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Letter of the Week: Wendy Senior, Dewsbury

Dear Sir,

I do hope Stephen Eames,  the chief executive of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, is not feeling he has done what he set out to achieve with the downgrading of Dewsbury Hospital.

Two weeks ago Sheila Mellor and I, both of us on the committee of Save our Local Hospital Services group, wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron to explain what has been happening to Dewsbury Hospital services.

We sent lots of letters written to our local paper and, yesterday we received a reply thanking us for our letter, which has now been passed to the Department of Health, which the Prime Minister’s Correspondence Officer says is best placed to respond to the matters we have raised.

The Prime Minister thanked us for the time and trouble we had taken to get in touch.

We now wait for a reply from this department.

Be afraid up in Chidswell

From: Derek Cartwright, Woodkirk

Dear Sir,

I cannot make my mind up about attending the LDF (Local Development Framework) meeting in Huddersfield September 18, at the moment I have stated I will attend; should I go, what do you think?

Good grief, I have gone grey since I attended meetings on the last plan, I have gone grey since the consultation process started in 2003.

Then, Kirklees has changed over this time as well.

Do you remember that under the old plan Bradford Road was to be an area to be operated without constraints? Lots of pubs have shut since then, and a lot of punters deserted the area!

Then, we would have been looking at 10,673 more people than on the 2011 Census being employed on production side.

So why do I think if employment is generally down do I wonder about attending a meeting.

Somebody likes this area, because that self-same census tells us 33,970 more people live here.

Be afraid; be very afraid if you live in Chidswell, Shaw Cross, Leeds Road – forget a few more houses, think a hell of a lot more, not for you, or your children, or grand children but for 40,000 more immigrants! (That’s in the current plan!)

So what of the methodology of the LDF? As far as housing goes, thereís the need – where the jobs are to come from to support that is another matter.

Forget Kirklees, could they be in Leeds? So is any argument a waste of time? The houses have few places to go, to be near jobs and here you are near Leeds and the jobs!

More support for toilets bid

From: Pat Crisp, Cross Bank, Batley

Dear Sir,

Why do we want a rail link costing £80bn which most of us won’t use, or ever see?

But we all need a toilet several times a day, except our councillors, they don’t have problems.

More people are coming forward to support us and sign the petitions for toilets in the town centre – over 100 at last Sunday’s cemetery open day – and everyone has a story to tell. But the councillors don’t believe us, because their staff tell them another story.

Concert clarification

From: Colin Fretwell, chairman Mirfield Old People’s Welfare Trust / organiser of Hepworth Band concert

Dear Sir,

This is to correct some misinformation given in last week’s edition of The Press regarding the Hepworth Band Concert in Mirfield in September.

Firstly, the wrong date was given for the event – the concert is actually taking place on Saturday September 21, commencing at 7pm at St Paul’s Church in Mirfield.

Secondly, the article implied Mirfield pensioners could claim discounted tickets to the concert.

To clarify this situation – the grant of £150 was applied for by the Mirfield Old People’s Welfare Trust, to enable them, as for last year’s concert, to discount the ticket price to members of the elderly people’s organisations who the Trust has been supporting in various ways for many years.

The Town Council grant could only cover a discount of £3 each for a total of 50 tickets, which have already been allocated to the various organisations.

Unfortunately, the grant could in no way stretch to cover discounts to all Mirfield pensioners – I only wish that it could.

Nevertheless, the standard ticket price of £7 offers great value for such a top quality Championship Brass Band Concert, and I’m sure people will turn out in force, as they did last year, for what promises to be a rare treat for Mirfield to remember.

Tickets are still available from Colin Fretwell, tel: 01924 526711.

Total gridlock in Dewsbury

From: RJ Morris, Thornhill

Dear Sir,

Kirklees Council is successfully managing to cause total gridlock of traffic around Savile Road, Mill Street West, Huddersfield Road and Thornhill Road.

The decision to close the slip road into Wilton Street, thus forcing vehicles to go on Aldams Road and past Asda was ridiculous in the extreme, but their present idea of ‘controlling’ traffic by a four-way light system at the Savile Road and Mill Street junction just beggars belief.

I also understand that this queue is causing long traffic tailbacks up Wakefield Road.

Also, what about the poor pedestrians and their safety? Aldams Road pelican crossing from Asda to the police station was totally blocked by a stationary van even when the green man appeared, but no action was taken!

I am required to attend St James’s University Hospital in Leeds every two weeks and have to use hospital transport.

I have to double-check two days before the appointment that the transport has been arranged and I encourage the drivers to “avoid Dewsbury like the plague”, otherwise lengthy delays add even more problems to my extremely stressful situation; no doubt there are others who are similarly affected.

As the present roadworks are not on Savile Road but Mill Street East, it is wrong that the traffic flows along Savile Road and Mill Street West are being so seriously compromised.

Meanwhile, Kirklees Highways should have created a one-way system along Mill Street West towards the bus depot.

Whilst such a measure may not court popularity between the elected ward councillors’ constituents/relatives/friends, the council has a duty to ensure that traffic queues, congestion and pollution are kept to a minimum.

Their present system of ‘traffic management’ is woefully inadequate and must also be seriously compromising the present fragile economy of the town centre’s shops.

I now shop in Wakefield as I would probably have to return to Thornhill from Dewsbury via Ossett – assuming I’d succeeded in getting on Mill Street West and off into the car park!

When I feel reasonably well enough, I go out for a drive. Interestingly, the highway problems are only encountered when Kirklees boundaries are crossed!

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