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We’ve literally all paid for their crimes

Letter of the Week: Tim Conolly, Mirfield

Dear Sir,

A long time ago now, we as a country gave up capital punishment in favour of a more humane regime of imprisonment on the understanding that for the worst offenders they could be incarcerated for all of their life.

Thus some 50 years later we still carry the cost of having Ian Brady as a guest of Her Majesty – what a waste of time and money.

However the wise heads of Strasbourg now tell us that to imprison someone who, because of their sentence, knows that they will die in prison is degrading and inhumane.

Well I would agree that it is inhuman but society and particularly children, need protection from some of these murderers.

So the European Court of Human Rights has made the case for us – we cannot keep them in forever but we dare not ever let them out, so capital punishment is the only solution left.

The misguided members of the Prison Reform Trust tell us that no-one is beyond redemption and we must hang on waiting until offenders redeem themselves.

What rubbish – some people are evil and you can call the condition whatever you like, but the only real cure is at the end of a rope.

We must also watch out for the forked tongue of the lawyers – a once respected profession that is now clearly out of control.

They make millions by trawling the prisons looking for troublemakers and complainants to help them construct all manner of spurious cases so that they can claim vast fees from the legal aid budget.

Why was the Yorkshire Ripper funded to change his name from Peter Sutcliffe to Peter Coonan?

Why was a gangland killer allowed to bring a case requiring prison staff to call him Mr Whatever? Who pays every time Ian Huntley makes a claim as someone else has sought to avenge his crimes in a direct way? You paid for all of that and much more besides.

Those of you as old as me will remember the radio programme ‘Round the Horne’ which in those more delicate and censored times specialised in the ‘double entendre’.

One of the things they often referred to were ladies as ‘Lalys’ and to understand what these are or may be, you must listen to the programme yourself  on Radio 4 Extra. It tells you all you need to know about the lawyers if I tell you that the legal profession in all its pomp has an annual award ceremony called the LALYS.

In this case it stands for the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year and of course it goes the lawyer who milked the legal aid budget for the most of your money in the preceding 12 months regardless of the value or otherwise of the cases brought.

So ask yourself how much of our money has been saved and how much money have these same lawyers lost, by the deaths of Raoul Moat, Dr Shipman, Fred West and others murderers?

Personally I am quite happy when one of these individuals kills themselves as it saves us collectively a lot of money and clearly the reintroduction of capital punishment can do no less as long as we impose the penalty quickly after conviction and do not create 20 years of appeals on death row.

Supermarket protest mooted

From: John Cross, English Defence League, Dewsbury Division

Dear Sir,

At the beginning of April a 17-year-old female walked into the Dewsbury branch of Lidl.

On the way round the store she faces severe intimidation by two Asian male employees.

She is then allowed to be verbally and physically abused by a group of Muslim women.

Then, on paying for her goods she is subjected to abuse by the check-out operator.

The girl leaves the store in tears, distraught and, to be honest, in shock at what has just happened.

Why did this happen? She was wearing an armed forces uniform.

Her father contacted the store on three occasions, but received no reply.

We also contacted the store and we did receive a reply stating that the matter was receiving a proper investigation.

Weeks later, the girl’s father received a letter, which was more concerned about him continuing to be a loyal shopper, than what had happened to his daughter.

We then find out that somebody else had contacted the store to complain, and was told it did not happen, and it was an excuse to stir up tensions.

Well it did happen, and from the response, we can assume that Lidl management will not support our armed forces against abuse, by their own staff, or people shopping in their stores.

We, therefore, find there is no alternative but to demonstrate until Lidl management conduct a proper investigation, which includes a meeting with the girl’s father.

This behaviour towards a person wearing a uniform of our armed forces will not be tolerated.


A spokesman for Lidl said: “Lidl UK was first informed of this alleged incident on the April 6 2013. 

We immediately contacted the store concerned and spoke with all relevant members of staff. A thorough investigation was undertaken, including a review of in-store CCTV footage which clearly shows that these events did not take place.”

What a fracking mess

From: Graham A Cass, Liversedge

Dear Sir,

We now have a new kid on the block, and he is called Fracking.

It is the answer to all our prayers ñ cheap fuel, a boost of £100,000 for every well sunk and one per cent revenue per however much we can frack out of the earth.

Just like North Sea oil, whatever happened to all the benefits we were going to see?

I did not see all the new houses that could have been built?

Instead the government have to squeeze as much as they can out of the poorest in society, forgetting that a lot of the people who are now ill or disabled have worked hard all their lives and are now in need of help and are made to feel ashamed for asking.

There is still plenty of coal and there are people out there who still have the skills to extract it, but there is a problem as these workers once challenged the government so the government will not let them use their skills any more.

Mining would create employment and the workers would contribute by paying taxes.

The supply industries which the pits supported were many and there is the technology there to decarbonise the fumes created by burning coal.

We could even stockpile the coal for the future to power our industries but instead we will let people slide into poverty, lose their self-respect and have to beg for money, while still inviting people from foreign shores to pillage our resources, be it our health services or our benefits, while we still give large amounts of aid to dubious countries.

Just look in the deaths columns every week. There are often announcements saying ‘died suddenly’ for people aged between 50 and 65 and sometimes this is by their own hands as they are sick of the society we live in.

Now the headlines are that we face future electricity power cuts.

Use your heads politicians, and pump some money into our resources, put men to work and power up our economy.

Thanks for barriers

From: Andrew Hutchinson, vice-president, Dewsbury Chamber of Trade

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Dewsbury’s traders and shoppers, the Chamber of Trade would like to thank Kirklees Council, and in particular councillors Kane and Firth, who I am aware have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, for beginning the installation of height-restricting barriers on council-owned car parks.

This measure will hopefully bring to an end the illegal occupation of our town-centre car parks by groups of people with vans, wagons and caravans, which has in the past deterred shoppers from using the car parks and lost our town-centre traders business as a consequence.

Asleep for 10 years

From: Derek Cartwright, Batley

Dear Sir,

Wake up, you there at the back! Kirklees is at it again on the Local Development Framework. Yes, it was to go to the council to be withdrawn on the 10th, but they have postponed that decision to wait to see what Leeds decides.

I have come to the conclusion that people have been asleep for a decade.

Yes, I wrote a decade, as I think this process started in 2003, as that appears to be the first year I have on a document asking for feedback.

Then I think people have been asleep because for instance the Chidswell Action Group noted on page one of their 2011 submission that it is a ‘politically led’ process. Well caught on, whilst I might look on it from economic perspective our council looks at it politically. So if you vote Labour or Liberal Democrat you are voting for the LDF!

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