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EDL need to get facts right

Letter of the Week: Trish Makepeace, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

In response to the attack levied on me by John Cross, English Defence League, in last week’s paper.

I have not ripped off traders, as John Cross claims, or bent over backwards to help newcomers.

I do not have the authority to allocate stalls or set rents, that is the job of Kirklees officers, who I constantly do battle with for a reduction in rents, service charges and business rates.

I am not employed by Kirklees Council, my work is purely voluntary.

Everyone that knows me knows that I do not butter up to anyone, but fight everyone’s corner, regardless of where they come from.

I would just say that the EDL was not held responsible for the lack of footfall in the town centre, but the media and how they always portray our town in a bad light.

So, get your facts right Mr Cross, instead of throwing false accusations at innocent people.

Future outlook very gloomy

From: Mr AT Myers, Birstall

Dear Sir,

If matters are allowed to carry on as they are now, then in this area, in 10 year’s time, there will be:

1) A doubling of people on  the council house waiting list.

2) Double traffic congestion; even at non-rush hour times. Batley Carr to Birstall, along Bradford Road is often almost gridlocked.

3) There will be shorter and fewer doctor appointments.

4) No room in hospitals, especially maternity wards.

5) Scarcity of nursery and school places.

6) Complete saturation in small businesses, making it more difficult for any of them to make a living, ie car parts, tyres, corner shops, pound shops, taxis.

7) 30 or 40 people chasing every mundane job.

Are you listening Mr Cameron? Time is running out for radical change.

BBC bias is out of hand

From: Mr Alfred Rollinson, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

When is the Government going to sort out the bias that is embedded in the BBC?

In spite of ex-Tory MP Chris Patten being in charge, the latest appointments have been James Purnell, an ex-Labour minister, and two other left wingers.

The Royal Charter states that the BBC should not be politically biased.

I remember well lefty Andrew Marr, sitting back comfortably and allowing the disastrous Gordon Brown to spout his lies and rubbish – where are the three million houses he promised to build, in one speech?

Then, when David Cameron was on, he leaned over and tried to interrupt his train of thought at every opportunity.

At UKIP’s Southport party conference two years ago, the BBC gave them a few seconds coverage on the news.

The delegates voted en masse to refused to pay their TV licences, but this was defeated because of the bad image it would create.

Now the BBC, who were the flagship supporters for New Labour on the European Union and immigration, have no option than to give UKIP their deserved coverage.

The reason? These are the utmost issues that are troubling the general public.

Bunfight could prove costly

From: Jim Ellis, Ossett


As a regular reader of your paper, and someone who for most of my life lived in Kirklees, I was very interested in your article about the new Mayor of Kirklees’s “bun fight” and who should pay for it.

It was very enlightening to see that the Tory (posh boys and big business) party were the ones who agreed that in times of recession they themselves should pay a bit towards the cost of the evening whilst it was the Labour (live like ten bob millionaires) party who said they couldn’t afford to, and took themselves off in a huff to a curry house.

No doubt next year when Coun Ken Smith gets his turn at the trough (sorry, becomes Mayor) we can look forward  to pictures in the Press of  chocolate fountains, champagne waterfalls and dancing girls bursting from a huge cake in front of the chair of the Huddersfield curry house association, sat at the top table along with other civic leaders, all paid for of course by the rate payers of Kirklees.  You couldn’t make it up.

Idea to beat the caravans

From: Andrew Hutchinson, Vice-President Dewsbury Chamber of Trade

Dear sir,

During a discussion at Dewsbury Chamber of Trade on illegal parking of caravans and associated vehicles on council car parks, I suggested that it would be beneficial for the council to erect heavy steel barriers above the entrance to car parks, which would restrict access to caravans and higher vehicles.

The barriers would be hinged and locked, so they could rotate sideways and be opened at certain times to allow access for market traders and delivery vehicles.

A combination lock was suggested, so traders could open the barrier themselves but I think it would be a matter of time before the number became widely known or the lock was left off.

My suggestion was for somebody who is employed by the council to be present at peak times to open and lock the gates. That person could be employed for a couple of hours a day, in the same way, and for the same cost as a lollipop-crossing person.

This measure would lead to significant overall savings in terms of legal fees for an eviction process, cleaning up of waste, following an eviction and loss of parking revenue when people don’t want to use the car parks while caravans are there.

The savings would more than offset the cost of employing somebody to open and lock the gate.

There is also the unknown loss of revenue to struggling traders, when people decide not to shop in town because of the perceived risk of leaving their cars in affected car parks.

This measure could actually help to keep shop proprietors and market traders in Dewsbury.

What a haven on doorstep

From: Beth Prescott, Conservative candidate, Dewsbury West

Dear Sir,

It was a delight to attend the Earthworks Project Exhibition in the museum in Crow Nest Park last weekend (18th-19th May) along with Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell, members of the Ravensthorpe Residents Action Group and many other local residents and schoolchildren who have visited throughout the weekend.

We arrived in a room full of pictures, designs and maps of the Dewsbury Country Park and were instantly greeted by the local artist Lesley Fallais who has been charged with designing the features to go in Dewsbury Country Park.

She is a very talented lady and is clearly very passionate about the project and I have no doubt it is in very good hands!

After offering us a drink and making us feel very welcome she showed us around the exhibition explaining what everything was about and answering any questions we had.

She then encouraged us to get involved in making our own contribution to the exhibition of what we liked about nature.

Despite a complete lack of artistic skills I mucked in and attempted to make a butterfly out of leaves and twigs (admittedly not sure how much it actually looked like a butterfly at the end but I enjoyed having a go!).

Many others have already contributed and are still contributing to the exhibition, with much better designs than mine I hasten to add!

I would especially like to thank Lesley and all the others involved for all the hard work they are putting into making Dewsbury Country Park a beautiful area for the public to go to. I encourage everyone else to get involved in this project and help make your own mark on this beautiful area and also go see the area, which is open to the public and a lovely, family-friendly place to go and play, or just sit peacefully and watch the wildlife.

Even our work goes to Wakey

From: Wendy Senior, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

Donations have paid for intensive care equipment at Dewsbury Hospital.

What is going to happen to the new ventilator, fibre optic bronchascope and dressing trolley when we lose our intensive care unit after the trust downgrade our Dewsbury Hospital A&E department?

The same I suppose has happened to the equipment bought by the ladies who worked in Dewsbury Hospital coffee shop, who raised £1million.

A friend of mine received the MBE for this.

I suppose it will go to the Trust’s favourite Pinderfields Hospital which the chief executive Stephen Eames says is our local hospital now.

Speaking to members of the Trust and CCG group at Dewsbury town hall on Monday the 21st of May, doctors and consultants insisted they want all main services at one hospital, Pinderfields in Wakefield.

These people should realise families with children with disabilities, who I used to work with, find it very difficult to travel to Pinderfields.

At a previous meeting at Dewsbury town hall one young woman asked a member of the Trust, as she lived near Dewsbury hospital with her young child who needed the A&E services, how she would cope? Ruth Unwin of the Trust replied “we cannot cater for everyone.”

Mayor’s event was a treat

From: Barbara Harrison, Mirfield


I would like to say what a privilege and pleasure it was to have been invited both to the investiture of the new Mayor of Kirklees, Coun Martyn Bolt, and also to his Civic Dinner.

I for one didn’t mind paying the £25 for what was a very enjoyable evening, the food was excellent, entertainment   first class and the speeches were both humorous and serious.

I wish both the Mayor and the Lady Mayoress a wonderful term of office, and a prosperous one for his chosen charity – One Community. The people that chose to be absent certainly missed a good night out.

Resist this tyranny

From: Angry Man, Heckmondwike

Dear Sir,

I am an Englishman who wishes harm on nobody, but I cannot let this country spiral downwards without once again attempting to have my say.

Until we get out of the EU we will self destruct. American government interest in keeping us under this German-run totalitarianism is purely selfish, they wish to see Britain destroyed – that is why their big business initially supported Germany in WW2. (Nuremburg War Trials evidence).

We are not European but an island nation. We have seen our sovereignty stripped and no longer run our own affairs.

The EC has taken our territorial fishing waters, destroyed our agriculture, repealed our laws, added repressive new laws, filled us with aliens and given them rights over us.

Corpus Juris is replacing Haebus Corpus. From our world trade being in the black, we have gone from credit to debt with the EU. Our payments to this tyranny could have cleared our national debt.

Only fools believe the EU will prevent wars for they cannot run Europe in peace!

In fact, we shall eventually see the rise of the Fourth Reich but that is not my purposes in writing. England/Britain must break with the EU before our army is depleted beyond our defence capabilities.

The trouble is our politicians to a man have their sights on lining their own pockets, bugger the people who pay their blood money!

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