Your Letters – Friday April 27, 2018

We need a more a diverse council

Letter of the Week: Ms A Rawat, Batley

It is election time yet again. Will the same people go out to vote and the same others not? 

Will the voters vote for the same people they have done over and over again, without questioning if that person is worth it?

Councillors are supposed to oversee the work and behaviour of council officers.

However, if the councillors do not have the same educational and intellectual capability, don’t have the guts to challenge wrongdoing at a senior level or are not willing to take on hard casework, then how can these people be the right ones to represent our interests? Don’t just keep voting Labour because that’s what you’ve always done. Consider the above questions and give somebody elese a chance. Someone cleverer, with guts and moral integrity.

Are there such candidates out there with these qualities? They need to let us know.

I am fed up of Labour always winning in this area. It will take a long time to come but I would like a more diverse council membership who can challenge each other to work harder and represent us better.

I know that for now, this is not happening.

Conservatives bring change

From: Beth Prescott, Earlsheaton

It is that time of year where, next week, we will head to the polls to vote in the local elections.

People are fed up of the Labour-led council constantly increasing Council Tax without delivering better services. The local elections are an opportunity to send a signal that we have had enough.

A vote for the Kirklees Conservatives on May 3 is a vote for lower council tax and better value for your money. 

The Kirklees Conservatives are committed to fighting for desperately-needed road repairs, to tackling crime and to ridding our streets of constant litter.

The Kirklees Conservatives will fight for investment across ALL of Kirklees. Recently, the Labour group have again pledged millions of pounds for Huddersfield – £45 million for a ‘cultural quarter’ – but nothing for our area.

Investment in arts and culture is vital, but let’s spread the investment out across all areas rather than throwing money at Huddersfield and ignoring everywhere else. 

Dewsbury and Mirfield deserve that investment too.

Things cannot carry on as they are. We deserve better.

In order to secure change, we need to vote for that change. 

On May 3, send a clear message that we want lower taxes, value for money and councillors who will fight for investment in Dewsbury and Mirfield. 

On May 3, vote for that change in our area. Vote Conservative. I will be.

More double standards

From: John Appleyard, Liversedge

Once again we are to witness the double standards of the elite in this country, when the Queen again welcomes Bahrain’s King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa to the Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 12 despite his regime’s human rights abuses.

This unelected despot continues to brutally crush demands for democracy.

The UK Government should be putting pressure on Bahrain to stop its human rights abuses.

Instead in the face of increasing oppression, the UK government has pursued a policy of whitewashing and appeasement in order to protect arms sales and the military relationships.

Thanks for your support

From: Tim Wood, The Old Colonial, Mirfield

Many thanks to those who attended our our fundraising quiz and supper raising monies for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The evening was well attended and we managed to raise £450 on the night for a vital part of our emergency services which relies heavily on public funding. 

So a big thank you to all concerned, in particular Mr and Mrs Hunter and staff from the ‘Game of Stones’ team who co-ordinated the event.

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