Your Letters – Friday August 24, 2018

Is Danny just playing devil’s advocate?

Letter of the Week: Elyas Patel, Savile Town

Would you be so kind as to publish this in next week’s letters column, please. It’s a letter ‘Telling Locky!’ lovingly posted through ‘Heckmondwike Hector’s’ bigoted letter box!

Whoopee ... DANNY L is setting up a charity called ‘Tell Locky!’ Well never one to knock a gift horse in the mouth, there is quite a lot I’d like to tell our (‘r’) Danny actually. 

For one, I find his constant Muslim bashing in Ed Lines nauseating to say the least.

Muslim bashing is r Danny’s default setting. When there isn’t anything else newsworthy to chelp about, you can safely bet your bottom penny (of course as an observant Muslim I don’t bet, LOL :-) that r Ed will fill his boots or should I say his ‘Lines’ with his go-to dig at all things Islam and Muslim. 

He routinely and with impunity ridicules, insults, hisses and hoots at all Muslims like me. 

Fear not, dislike as much as I do, his habitually anti-Muslim rantings, I for one will expend my last breath in defending his freedom (freedom of the press and all that!) to write it. 

Besides not all us Muslim lot (as r Danny would have you believe) are so needy over our faith that we crave Danny’s plaudits for it or stage a violent ‘The Press’ burning rally when he routinely churns out, quite the opposite. 

Anyway, I digress. The question I wish to pose is whether r Danny is an Islamophobe and The Press Islamophobic – or is Danny simply playing Satan’s (aka, the devil’s) Advocate in the truest spirit of free, fearless and independent journalism? 

Might I refer to my Exhibit DL (!) from last week’s letters column and invite the intelligent readers of the self-proclaimed ‘intelligent weekly’ to make up their own free minds. 

What does it say about the alleged anti-Muslim slant of The Press, when Heckmondwike Hector’s veiled (pun intended) and crass dig at the dress code of niqab-wearing Muslim women makes letter of the week? 

Answers on a postage stamp affectionately posted through a letter box near you, please. 

Anyway, enough told to Locky (for now, at least!) 

As for Hector in Heckmondwike, he shouldn’t be too upset that his coitus with all things letter boxes was so rudely interrupted by BJ. (Stop it ... I mean Boris Johnson, honest!) 

Dear Hector can console himself with this lingering thought – in BJ, Hector has been gifted a ready-made replacement upon whom he can post all his many, varied and crude affections. Whatever rocks your boat, hey!

Yours affectionately: Elyas P (a Saviletonian born and bred!)

PS: Danny knows who I am because once upon a time, ‘Google’ let it slip:).

PS 2: I know Danny too and I have no doubt being the impartial and independent soul that he undoubtedly is, he will publish my letter as ‘letter of next week’ – unless of course some other correspondent ‘Trumps’ it and is more deserving of the said accolade.

Thanks to all!

From: Jonathan Evans, chairman of Mirfield Agricultural Show committee

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the visitors who came along in the thousands last Sunday to Mirfield Agricultural Show.

We had yet another successful show this year. It was wonderful to see so many people with smiling faces enjoying the day.

The weather was mixed but did not stop people coming along to enjoy the show.

It was great to celebrate our Heavy Woollen heritage with numerous thing going on around the Showground for people to enjoy in all areas of the show.

We were very pleased in the numbers of entries into our competitions.

They were once again very popular, especially the children’s competitions. What talented people we have living here!

I would like to pay tribute to our organising committee. We are all volunteers and we spend the whole year planning the event. We have a fantastic set of individuals who make up the show team.

Their dedication, organisation and much hard work paid off and all went very smoothly.

A very big thank you, too, to all the of volunteers who give up their time over the weekend to help us with the event.

We do rely on the volunteers for the smooth running of the show. And I think that they enjoy it too.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the businesses who sponsored events, attractions, prizes and advertising.

I would like particularly to thank Riva Homes and Orange Design Studios, who were our main sponsors of the show.

And I would like to especially mention Mirfield Town Council who sponsored the marquee for us. All contributions from our sponsors are very, very much appreciated.

We try to put on an entertaining day with the focus on families and, being Yorkshire folk, we like good value.

We are always looking for new ideas and fresh thoughts so we welcome all comments and suggestions and you can contact us at www.mirfield

Thank you.

We need DDH

From: Ben Marshall, Liversedge

Finally, confirmation of the best unkept secret for years! Dewsbury Hospital (and Huddersfield) to combine, no surprise whatsoever. Disgraceful.

Just like the growing list of high street banks gradually closing throughout the district, there are startling similarities between the two.

No thought whatsoever for the elderly or people without cars. How the hell you are supposed to get to appointments etc. 

In 2013 our youngest daughter was born, and I’m proud to say she was delivered (like me, her mother and her sister) in the Bronte Tower.

We were exasperated at the time of labour as my wife was high risk, and there was the talk of ‘Pinderfields’ (and certainty if we have any more children). As a former health professional this was a massive fear for my wife as the potential for problems en-route was and IS very real. 

We (and Huddersfield) have all the facilities here, not in bloody Wakefield, something which must be on the lips of all patients!

The whole thing is about money (our money and facilities I might add), and the real estate value of the two sites,

Huddersfield and Dewsbury need their own hospitals.

I stand with Jez

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Jeremy Corbyn, like all previous Labour leaders, will never receive fair treatment from the media.

Swathes of researchers are being paid by establishment figures in an attempt to make him look anti-semitic or linked to terrorism, even though he is a man of peace and anti-war.

All of this is an attempt to make Corbyn and his supporters drop solidarity with the Palestinians.

Ed Miliband, Labour’s first Jewish leader, was treated with the same contempt as Corbyn by the right-wing media, as was his late father Ralph.

This has got nothing to do with anti-semitism, it is not okay for the Israeli government to murder Palestinians, or for British-backed Saudi Arabia to murder children in Yemen. 

I for one stand with solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, as by the way do many Jews, and fully behind Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

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