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Council was told about failings

Letter of the Week: Mark Eastwood, Conservative Candidate, Dewsbury East

Dear Sir,

Having read the Independent Planning Inspector’s letters and Kirklees Council’s response, I was astonished at the level of criticism and the tone of the correspondence from the Inspector, aimed at those responsible within the Council for producing and submitting the LDF plan.

The main point raised regarding ‘Duty To Co-Operate’ was included in my representation, the Chidswell Action Group’s and many other representations, yet it would appear that the council chose to ignore what is a statutory legal requirement.

This raises serious questions about the competency of our local council and the people at the top who run it.

There is, however, a wider issue arising from this shambles.

It appears increasingly likely that Kirklees Council will now have to re-draw its plans based on their ‘Duty to Co-operate’, their housing strategy and the use of Green Belt before other types of land, meaning that thousands more of taxpayers’ (our) money will have to be spent, on top of the thousands wasted as a result of the council not being able to clear a simple legal requirement and produce a viable plan.

It would be easy for me, as a council candidate, to use this letter to score cheap political points against the Labour/Lib Dem approved plan, but thankfully Kirklees Council – on the insistence of the Inspector – is unable to sweep this matter under the carpet this time and for once we have full transparency as to what has gone so badly wrong and why.

I would therefore encourage everyone to log on to uk/localdevelopment, view the letters from the Inspector, and Kirklees Council, to judge for yourself who is responsible for this sorry saga.

As taxpayers, we deserve better.

Population is biggest worry

From: Peter Blakeridge, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

What’s the most important issue that’s on people’s minds? Jobs, housing, Europe, schooling, health, banking?

Something people seem afraid to talk about has a big effect on all of the above; over-population.

A man from the sub-continent on TV had 22 grandchildren.

Congratulations! Now if these carry on at the same rate with their spouses, then you are talking of about 100 extra souls, from one original couple, in 40 to 50 years.

They’ll all become pensioners in a short moment in history, and any government should realise that this could become a major problem.

Thomas Malthus, whose book, ‘The Principle of Population’ is studied by university students, wrote that the population increases faster than the means of subsistence, and that its growth can only be checked by moral restraint, or by disease and war.

One comforting thought, we’ll have plenty of soldiers if there is a war.

Put that in your pipe, says Jack

From: Jack Bunn, Hanging Heaton

Dear Sir,

Regarding this latest increase on the price of alcohol, beer and spirits, by the government.

My question is, who would get the extra money this would bring, the supermarkets, the brewers or the government?

Would it not be better to bring back the old drinking hours to the old times which, I seem to remember, was 10pm or 10.30pm, with a drinking off time of 10 minutes?

As it stands at the moment the ‘Golden Mile’ (Bradford Road, Batley), does not appear to wake up until 9 or 10pm, then it carries on until 2, 3 or 4am.

Years ago, the streets were clear at midnight, everybody had done their drinking and gone home.

At present they want to stay drinking into the small hours then make their way home shouting and bawling and causing bother.

Bringing back the old hours would, in my eyes, benefit the pubs and WMCs, also the police would be able to spend more time catching burglars instead of drunken teenagers, and the general public would be able to get some sleep.

Also, to stop smoking in WMCs and pubs is an insult to the ordinary working man (that is if there are any still left!); what was wrong with a pint and pipe of ‘bacca’ on an evening?

Much better than watching that TV rubbish! I used to look forward to a good pint and genial company of my fellow working mates in the local club.

Only these university-trained MPs and their advisers, who have never worked a full day in their lives, could have thought that law up.

What is wrong with a smokers’ only room? To see people having to stand in a shelter in the rain and cold outside pubs and clubs makes my blood boil.

The sooner we get someone with common sense running this country, the better. That is if it isn’t too late already.

And regards immigration, and building on green fields etc etc, you cannot get a pint into a gill glass!

Unions still have privilege

From: Alan Carcas, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

The trade unions are more than a lobbying organisation. They are the only organisation in the UK that has its right to a political fund protected by law.

No business organisation has that protection.

For exactly 100 years, since the Act of Parliament passed in 1913, trade unions have extracted millions of pounds in a political levy from all their members, which has immediately gone to fund the Labour Party, irrespective of the individual member’s political opinions.

Members can contract out? Yes, if you’ve got the bottle to face up to a union secretary, in committee, and ask for your money back.

No wonder the Labour Party are protesting. It looks as if Cameron is going to shoot their cash-cow! Sadly, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Old-timers in the Tory party have been trying to do that for years, and we haven’t succeeded yet.

It used to be “contract in” but a Labour government changed that, and no Tory government has even attempted to reverse it.

Unemployment unsustainable

From: Mr R Eastwood, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Many babies born nowadays are destined to be a burden on the State, ie taxpayers, from nursery to pensioner.

Whoever watches  the reality programme ‘Skint’ on Channel 4, about mass unemployment in Scunthorpe, can see there is a ticking timebomb. This situation will spread to other areas, especially if there is a deeper recession on  the horizon.

There are already one million youth unemployed, how many more millions do we want, because we’re going that way with the ridiculously high birth rates.

Never mind politicians’ empty promises about creating jobs; most of these will be at low pay levels, or interns with no pay at all!

How on earth can a country of our stature have been reduced to this level by globalisation and political correctness, and most of our laws made by highly-paid, unelected, so-called politicians in the European Union?

Good news hospital story

From: Geoff Garrett, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Here’s something you don’t see in the newspapers very often...

Having been admitted to Dewsbury General Hospital last Thursday with a suspected heart condition I was first assessed and then taken to the Coronary Care Unit where I had my medication changed before being sent home on Monday.

My care throughout was exemplary. The nurses were professional, caring and thorough.

Whilst being very busy they maintained a friendly air and the banter on the wards was almost constant, helping we patients to be as relaxed as was possible.

The doctors were equally thorough and caring. They generally told me what was going to happen and why before doing it and kept me fairly well informed about progress.

All in all my time there was as comfortable as it could reasonably be expected to be and I am deeply grateful to the team of staff who made it so.

Well done everyone and thank you very much.

NHS must be protected

From: David Honeybell, Heckmondwike

Dear sir,

If any of your readers were doubtful as to the benefits of our NHS, then your story last week (31/5) of the plight of Carole Jackson, must have dispelled any doubt they had.

The NHS provides all of us with good-quality medical help, where and when we need it.

At the moment, the NHS is being attacked by this Tory-led government, in their determination to privatise it.

The new clinical commissioning groups have been set up to award contracts to private companies rather than the NHS.

This will inevitably lead to an American-style insurance-based service that puts profit first and patient care a poor second.

The private companies are being awarded contracts where they can make a profit, until something goes wrong, then they transfer the unfortunate patient back to the ever-ready NHS to sort out and put right.

The more intricate, dangerous and costly surgery will not be undertaken by the private medical companies. The NHS will be left with this work, which by its very nature makes no profit.

The NHS must be protected at all costs.

If the alternative is a private medical company, only interested in stuffing their already fat wallets, while their patients’  needs are an inconvenience, to be put up with until they can pass them back, like an unwanted gift, to be treated by the good old NHS.

There is only one option for us, that is for the NHS to be properly funded by the government, and ensure contracts are not awarded to any private companies.

One year to centenary

From Peter Moreland, Holy Spirit Centenary Appeal, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

We are now just a year away from our centenary mass –  Monday June 2 2014 – and to date have raised £47,000 of our £100,000 target to cover repair work and redecoration of the church.

Almost £6,000 of this has come from matched fundraising from HSBC and Bibbys.

Do you or any of your family/relatives work for companies that operate this kind of initiative?

To celebrate the centenary, a book will be published late next year which will be a history of the Catholic Church and school in Heckmondwike from 1871 to 2014.

There is still time for you to help by:

• Submitting church/school photos – the older the better (the oldest so far is 1912)!

• Buying centenary Christmas cards – £3.50 for a pack of 10.

• Donating 2nd class postage stamps for a major mail shot in January 2014.

• Pre-ordering a copy of the book – pay later.

Making a donation to the appeal to be acknowledged in the book.

Remembering your deceased family/friends in the book – £5 per entry.

Do you remember the old school days?

Former pupils of St Patrick’s, Darley Street are invited to come into school on Friday, June 28 between 1.30pm-4pm to see old school register and other memorabilia.

Super evening at the Minster

From: Bill Robinson, via email

Dear Sir,

Your readers missed an evening  of light music, swing and sing with the Wetherby Light Music Singers at Dewsbury Minster last Saturday evening.

The audience were entertained to a very varied programme, including an Andy Williams medley, an Abba medley and many others.

There was also a very talented piano solo from Sean Greenheld, a young musician.

After the interval when refreshments were served courtesy of a local supermarket, we were all treated to an entertaining item from the Back Row Boys.

There was also a very entertaining item by the Rev Kevin Partington and his brother, an active member of the Wetherby Singers, entitled the Lancashire Hotpots.

The whole evening was arranged to support Dewsbury Trinity Care and Minster Care, both very worthy causes and deserving of our full support.

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