Your Letters – Friday August 25, 2017

Thanks to so many people involved

From: Karen Bullivant, chairman of the Mirfield Agricultural Show committee

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the visitors who came along in their thousands last Sunday to Mirfield Agricultural Show.

We had yet another successful show this year. It was wonderful to see so many people with smiling faces enjoying the day. The weather was fantastic, just as we had hoped.

We were very pleased in the numbers of entries into our competitions. They were once again very popular, especially the children’s competitions. What talented people we have living here!

I would like to pay tribute to our organising committee. We are all volunteers and we spend the whole year planning the event. 

Their dedication, organisation and much hard work paid off and all went very smoothly.

A very big thank you, too, to all the of volunteers who give up their time over the weekend to help us with the event. We do rely on the volunteers for the smooth running of the show. And I think that they enjoy it too.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the businesses who sponsored events, attractions, prizes and advertising.

I would like particularly to thank Superfast West Yorkshire and York and Riva Homes who were our main sponsors of the show. And I would like to especially mention Mirfield Town Council who sponsored the marquee for us. All contributions from our sponsors are very, very much appreciated.

We try to put on an entertaining day with the focus on families and, being Yorkshire folk, we like good value. 

We welcome all comments and suggestions and you can contact us at

We’re subsidising the railways already

From: Derek Cartwright, Batley

We have our own expert at ‘cherry-picking’ evidence, last week he was on about the railways. 

The Labour Party believe in nationalisation, and this is one of their targets, but it is already 90% nationalised! They keep forgetting to mention that.

Then they forget to mention that the overall railways do not make profit, they are heavily subsidised! 

One might argue that this is very valuable to the local economy, making people move easily from their homes to where they work.

Yet pause a second, and think where is it that is usually mentioned when commuting is referred to – London.

So northerners are subsiding southerners to travel into work, so they can generally earn more than they could where they live. 

So, our northern taxes are giving them cheaper transport than it is costing.

Then it is really the same up north, most people do not travel by train. Those who earn the least are paying taxes so those that earn more can have subsidised travel. Why is that a priority?

What has been happening for years is that the subsidy has been reduced, so fares have gone up.

Our ‘cherry-picker’ mentioned guards – er, when was there last a guard’s van on a train?

Most young readers will not even know what a guard’s van was? It was where they used to put parcels, letters and pigeons, yes, it was a carriage on its own. 

The railways have a history of fighting modernisation. Today, many trains are really just elongated buses, anyway!

Back on the beat

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

In these times of modern-day crime wouldn’t it be a good idea to return to the old ways of policing?

The bobby on the beat – the person everyone repected and who knew almost everything that happened on his manor.

A friendly figure in uniform who people were encouraged to confide in and where local knowledge and sense of awareness acted as a deterrent to many a potential crime.

Today, faced with acts of terrorism, sex trafficking and drugs-related crime it is more important than ever to have a presence in local neighbourhoods.

As for funding, I’ll leave that to the politicians, but I’m sure they would raise quite a bit by nabbing all these folk who drive around on their mobile phones.

Council never stopped them in the past

From: Name and address supplied

I would like to comment on the article about Shaw Cross playing fields and the problems caused by travellers.

This has been going on for many many years and Kirklees have never fenced it to stop these people.

Perhaps if the council had to clear it they might accept the problem these people leave.

If it is a shortage of money due to the Government action, perhaps they might comment on the below questions:

Why did they not do it in the 80s and 90s when money was not as tight as it is today?

Why did they not collect the £300,000 owed in unpaid rent on the Dewsbury Cemetery? Being too sensitive means they get away with it.

In closing, can I ask the council how much debt they would allow me to accrue before they sent the bailiffs? 

Labour end game

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge

I note with some dismay that Sarah Champion felt she had to resign from her post as Shadow Equalities Minister for voicing her opinions regarding the problem with Muslim men of certain cultures abusing young white girls.

This is really the end game of having any straight-talking northern folk holding any position of power or influence within the London-centric Labour Party.

The disdain felt by New Labour over the northern working class and their concerns was laid bare with Gordon Brown’s “that bigoted woman” open mic comment a few years ago. 

It is now obvious that the Left regard all working-class northerners as politically oncorrect, xenophobic, racist bigots, and as such should be ignored. 

Any debate on the cultural  incompatibility caused by uncontrolled immigration from certain poorer, unsophisticated areas of the Muslim world, has been hijacked by the Islamophobic mantra, and thus effectively shut down.

But, as we all know, the problem is not with Islam, but certain Muslim cultures which have developed practices and traditions which are alien and incompatible with our own culture and world view. 

Unfortunately nobody is getting this across. 

By the above, I mean cultures/ communities which have spawned the following: Child brides, forced marriages, honour killings, FGM, the burka and the dowry system.

The above have nothing to do with Islam, but they do provide a breeding ground for a dysfunctional view of women and their place in society, human sexuality, intimate relationships and cultural integration, particularly amongst the poorly educated.

Until the Left accept the fact that with their obsessive approach of not offending cultural sensibilities, no matter what, combined with not having a sensible immigration policy, they have created the problem in the first place, and are in fact an integral part of it. 

This is borne out by the fact that all the abuse identified thus far has been committed under the PC watch of Labour-controlled councils.

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