoon.

System needs an overhaul

From: Harry Teale, by email

It is impossible to separate the Batley & Spen hotline, the Labour Party’s denial of voter intimidation, the attack in Morley of a campaigner, the activist ‘twit(ter)’ in Batley & Spen along with my personal knowledge of unlawful activities in past Kirklees elections. Until the political party system is abolished and all elected officers are legally compelled to renounce all party connections between elections, the corruption will continue.

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