Your Letters – Friday August 17, 2018

A crude comparison...

Letter of the Week: ‘Heckmondwike Hector’

I am writing to express my annoyance about the comments made by Boris Johnson. Does Mr Johnson realise the damage he has done?

Never again will I be able to look upon letter boxes with the same affection.

My love affair with letter boxes (post boxes) began in my childhood; the one at the end of my street was a perfect launchpad for my Batman antics.

Spurred on by the endeavours of my screen hero at the Saturday morning ABC Minors’ Matinee, I would launch myself from its flat top wearing a hoodded duffle coat with the front held wide open to form a pair of wings.

My affection continued into adulthood and throughout my lifetime I can say that I must have sought more post boxes than girlfriends.

On holidays, they would gobble up my postcards and you felt an assurance that they would reach the intended recipient.

As a teenager my way home from the pub, feeling a little unsteady, they were always around to support me when I was almost keeling over.

For me they remain as institutions reminiscent of a better age.

Making crude comparisons is an insult to every post box in this country.

More than meets the eye

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

I’m of an age when I remember my late mother, like many other women at the time, wearing an headscarf.

Nearby where I lived was the Little Sisters of the Poor, where nuns were covered up with clothing from head to foot, apart from their face.

I don’t recall this being discussed at the time.

I don’t believe it’s for us men to tell women how to dress, whether they be page three models or wearers of the niqab, it is their decision.

Boris Johnson is entitled to make his views known, but women are also entitled to be shown respect.

But of course there is more to Johnson’s comments than meet the eye.

By making outrageous comments of the 0.1% of women who choose to wear the niqab he is pandering to his right-wing supporters.

He seems desperate for Theresa May to sack him, but she doesn’t appear to be having any of it!

More worried about Corbyn

From: Mr G Dennis, Birstall

Being mindful of the the current outcry regarding Boris Johnson’s recent remarks, the people in the UK should be more concerned about Jeremy Corbyn’s continued activities.

Despite the fact that millions of gallant people sacrificed their lives during two world wars to defend our realm and its associated values, I can envisage the day that if Corbyn and his cronies ever attain a position of power we will cease to protect the welfare of our wonderful country.

Whose NHS is it these days?

From: Christine Hyde, Dewsbury

In January 2013 I went to the public meeting in Ossett, of the NHS Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield Cluster Board (as it was then), to reveal the outline business case for the changes to Mid Yorkshire’s hospitals.

The plan was to lose service provision at Dewsbury Hospital. 

An NHS official said that the people of the area didn’t care who provided their health services, as long as they got them.

I was shocked! No-one had asked me. Did you get care closer to home? 

Now, NHS England is so-called ‘consulting’ on stopping 17 procedures on the NHS. The first lot of considerably more cuts to come.

This is de-facto privatisation, as people who need these operations will have to pay. 

Have you been asked if you agree to this? GPs and CCGs have no choice but to comply. 

McKinsey drew up the list, but what do they care for your children, friends and family? Will you deny treatment to them? 

Who do you think deserves NHS funding more, patients or McKinsey, PwC, EY, United Health of America, Capita etc, who have contracts? 

The official at the meeting, after retiring on an NHS pension, now helps run a company ‘advising’ the shadow West Yorkshire Integrated Care System! 

That company will want to watch its bottom line and promote privatisation. 

Whose NHS is it these days?

Hang their heads in shame

From: Harry Smithson, via email

‘Dewsbury – a dying town’ (The Press, August 3)? Have the authorities, medical and otherwise, not considered that for those of us who have lived through the 40s, 50s and the early 60s, when Dewsbury was a pleasant thriving community, we may not have the will to live in Dewsbury, or its suburbs and would willingly revert back to that period of time? 

Kirklees’ over-subscribed local politicians should review the errors of their ways and hang their heads in shame.

We need you – ordinary people can be extraordinary

From: Caroline Goodwill, Cleckheaton

Cleckheaton & Spen Area Association needs YOU – individuals willing to be part of our local association.

Don’t just complain, join us and do something positive for our area.

‘Joined-up thinking’ for people in the area is our catchphrase. We all know that Spenborough was a strong and flourishing area under the old Spenborough local authority but now, under Kirklees Council, we are the Cinderella of Kirklees.

We have lost so much in the past five years – our sports centre, our sixth form, our green belt, our Edwardian Whitcliffe Mount School, rated highly by architectural historians, and now Red House. 

Three asset transfer bids were made for Red House – one only failed by a single point and no further negotiation was allowed.

Red House is now up for sale, along with all its Bronte heritage that any other area would have cherished and promoted with pride. 

Compare this with Holmfirth, where the civic centre was asset transferred for £1. Why is our area treated so badly?

We need a strong local association to fight these issues, with all the local organisations joining together. On July 12 we had an excellent first meeting attended by representatives from the chamber of commerce, councillors, ‘friends of’ groups, churches, school governors and U3A representatives.

This was a good first move, but now we need YOU.

We need strong, vocal individuals willing to stand up and work for our area and work with the above groups to make our association viable and effective.

Ordinary people can do so much. The group fighting the asbestos waste plant on Brick Street in Cleckheaton was started by a young person with an online petition then joined by a cyclist, a pensioner and two mums.

These ordinary people were successful. A 14-year-old campaigned against a derelict building on Spen Lane in Gomersal. The campaign was successful and the building is now being replaced by apartments. 

Individuals can achieve so much, so do not be daunted by the task. Join us now. 

Dewsbury and Batley are thinking about setting up town councils to stand up against the local authority.

Rastrick formed Rastrick Local recently and obtained a million pounds of funding for their area. Wake up people of Cleckheaton and Spen – we need your help.

Join us on Tuesday August 21 at the Mill Valley Brewery at 6.30pm to find out how you can help. Text or ring 07506 890052 for more information.

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