Your Letters – Friday August 2, 2019

Letter of the Week: Jane Hicks, the Friends of Wilton Park, Batley

The Friends of Wilton Park, Batley, are once again proud to report that the park has been awarded a Green Flag and would like to thank the park staff, volunteers and visitors for making the park a special, welcoming place for all.

The park has much to offer to interest people, from the museum and the butterfly house (which has gone from strength to strength since it was re-opened a couple of years ago) at the top of the park to children’s play areas and tennis courts, as well as the café, at the bottom of the park. 

There are many woodland walks and also the opportunity to walk round the lake to watch and feed the birds.

The Friends of Wilton Park are also responsible for holding various family events throughout the year, which are advertised in the local press and on social media. If you have not visited the park recently why not come and see why so many people from the whole of the region come to the park on a regular basis to enjoy all it has to offer.

A quarter can’t follow the rules

From: Steve Oliver, Heckmondwike

The front-page item on green bins (July 26) by Tony Earnshaw confirmed what I found out about two years ago during a guided tour of the recycling depot in Leeds. 

I asked the guide what percentage of all the waste was non-recyclable and had to be discarded and disposed of. 

She said it was about 20-25 per cent. That means that about a quarter of the population are either unaware of, or ignore, the simple rules on what only goes in the green- bin. I watched the double line of about 10 workers frantically keeping up with the speeding conveyor as they pulled out all the wrong, unwanted stuff. By far, the most items were ... plastic bags. 

They tell us ‘no bags’ but on a green-bin day, what’s propping open some of the lids? Plastic carrier bags filled with paper/cans!

It’s strange how almost everybody now owns the mobile phone and can remember how to navigate it, but almost a quarter of the population can’t remember what should go in the green- bin. A psychologist would enjoy studying that situation.

A similar situation exists with how some people seem to think that the toilet is another form of waste disposal outlet – probably the same 20-25 per cent? In other words, if it will fit, then throw it down the toilet.

I won’t repeat what the simple instructions are with what should only go down the toilet, but last week Harewood Avenue had to have its system dug up and purged from some form of  ‘nastyberg’.

I hope that Yorkshire Water intends visiting and handing letters to all the properties explaining, in no uncertain terms, what goes down the toilet – with a reply-slip to be returned acknowledging the ‘bog-standard’ instructions!

Three years too late for PM

From: Harry Teale, Mirfield

Whilst congratulating Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the Conservative Party and appointment as Prime Minister of the UK, I feel that it is three years too late!

The treacherous antics of Michael Gove in 2016 caused Theresa May to be appointed as leader.

I doubt if Boris Johnson would have squandered the working majority of government at that time. 

Boris Johnson has now the problem of persuading our so-called representatives in parliament to do their duty to the citizens of the UK instead of seeking ‘glory’ for themselves or following the diktat of the party bigwigs!

What a service from our NHS

From: Peter Moreland, Heckmondwike

On Wednesday July 31 I booked a doctor’s appointment online at one minute past midnight for 9.10am.

The doctor referred me to Dewsbury Hospital for blood tests and an x-ray, where I went at 11.20am, and by 11.40am both my treatments had been done!

Brilliant service from the NHS.

Whitcliffe was much better!

From: Graham Turner, Gomersal

‘Work to start on £14 million sports complex’. What complex?

Is it replacing facilities lost when Whitcliffe Mount Sports centre was knocked down in 2016? 

Council leader Shabir Pandor believes the project will completely transform Spen Valley’s leisure provision. 

Could he tell me where the five-a-side football teams will play?

What about the badminton club and the eight badminton courts, the ladies’ netball team, or the volleyball team? What about the squash players and the five squash courts?

Or the karate club, the gymnastic club, and last but not least the hundreds of OAPs who loved to bowl on the three indoor bowls rinks? Whitcliffe Mount was a great sports complex.

Go on and deliver Brexit

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Many congratulations to Boris Johnson, despite the treacherous behaviour of certain numbers of your Tory ministerial and backbench colleagues.

Please now go on and deliver Brexit and honour our UK referendum and in turn consign the Corbyn-led Labour Party, the deluded Sturgeon and Blackford-led SNP and the Swinson Liberal Democrat non-entities to the political wasteland.

Kirklees and the bins saga

From: Len Gardner, Batley

Overall I think Kirklees is a pretty good council. Not as good as the old Batley council, but not too bad!

Kirklees, like all councils, do make rash decisions and the green bin controversy was a typical example. 

Of course, whoever came up with the idea of punishing the entire area because a few had contravened the rules of what is or is not recyclable will still have a job!

Could I suggest that the cost of collecting, and now redistributing the green bins, which will cost thousands, comes out of his or her salary! If it did they’d be working for nowt for the rest of their lives. 

Now we come to where I think a lot of the recycling problem occurs, with the manufacturers of packaging.

In about 1960 I received information from Japan that no company could make a product without stating how to dispose of it at the end of its life.

This was a legally-binding Japanese law. It sounds like a good law to me. 

How many times do we receive packaging in this country which says “Check with your council about disposal”.

I wonder how many of us do, I don’t. If everyone did, what number of calls could the council deal with? 

These companies should be made to identify disposal and not put the decision to councils. 

It might have been less costly for Kirklees to try and pinpoint areas where there was wrongdoing and solve the problem amicably, instead of barging in with a scheme that has upset so many people. 

I’ve noticed the errors in place names too...

From: Kathleen O’Shea, via email

Coun Martyn Bolt (The Press 26/7/19) is not the only one to question Kirklees Council planning department’s sense of geography.

The planning notices in the previous week’s Press, places streets in Birstall two miles down the road in Batley. As Coun Bolt says, are these notices invalidated with the wrong town named?

Such a great event despite the downpours

From: Tim Wood, proud supporter of the Bobtown Beer Bash

Congratulations to the magnificent effort from the organisers of the 10th anniversary Bobtown Beer Bash.

What another superb effort. At 12 o’clock last Saturday the first spots of expected rain started to drop. Within one hour we had more rain than we had upon us in the previous nine years.

Did that dampen people’s spirits? No, not on your Nellie, The ‘Bobsoon’ Beer Bash was born.

Festival chairman Malcolm Firth was seen splashing about in his see-through superhero’s waterproof coat ... someone said it’s Condor Man but I am not sure if I heard that right, good old Malcolm rallying the troops.

Great beer expertly picked, staff expertly organised, staff rotas done to military precision. What a ‘well oiled team’ the Bobtown Beer Bashers have become (no pun intended at this early stage).

Great music, great food and what a great crowd who come and go throughout the day, finishing off with local 14-year-old ‘boy band’ Distortion. One of the players’ proud father came up to me and said “you know the young lad on the drums? That’s my son, we had his christening do at your pub.”

“Thanks,” I said. “You’ve just made me feel very, very old.”

But I must admit the young lad on the drums, as well as his band mates, were highly talented for years so young.

Ten years ago the Robertown Road Runners and friends realised that the old church hall, now the community centre, was in poor repair and approached me for advice on running a beer festival ... the rest is good news history.

Not only have they saved the community centre as a hub of village activity they have also donated thousands of pounds to local good causes, such as the Holly Bank Trust, Northorpe Hall, Kirkwood Hospice, the Mirfield Rifle Volunteers and the Royal British Legion poppy appeal to name just a few.

I think next year’s t-shirts ought to have raindrops printed on them. What a great day, what a wet day but the Bobsoon Downpour didn’t dampen your spirits and that’s just so very British.

You all did so well yet again, until next time. Cheers.

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